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Time is Energy


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I dont usually post topics,


But i thought that i would post this up quickly for some individuals. This is and introductory page for scalar wave theory and what it is. Its not really meant for folk like RMT or Creeds etc. Rather for people that are begining to try to understand the basic science behind scalar Electromagnetism.


I post it because i think it relevent to the board, We often get a lot of people coming here arguing that timetravel is nonsense, will never be possible - and generally we are all a bit mental in the head for taking such science fiction seriously etc....


Here they are talking specifically along the lines of what many here have/are always going on about; time being energy. All energy can be manipulated. Therefore Scalarwave theory is a key new theory. Or very old depending on if you've read anything on Tesla Radiant energy thoery.


It has always been confusing for me to understand why people believe in space travel (by this i mean general space travel i.e. Walking to the toilet to take a pee - not just travelling through the galaxy) yet not time travel - seeing as the two are locked together. we manipulate energy to navigate 'space', therefore surely this same basic principle is behind time travel. Regardless of it taking longer to impliment.


This is an introductory page, for a more complex one - which is also linked at the site.




sure i realise this is throw away stuff some people on the board. But for us other Laymen folk, we might benefit from a quick gander.


Kind regards,





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Hi Olly,


It has always been confusing for me to understand why people believe in space travel (by this i mean general space travel i.e. Walking to the toilet to take a pee - not just travelling through the galaxy) yet not time travel - seeing as the two are locked together. we manipulate energy to navigate 'space', therefore surely this same basic principle is behind time travel.

I agree. One way to think about it is as follows: When you look at a jet engine, it produces thrust (which allows motion through space) via Mass Flow Rate (termed "m-dot"). The units of "m-dot" are Mass per unit Time. So we can scientifically state that moving through Space is achieved by manipulating Mass over Time. If it is Time you wish to move through, then you will have to manipulate Mass per unit Space (or alternately its reciprocal, Space per unit Mass).

This is an introductory page, for a more complex one - which is also linked at the ste.

I've heard of Bearden's work and have read various things about it. Some of what he states is interesting, but I wonder why there is not more concrete proof. I won't pass judgement on this other than to point out a fairly serious problem with one of the "new" equations that is listed on the page you provided:

So we have a new companion to the famous E=mc2. It is now paired with E=tc2 (where t is actually "delta-t," or change in time).

If one were to perform a dimensional analysis on his "new" equation one discovers that the equation is not dimensionally consistent. In other words, when you look at the fundamental units of "E=mc^2" you end up with the proper units for Energy, which are (Mass)*(Length)^2/(Time)^2. This is the same as Force x Length which are also consistent with Energy. However, when you break down his "new" equation into its fundamental units you end up with (Length)^2/(Time), which is not consistent with the other ways we measure Energy.This is a pretty big problem. If the units are not consistent, then the chances that the equation does not describe reality are pretty high.




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Well, after having a thought about this, perhaps a different way of looking at it is needed.


Yes, we have E=MC^2, but also the fine-tuning constants after the facts are established (or a relative steady-state after the leading edge of spacetime) but what of the leading edge of spacetime?


What atually establishes that?


It would concern energy, and the mass, and also time to make it happen, thus the c^2 in the equation, but why the c^2 in the first place also as a rate of expansion that occurs?


Is there a delta-time that affects it, along with all the rest (surely can not be mass, for there should be no mass at the leading edge -- mass is made after the leading edge, perhaps -- photons are suppose to not have mass, but perhaps it can not be measured yet)?


So, energy and time have to be more related than mass and time, because of the leading edge of spacetime (perhaps in the super-fluid some think nowadays).


The energy was there at the beginning and also time had to be there also, but mass should have been undeterminable as it all could have been -- virtual type of preceived mass that really in this reality would not exist!


Well, back to Hyperspace!


Energy and time would still present -- resonances within the fluctuations (probably even in a quantum field).




Oh, ya, perhaps I'll even have time to rerecord at the new rate-- someday, if I take the time!




But leading edges may present a different image or view of all of spacetime, rather than perhaps the perceived thought of being of the now -- in the sort of relative steady-state of existence.


That means that there are still laws of physics there also, that will develop into the future until a possible collaspe unless there is some other action equalizing it somehow preventing certain acts (like collapsing to take place) and only transformations due to acts of resonances and harmonies within the leading edges and steady-state fine-tuning constants that are now thought of as being in the laws of physics!



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It just seems so incredible to me that it is so DIFFICULT for people flitting around physics, that they can't understand this simple truth : There is no such thing as "time" in and of itself, it's KINETIC ENERGY at some rate, which is MASS, either inertial or gravitational, which is the temporary IMBALANCE between the two great languages of complementarity : wave and particle. But W here is NOT electromagnetic waves, that accompany bosons(light, radio, gamma, etc), it's MATTER WAVES or fermi waves that accompany FERMIONS in t=dKE=m=(W>P)or(W


P, which is deceleration, which is TIME(to your senses). Simple to say, all but impossible to understand, why? Is it the parable of the seeds, or what?



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You are correct. In 4-vector notation the "t" component of a 4 dimensional vector (time) is the energy signature.


Time is indeed energy (at least in 4-vector algebra).


In case you're not familiar with "4-vector" it is a 4 dimensional (4-D) vector with x,y,z, (normal 3-D space) and t (time) as the four axes.




There is no such thing as "time" in and of itself,

Correct. Moreover, there is no such thing as "space" in and of itself. What we sense at the Classical level of existence as two related but basically independent aspects of "reality" are not two seperate items.

That they are one thing, a continuum called spacetime, is the core of general relativity.


I believe that Minkowski said, "Space of itself, and time of itself will sink into mere shadows, and only a kind of union between them shall survive."



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This is so hard for me to get my head around; can I have the milk and cookies version? You know with pictures and everything?


By the way, Tesla, looks rather like the man that used to cook fish and chips at the corner shop when I was a boy. spacer.png


He never changed the oil in those fryers! .... hmmmm? .... I wonder?





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First, you are mainly talking about kinetic energy concerning --- gases!


Sorry, but if you read any physics lately, some people are beyond the -- gas -- thing!


It is not a gas, the Universe!


It is not thought of as a gas with some physicists, but as a super-fluid, that behaves for lack of a better definition as a fluid and not as gases do!


And where the heck is the mass at the leading edge if light has no mass, and c^2 is the time factor at which the expansion moves?


There is none! (Energy is not mass -- but an equation that makes energy and mass is not the same thing as actually having mass!)( and if it was mass --- then it would have to be -- guess what -- virtual mass, and virtual mass is something that has no weight, nor mass as we can conceive of it -- it is virtual --- non-existant as far as the imagination can aspire to!)


Well, back to the theories, I guess!


And kinetic theory is about mass, and not energy, according to the dictionary!


Perhaps then there should be virtual time also, since there should be virtual mass, so the c^2 of photons is just the rate at which the energy is moving -- at the leading expansional edge!






Of course the Universe is at what -- 3 degrees above Absolute Zero, so I will also have to read some more, if there is -- time to!


But it is all clearly physics though!





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Maybe we can try this : the left hand motor rule of EM forces is left thumb/left forefinger/left middle finger(no crude responses please)all at right angles to each other, representing E-field vector, Mag-field vector and F-field vector(Force). This you learn in basic physics/EE courses. This then gives us our xyz vectors as cartesian co-ordinates. Now instead of t being the 4th dimension, try adding Particle vector and Wave vector(a particle moving in some arbitrary direction at some arbitrary speed, with its complementary matter wavelength, which is a FORCE in newtons of wave force). So, we could say that "space-time" is FIVE vector : xyzwp. But wait a minute, with the xyz vectors of cartesian dimensions, as they apply to electromagnetism, one of the vectors is FORCE; but then over running matter wave energy is also a FORCE(deceleration). Ergo, we're back to 4 vectors again, now its xywp. Visualize : let's say the z vector is the combined wp vector. Here our particle(fermi electron, proton, neutron, etc)is trucking along at some velocity(direction and magnitude)in a momentum state(W=P)of the first half of Newton's First Law. Then it gets whacked from some arbitrary direction to a new z heading(x and y swing around in response), or a "mass-hit"(2nd half of Newton's First). Can you see then how this begins to tell you what's going on at the core of a fermion : the tiny little, spinning wave galaxy composed of three quarks? xy equatorial area and z polar axis. Equatorial area is the transverse matter wave length determinant(think of the closely spaced lines on a CD disc as representing quantum h-areas added or subtracted)and the polar z axis is the bose wavelength determinant. When the Pv is increased the eq. area expands, and the polar length shrinks. Einstein expressed this in the flattening of a relativistic rocket as it approaches c. Picture then the Milky Way Galaxy...and how the seed-form for that shape is at the core of every particle of your being(fermions). See the Scientific American article on proton-proton scattering experiments to see how SPIN is important in this "hard little diamond" (wave galaxy of 3 quarks)at the 1/3 fermi radius... W=P



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It is not thought of as a gas with some physicists, but as a super-fluid, that behaves for lack of a better definition as a fluid and not as gases do!

Gases are fluids and obey the same properties that fluids obey. Gases are simply a fluid which can still be compressed (eventually being compressed into a liquid).RMT



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Some confusion here. The kinetic theory of gases(thermodynamics)was rather well worked out in the 19th century, before Planck's quantum theory(1900)and Einstein's Relativity theory(1905). No, I'm referring to Kinetic Energy as in KE=mv^2/2 where the v^2 means x units of quantum area(h)and /2 means the under running(acceleration)or over running(deceleration)matter wave determinant of the quantum area(dWs)and dPv being the other determinant. m means the INNATE mass that only comes into play when there is a Kinetic Energy change-of-state, ie, you wouldn't know what an object's innate mass was until you accelerate/decelerate it, or weigh it, yes? I get the feeling you haven't had too much in the way of a formal university physics education. Test question : why is the Bohr Radius the lowest orbit of the electron around the nucleus? Yes, I know, Dr Mills has disproven that with his hydrino theory, but that's another story...So, why is the Bohr Radius the BOHR RADIUS? W=P



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I did not write the article, only pointed out that there are other processes also taking place. A gas is a gas, and compressing it down to the point of the article changes the properties of the now-gas made liquid.


Also there is the reason why the Pioneers are slowing down, since some think now of an Electric Universe -- whereas I guess that there are electric currents associated with/by the Sun, leading to a non-ordinary othe theory and that is the one of the Plasma Universe!


No, it has been a long time since studying any physics, and even now, thoughts are changing. Yes, magnetic lines of force are at right angles, but even all the readings being muddled in my head, even from Dr. Hawkings, but at the end of it, according to recent physics papers, they reach a point where they are beyond the fermion and are trying to reach what makes up the fermion and the boson, and it points to singularities, or perhaps they are creating them.


So there is the Planck's Time and the Planck's Length associated with all of that and a Planck's Constant, and still underneath all of that is the principle of uncertainty.


So, I am not going to just jump to any conclusions!




Actually the stuff is starting to give me a headache!






is this what you are talking about?


Back in 2002-3 or so, scientists in Australia came up with the Second Law of Thermodynamics being broken, but I have not heard anything since. I am sure that some other physicists have some better answers. I am not a physicist!


Moo3 (a computer game- Master of Orion -- called -- MOO~!) is thought of as being virtual mass by players since, if it is large enough, spacetime enough, spacealien enough, people may buy it, but as of yet, the programmers could not make it work enough, or be intelligent enough due to programming errors mainly of which most of those have now been fixed by players, and as of yet, it may still be decided that humans were dumped here long ago by an Elder Civilization of the Galaxy, who still do pass the 40 hour workweek, will not communicate with other species and think that they rule the Galaxy. And on top of all of that, they created another genetic experiment (other than the Orions and perhaps where humans came from) to take over the Galaxy, and love other alien species enough to bond with them, turning them all into -- Ithkuls! Thus the term -- Dumpies describing some humans on this Planet!


Thus I still am working on the equation by one of the players of the computer game:


E = (MOO3)c^2


(MOO3) == virtual mass!


Well, I will have to read it all again, if I have --- time!


And have time to digest it if I can and think about it if I can!


Also, and there are more physics papers lately:




or what causes fermions and bosons and I guess -- branes whether D or P Branes~!


leading to:




And who really knows!


I sure do not!



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Maybe we can try this : the left hand motor rule of EM forces is left thumb/left forefinger/left middle finger(no crude responses please)all at right angles to each other, representing E-field vector, Mag-field vector and F-field vector(Force).

Ok Whats a vector? ...

Actually I am getting some mental picture of this. I'm sorry but I am no studying physicist but I love physics none the less, (when I understand it) I do grasp things better visually.


Have you a diagram to assist in hammering this info into my beer shrunken brain?



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That's what I figured, you're still back in grade school as to advanced physics. A VECTOR is DIRECTION and MAGNITUDE. Example : the car's SPEED(say 65mph)is the MAGNITUDE and if it's traveling east that's the DIRECTION. We represent it by arrows in a 2 dimensional plan view : the arrow points east(north is up)and the length of the arrow is 65 units long. Got it? Now we can add vectors, say a second car starts at the origin of the first car. It travels south, also at 65mph. Draw a second arrow pointing south(down)and 65 units long. Now, after an hour of driving for each car we have a THIRD car that takes off where the 2nd car stopped and drives in a straight line to where the first car stopped. What is that third vector? ans : NE at a 45 deg angle and sqrt of 2 x 65 or 1.414 x 65 = 91.92388155 units of distance, thus giving DIRECTION and MAGNITUDE. That's how you add vectors, we use it a LOT in engineering statics to represent various forces acting on a body. Basic rules : sum of all horizontal, vertical and turning moments is zero. Sigma H=0, Sigma V=0 Sigma M=0; if they AREN'T then that house, structural element(whatever)is MOVING somewhere as an un-resolved vector. Got it? In 3 dimensions you just plot each point in its xyz co-ordinates but addition is the same. But that's Euclidian geometry. Einstein used Riemann geometry to describe warped space-time. Think of a triangle. In euclidian geometry the 3 interior angles add up to 180 degrees. In spherical geometry you can have a triangle with one corner at the north pole, one corner at 0 deg on the equator and the third corner at the 90 deg point on the equator. That makes THREE 90 deg interior corners = 270 degrees > 180 degrees. Riemann's geometry was the other way : horse-saddle shape : the three interior angles add up to LESS than 180 degrees. What I'm TRYING to do here is introduce you to still another way of looking at geometry, vectors, dimensions : xyzwp means xyz three dimensions(suggested by the left hand motor rule of electromagnetism)and wave/particle(the two great energy languages of complementarity). That makes 5 dimensions or vectors...but now you can reduce it back to 4 dimensions by replacing the z dimension with WAVE FORCE and PARTICLE VELOCITY. Example : the third car is traveling NE as a Particle Velocity but slams into another car head on(WHACK!). Now, it isn't the particle stopping that hurts(Pv goes to zero), it's the over running MATTER WAVE FORCE as deceleration that flattens you like a squashed bug, the w dimension keeps on truckin until it too equals the lower Pv. That's TIME itself, and that gives you the first clue as to how aliens can zip around at 1000g w/o any ill effects in UFOs. So, go buy a PHYSICS book, ABSORB it until it oozes out of your pores...then we can discuss this further. ok?



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