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Time Travel - A possibility!


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Here are some thoughts I posted in a reply to a poster over at Anomalies. I believe I have some fundamental beginnings for the construction of a time machine as well as a solid foothold in the beginnings of understanding for interstellar flight:




Long time no see. I tried contacting you through the email address you gave me. But the email was returned saying the address was not valid. Just wanted to keep you abreast of new updates.


It's good, I believe, that the relationship I gave you between Time and Mass ( M = Δ T ) along with the advice from Lt Col Ret Tom Bearden ( E = Δ TC^2 ) has allowed you to think outside the box, and come along as far as you have.

Now this is a surprising twist. Originally when you posted this relationship, it made no sense at all and the relationship did not correspond in a compatible manner with existing mathematics. But it does relate to my idea that the decline in mass on the sun is responcible for the flow of time. Although mass is no longer in the mass state during the change. So that is the key to the creation of the flow of time. My idea is that mass is just frozen compressed length. Mass is not by itself a time field generator. But during nuclear fusion, mass is undergoing change. And the change it undergoes is in the declining direction. And this change appears to be the dominate direction throughout the known universe. This is something that is just going in one direction. Just like time. So I see a connection here. Now just how does time originate from the frozen balanced state of mass? I have an idea of how that happens. But first let me show you where the idea came from and what I think mass is.

You have probably seen my video of the gravitational like force that I encountered while experimenting with a tesla coil. Also you probably have seen my video of the antigravity device I built that I am now calling a Lorentz force field generator. The gravitational force appears to be entirely electric field dominate, while the opposite directional force produce by my Lorentz force field generator appears to be magnetic field dominate. It occurred to me that if both these fields were present in the same location, of equal but opposite magnitude, I would have created a state of frozen space. The reason I say this is because I have assigned a positive time flow to the lorentz field generator and a negative time flow to the gravity like field encountered with the tesla coil. Now it occurred to me that this frozen type of space is very similar to my sticky space experiment. I have definitely confirmed that the sticky space phenomena is caused by the lorentz force. Now let me make this clear. Mass is just a balanced state between a magnetic field declining in intensity and an electric field declining in intensity (just an idea I am presently entertaining). It takes more energy to move an object through an area of space like this. Almost as if the object aquired more mass. Or my idea that mass is just compressed length seems to apply equally as well.


So lets get back to where I think time originates. Think about my mass model and what happens to it if it comes apart. From the math angle, magnetic fields are two dimensional and decline in intensity at the 1/r rate. Electric fields are three dimensional and decline in intensity at the 1/r^2 rate. Allowing for these two types of space to overlap results in a positive time flow as radius from the origin increases. If you graph these two field intensities, you can see that as distance from the sun increases the flow of time starts to become more positive. But what becomes apparent from this approach is that closer to the sun time is not as negatively retarded as is presently thought. So that would tend to support my suspicion that time does flow faster than calculated closer to the sun allowing mercury to orbit faster than it would in a Newtonian space model.


This gets better. In my mass model both magnetic field and electric field pulses occur simultaneously. But the electromagnetic signature from the sun shows both these fields to be out of phase with each other by 90 degrees. An idea for a new type of time machine model presents itself. Why not do it the way mother nature does? This will be a future project. But I intend on building a device whereby the changing electric and magnetic fields move away from each other in time. Also the reverse type of time flow generator seems to be viable as well. What if I construct a device whereby the changing electric and magnetic field intensities come together from an out of phase condition? This may produce the negative time flow field to travel backwards in time.


Now this is entirely speculative at present. But currently I am building another model just to see if my understnading of mass might be correct. One step at a time by trial and error.


I am tackling the Michelson-Morley experiment from a different angle than others do. My idea that time and space are merely extensions of matter seems to fit the observation equally as well as other interpretations of the data. The reason the MM experiment fails in my opinion is because the local spacetime is being generated by the earth. The reference frame that light references to just rotates with the earth.


I do have to caution you with your use of mathematics in an attempt to define reality. A +/- solution mathematically does not always describe the reality we exist within. Take mass for instance. It doesn't appear to have a negative counterpart in out neck of the woods. Sure, it's nice to speculate about it, but with no physical tangible evidence, it remains just a mathematical curiousity which is entirely fictional at present. I am adhering to the idea that reality dictates the math and not the other way around. If we don't have all the basic understanding needed first to comprehend our reality, then to mathematically describe it will be just as fruitless. I don't believe the answers will be found in mathematics. But it is a useful tool to use in analysis along the way.


To me the speed of light constant is a reality. It is finely meshed in our comprehension of reality as we presently understand it. But my experiments do tend to suggest there is a way around this obstacle without actually breaking any of the rules we have presently encountered that seem to define our reality so far. The answer lies in the control of the dimension of length that mass resides upon. Since mass is just compressed length (my current dominate theory), a specific ratio exists between mass and space. What if you could change that ratio? I believe we would still adhere to the mathematics we presently use and the constant C would still exist but a ratio change of mass to space would either shorten or lengthen the distance between objects. Here is an interesting equality I worked out. If you decrease the density of space so that length is affected in the negative direction by lets say 1000 fold, the distance between two objects in space is reduced to 1/1000 of what it was. So lets just say that the ratio of mass to a linear spatial density change is 1000. But here is the interesting twist. Lets increase the mass by 1000 instead. We still have the same ratio of mass to space as in the previous depiction. That would imply that the distance between that increased mass and any other object in the universe is now 1/1000 what it was! This is the mathematical equality that to me is very interesting! I just invented a way to cut the distance traveled between objects right now as I write this down. Now you might say a way doesn't exist yet to modify the dimension of length or mass for that matter. But if my interpretation of my lorentz force experiments are correct, then I am actually turning on an increase in mass. Thus cutting the distance down between all other objects in the universe.



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