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Relative mark notes:


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The relative worth of torture of captives, is surquitious.There is little, if any value, gained from the experience.


People that are detained, are at the mercy of their captors.So the axiom unfolds, what is the worth of the information that the captors want, as opposed to the rights of the prisoners they are detaining.


These new claims, are not inline with traditional pain tequniquies, however a new form of torture, known as detachment of reality, where the detainee, has his sensory abilities cut off, from the real, or perceived real world.


Its still torture, however placed under a different label.


2. The worth of oil and petroleum distillates, is an enforced issue, it seems placed upon the general populace.


Petroleum distillates do get people from one place to another, however the comance to the utilization of other ways to propel transportation vehicles, seems to be again, taking a back seat to the oil cartels and oil industries.


So there is really little latitude, for expansionist values, into alternate forms of transportation, which may not extol the virtues, of less particulates, exhausted into the atmosphere.


*These two articles mentioned above, seem to interdependent on each other, in some way.


It has been discovered, in already published materials on intelligence, that Al Queada might be receiving some of their findings, from upper echelon, Arabic families.


So, it would not be too venturesome to say, that both articles placed above, are in some fashion inter-related.


>> These are conservative views and it is not my task to muck rake.



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