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Leftover Star Wars materials:


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I feel that a device, or coincidence was used, in order for certain concerns to obtain what is known as the Star Wars movie script materials.


This was brought out, by talk show and television host Liza Givens, in one of her radio talk shows.


I am apprised of both this situation as well as information, that some element parts of these very past associations, might be left over.


If the Star Wars era was true, then somewhere there might be leftover spacecraft from that era, either in museums, junk piles, or abandoned in an offworld forest?


Some of the genetic line from this era, that is actual, not a spirit or flock spirit might have resettled in other locations, albeit may thousand of years ago?


The android clusters, or droid clusters, might have remained mobile, in some sectors of space and still retain an active memory, of the entire past Star Wars era, in very exacting detail.


Since sometimes, automata, follows spirit hand me downs, it is well possible that some of the past Star Wars era droids, as well as androids, might follow particulars, in gene sets, this current timespace.This is as they in some way, might still think or feel that they are loyal to their past owners?


There is also the peril of the bounty hunting droids.This possability was eluded to in the second of the first series, of movies.Know that in some way, even today, might still have some of their inner script writings, in their motovational command centers, active?


It was advised to me, by a fellow board posting member, that the last of this said era, when the empire finally fell, was laied to a set of beings, that were capable of sucking the contents of one's soul, into their being.


I feel that art does imitate life and is sometimes a good source of what might be.


In the movie, The Chronicles of Riddick, there is such a race mentioned, which are referred to as the Necromongers, which oddly enough, is also reflected in some fictional part, in the 1970s Rip-off Press, issue, or Necromancers, which is also similar.



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If the Star Wars era was true, then somewhere there might be leftover spacecraft from that era, either in museums, junk piles, or abandoned in an offworld forest?

I stopped reading after the "If the Star Wars era was true". It does not take a rocket scientist like RMT to tell ya that Star Wars was created as a story and then brought to film. So in the same manner you are and have constantly proposed Star Wars to be true, I would like to take a moment and propose all of the following movies/stories are also true.

Blackhole (oh wait if this was true we wouldn't be here)


Starship Troopers (the bugs are invading!)


Punky Brewster (OMG somebody save me from the horror that is pigtails!)


Matrix (There is no spoon? What do you mean there's no spoon I see that [censored] in your hand!)


The Neverending Story (technically if this one was true, how would we know it? Its still happening today, don't worry Atreyu I'm coming to find you with my Luck dragon!!!)


And of course, who could forget the movie stylings of the great Brad Pitt who receives this nomination for


FIGHT CLUB. (Creedo you are just a decaying pile of flesh, you are the all singing all dancing crap of the world. If you feel asleep in your bed, could you wakeup in another place, as another person? Maybe we have solved the case of creedo, you ARE another person!)




ps : I would make Armageddon real and take out bruce willis before he saves the planet so everyone gets destroyed. But perhaps, you know what, maybe your right, the Star Wars era is upon us!





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