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News Geo Michael arrested:


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Notes, on Wake Me Up, Before You Go:


This is a vibrant piece of music, which makes use of organ, vibrant vocals and a strange symmetry to the song, which extols the virtues, of togetherness.


I like Michael in this piece, as he cuts this,. in similar fashion to a jazz piece, utilizing the organ, however curts the song, with an almost beebopieness, that makes the listener, really enjoy what the performers are doing.


Example> Wake me up, before you go go, cause Im not plannin on goin solo, wake me up, before you go go,_______ take me dancin tonight/


*Notes, in t here, the organ really tears into this piece and makes note for all its worth, as it kind of revs up this piece.


George Michael jumps in and carries on take me dancin tonight, cause I want to hit that Hiiiiiiigh.



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George Michael, produced Wham and Wake Me Up as a response to so many young committing suicide.


That's what he did, with his brilliance and fidelity of song, that made him one of the premier vocalist, of this relative time era.


The man has a beautiful voice and certain fidelity, when he sings, that get really deep down inside of you.


That's why the special notation, on George Michael, even though he more appears to be in trouble in this string.


The runner stumbles sometimes.Sometimes the things that happens to a famous person, hurts, this hurts us all.


Here is this piece from Wham, in which Michael roared on the scene.






Wake Me Up (By Wham!) George Michael lyrics


Artist: George Michael


Album: Other Songs Lyrics


Title: Wake Me Up (By Wham!) Print




You put the boom boom into my heart,


You send my soul sky high when your lovin' starts.


Jitterbug into my brain,


Goes bang, bang, bang, till my feet do the same.


But something's bugging me


Somthing ain't right


My best friend told me


Where you were last night.


Left me sleeping


In my bed.


I was dreaming


But I should've been with you instead.




Wake me up before you go go,


Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo.


Wake me up before you go go,


I don't wanna miss it when you hit that high.


Wake me up before you go go,


'Cause I'm not planning on going solo.


Wake me up before you go go,


Take me dancing tonight.


I wanna hit that high...


You get the gray skies outa my way,


You make the sunshine brighter than Doris Day.


Turn a mere spark into a flame,


My beats per minute never been the same.


'Cause you're my lady,


I'm your fool.


Makes me crazy


When you act so cruel.


C'mon baby,


Let's not fight.


We'll go dancing


And everything will be alright.




Cuddle up baby,


Move in tight.


We'll go dancing


Tomorrow night.


It's cold out there


But it's warm in bed.


They can dance,


We'll stay home instead.




George Michael Lyrics


edit notes>(Wake Me Up),_ Wake me up before you go go,


Take me dancing tonight.


I wanna hit that high...


On this one chorus, Michael croons the lyrics, with the voice, Wake me up, before you go go, girl, (as its cut) take me dancin tonig-iii-aa-gh/


When he croons into that sentence, everything and "I mean everything", that is George Michael's ability, without holding back, comes to the forefront.


He lets this sung piece come out and this is about the smoothest voice, I have ever heard in a pop rock artist.


That voice, there will never be another like it.



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WTF has this got to do with time travel?


I agree that GM is a great singer, sure! but what has he to do with time travel?


Has this place has become a personal blog area for the local nut to post whatever it wants to.


Give him his own area and pad the walls for him.


TTI where CreedoWeirdo runs free!



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I agree with you nitescott... but ya gotta deal with Creedo the way he deals with other people when they post things he doesn't like.... (ahem):


Creedo: Your fetish with George Michael (were you in that bathroom in Hollywood that day long ago?) is all very nice, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with time travel. Cease and desist posting such OT nonsense or we will be forced to report you to Mop, and you can explain to him what George Michael's drug arrest has to do with time travel!


Thank you,





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Boy George Michael has been a heroin addict for 30 years. He may have lifted people up (I liked his music) but it doesn't surprise me that he was popped for a drug violation. He has a rather long rap sheet (and I'm not talking about rap music or sheet music). ;)


I know that you have a strong feelings about this event - but it really isn't a time travel related subject. I have to agree with Nitescott and Rainman here.



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