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Dip equations the central sun:


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According to Kent Steadman and his web site discoveries, there has been an enormous amount of Kuniper belt matter, recently taken into the sun.


This matter, which are many varied sized objects, by Kent's evidence, seems to have been purposely escorted into the sun, via accompanying means.


I feel that this amount of matter, plus the fact that Kent said some of the objects were charged in some way, means that too much matter was put into the sun.


In other words, this had been a mistake on the said alien influence, that had done this.


This leads to massive dip equations, where if one has an energy system, that is capable of digesting only so much matter, that is being placed into it, if one overs the normal amount of this matter, then this systems become belabored.


This is precisely what I feel has happened to our central sun.


The proof is, that I had noted when folding a tarpaulin on a stretch of lawn, about three months back during the evening sun, I had noted that stray rays of the sun, were hitting my bare arms, in a similar fashion to objects.


In otherwords, the output of this sun, was stinging my arms, in separate places, as the sun was driving it seems heavy particles, as a part of its normal projections.


This was a non-remarkable observation and I think that any idiot would have easily noted this occurrence.


I don't go into the Montauk threads, for personal reasons, so I am noting it in this thread, that I do not know the time, if and when this central sun, should come to problems with this excess mass being within it?


If this pushing of the product, of this matter will occur, I do not know if this will be tomorrow, or said many years from now.


I am sure however, this in relative time, this may be soon to come?



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