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The Key Of Time


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Re: Frequency = The Key Of Time






To expand a bit on the post above regarding the Hermes writings, there were a few words that stood out and got me to thinking...


...betrayed a vocabulary...


Even though the Hermes writings are dated long ago...they still are not extra-ordinarily out of place for the time periods in which they were actually authored, these manuscripts and texts are " betrayed by vocabulary " ... and fit right in with the concepts under discussion during the time periods of their "actual "creation.


Mis-understood and sometimes mis-translated, Perhaps.


However, I have NOT come across any writings that could honestly be considered "before their time".



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Re: Frequency = The Key Of Time


Your "by the way" link is alot of reading. ( lol )


I do find it very interesting and have made my way through most of it. I have run across something similar, however, I lost the source of the 'article' that made an in-depth comparison of most of the world's religions, and that 'article' claimed that underneath most of the silt built on top of the basic concepts of all religions, they all share similar "basic" ideals.


Difficult to avoid, are questions of "why" ?


I try to examine the dynamics behind those things that are presented on the surface, and those lectures are doing exactly that...with regards to the question of religion and what religion may be, if I am understanding what I am reading correctly.


It does bring to the forefront, what is "religion" to humanity...a reflection of fears and dreams ?


Are the dieties merely reflections of human thought, the fears and dreams, shared by all peoples ?


In studying the works of some individuals whom have claimed to be disciplined ( or enlightened )in various ( let's say )"Arts", and proclaimed to have the answers to various questions regarding existence...I can't help but ask myself, where are they now ?


As an example...Aleister Crowley ...whom is said to have become Adept enough within the occult to once have almost bound Satan to his will...where is he now?


In the light of ghost hunting...it would seem to me that these individuals, such as Crowley, would have the knowledge and power to be good ghosts...but they aren't.


Why not ?


For all the knowledge and power these individuals professed to have...in the end...it appears as though they weren't any different than anyone else.


So...is it worth the discipline and effort to seek along the same path that they did ?


Did the answers they came up with change anything after their end of life on Earth ?


In grappling with the time traveling question...I have asked several 'ghost hunters' if they ever have recorded any possible 'future' ghosts. The answer has always been NO !


Why ?


If all times really existed at the same time, then it seems to me that on at least one occasion, somebody would have recorded an EVP from at least ONE entity that is floating around from some time period of the future.


However, if we are to accept the mutliple dimension theories as possible, perhaps, the dimensions that ghosts exist within isnt that different than the one of this Earth we ( the living ) experience.


So what hope is there for traveling in time, even if one was to unlock the 'secrets' of multiple dimensions ?


I spoke to many people who claim to be adept with Astral traveling, yet, none of them really tell any tales of common "destination" experiences. Each experience of "where" they 'travel' is all different.


It isn't as though they ever claim to have a central meeting spot..so I can't help but chaulk the Astral thing in the same realm of dreams. So...perhaps, these "travelers" arent really going anywhere, but are engaged in a forced dream state of some type.


The only tangible evidence I have some hope with...is with ghost hunters results...proof of a different type of existence.


But, even that, still doesn't really answer many questions, especially regarding the true nature of time.


The author(s) of the Hermes texts, may have been onto something regarding time and existence, but, once again...where are they now ?



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Re: Frequency = The Key Of Time




Just one caveat regarding Satown's illustration. It is correct - we do assume that the configuration in the right box was an initial configuration and that the configuration shown in the left box occured at a later time. While it's a well founded assumption it isn't absolutely true.


The probability of the arrangement in the left box is, assuming no influences intervened from outside the closed system, precisely the same as the arrangement in the right box. Each possible arrangement of the nine molecules is unique and equiprobable. It's a matter of there being a "gazillion" more "random" arrangements representing thermo equilibrium (high entropy) than the one 3x3 arrangement shown (low entropy).


It's probably more helpful to think of entropy not as disorder but as "sameness". As a thermodynamic system evolves in positive time it begins to take on a look of sameness throughout, basically not changing, if it is left alone without any outside intervening influences (such as people who like to build brick pyramids ;) ).



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Re: Frequency = The Key Of Time


Could we not also claim that is there is an oscillation between the two states, thus one might not necessarily preceed the other ?


The time arrow could point in both directions.


I read of an experiment that sort of addressed what you are saying...a room full of two different colored ping pong balls. The room was blasted with air, and the researchers recorded the different colored ping pong balls as they hit a glass window during the duration of the experiment.


If we expanded this a bit, and had two rooms, instead of just one...basically, what you're talking about is the "potential" of what might be seen as the ping pong balls struck the two windows ?



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Re: Frequency = The Key Of Time


Could we not also claim that is there is an oscillation between the two states, thus one might not necessarily preceed the other ?

The time arrow could point in both directions.

Sure, we could state that as being a state of reality.

However, observation and experimentation would confirm that that doesn't appear to be the case. Thermodynamics is also known as statistical dynamics. Whether we state the situation in classical, semi-classical or non-classical terms we discover that no matter how we view the situation observations confirm that systems, over time, move from states of low to higher entropy. The thermodynamic arrow of time, for whatever reason, moves in the same direction as increasing entropy if we ignore short periods of time (and I'll leave it up to the reader to define "sufficiently short periods of time").




As to frequency being the key to time we have a problem. The question is a tautology. By that I mean that the question requires that we include terms in the question as answers to the question. In other words it is self defining.


"Frequency" means so many repititions per unit of time. If we are attempting to define "time" by posing our question in terms of so many repititions per unit of time (frequency) we are asking a illogical question. How can we define time by asking a question that has "time" already defined in the question itself?



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Re: Frequency = The Key Of Time


"How can we define time by asking a question that has "time" already defined in the question itself?"


maybe there are two definitons of time.


1. time = movement


2. time = duration


another interesting thing is that one of the definitions of time in the dictionary is, "a system or method of measuring or reckoning the passage of time."



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Re: Frequency = The Key Of Time


Time is defined by Matter in Motion.


Every timepiece mankind has ever used has been based on this principle.


Perhaps what Kerr was getting at is not so much "frequency" as being the key of Time (because I agree with Darby), but rather that which frequency describes, namely: cycles.


Cycles of Matter in Motion?





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Re: Frequency = The Key Of Time


This post contains a compilation of sorts, and is an attempt to address the replies above...and the contents were pulled together from various sources, of which I have yet to organize...so excuse the manner with which they are presented.


Exactly...as mentioned in the Key of Time Manuscript by Hermes...Lords of the Cycles...


1. Time moves through strange angles


2. Yet only by curves could I hope to attain the key that would give me access to the time-space


3. "Light" is the goal you seek to attain


4. Find at the source, the End of your goal.


"""Saw I the wheeling of cycles like vast circles across the sky. Knew I then that all that has being is growing to meet yet other being in a far-off grouping of space and of time."""


Quote from a previous post written by Rainman ...


Your point is well taken here, OvrLrd. The fact that light and sound are two SELF-SIMILAR physical aspects of the universe that our human bodies are capable of perceiving is extremely important to understanding TIME. Cycles of Time. Scientifically we describe this by the key physical parameter known as Frequency. We measure Frequency in terms of Cycles per Second (Hertz), so the connection between Cycles and Frequency cannot be understated.


I can confidently say that the science of frequency response dynamics will be a major Key of Time (Travel). And I've studied and implemented this science as a control systems engineer, so I know a fair bit about what I am saying here. The frequency spectrum is a continuum just like Space is a continuum.


--end quote--


Is the author of the Hermes writings describing a helix formation of P-brane's ?


When we look at the sine wave of either sound or light, and perhaps other components in the "Universe" of frequency ( cycles )...we are witnessing a "slice" of a wave which is cyclical in nature.


IF everything is following a common thread...can we deduce that time is also similar to those things that we can see ?


Not only are we learning about the Universe by looking outward, we also are learning about the Universe by looking inward.


The structure of the Whole, very similar to the structure of portions within the whole. A photo of the Universe or a photo of molecules, if not labeled, could be assumed to be either.


Assuming ghosts exist ( there seems to be enough EVP results to make the assertion that they indeed DO exist )...


Why is it that when the ghost hunter is walking through an area, the ghost hunter doesn't usually hear anything ? Yet, upon playing the recording device back, the "imprint" of what the entity has said, is there.


Somehow, the energy of the "voice" of the entity is not within the range of human hearing...however...whatever dynamics taking place with the vibrations of that particular place in SpaceTime is affecting the recording sensors of the recording device.


We have a different form of SpaceTimeMass in play.


Can't see a ghost, can't hear the ghost, however, if EVP is true, these energy forms DO exist.


Where ?


So, I turn to the Aura. Something else that seems to have some basis in fact. When a person loses their physical body...the essence of the individual transforms or becomes something other than what we normally consider to be Mass, as understood in our physical world.


Does this mean a ghost doesnt have Mass ? I dont think it does, and may still be "confined" by the Law of Time.


As I mentioned before...


A ghost hunter records an EVP of a woman waiting at some train station that hasn't existed for decades.


The woman believes herself to be in a specific time period. Is she ?


No. She is still in motion with us. Even though she "thinks" she is waiting at the train station in the 1940's...in reality she isn't.


So, once again the nature of time still escapes us.


As mentioned before...in speaking to several ghost hunters, they never have caught any "future" ghost or energy form on any recordings, why is this ?


A description of how God knows the past and future caught my attention...


Our existence in the flow of time described as a parade, as a member of the parade, you have a certain point of view. IF you were able to stand on top of a building, from that vantage point, you could see the beginning of the parade and the end of the parade.


To travel in time, is this what has to be done, is to step outside the "parade" and find that spot on top of the building ?


If so, how can we step outside of the "parade" ?


Apparently, the physical body is incapable of doing so.


Turning to that form that may be able to do so...our essence...which consists of sheer energy, and not subject to the same laws of physics as we are...or is it ?


[ I don't know if you two ( Darby and RainmanTime ) are members of the Word of Month club, however, both of you seem to be including "thermodynamic entropy" in posts all across the boards here. ( I am joking around here, so don't take this comment as an insult, it's intended to be a ha ha ) ]


A point I am trying to make here, was pointed out to me...




There are some things that only can be said, and cannot be written. This is one reason why the "------------" tradition cannot be recovered from written materials alone. Without apprenticeship, hands-on-experience, the written sources are inevitably misunderstood by most people,and forced into 3-D physicality, where they are seemingly non-functional.


If it's hyper-physical, then how can you explain it to those locked within a 3-D understanding of reality?




The attempt to explain what I am trying to relay here is included within the Grassmann Numbers. I was sort of surprised Rainman didnt latch onto that, as what I have read of the Grassmann numbers supports several points as made by Rainman in several of his ( your ) posts.


The author of the Key of Time, made an assertion of what time is and how to become free from its grasp...I guess simply put, through this thread, I am trying to figure out what the author meant and to play with his claims and either validate them as true, or not.


I also am trying to pull different "disciplines" together to maybe construct a more complete picture of what time is, and how it works.


Both Darby and Rainman love to post mathmatical equations...and I believe that these formulas I have seen around here can be extended into directions not done as of yet.




In order to begin our description, let us start with what an accomplished meditator perceives about their fields/energies. There are 4 shells of overlapping fields/energies which surround the physical body. The outer shell is the most gross and the core is the most sublime. The human aura is the sum of all the fields/energies being generated, transformed and distributed. The Core subtends the heart area and is a monad.


This monad has direction in time with a past, a present and a future.


Thus a line runs through this New-Leafy Green Node from a distance behind the monad and projects into the front of the monad.


This line does not actually exist as such but is a smoothly unbroken transition from the past into the future.


This monad splits into the axes of 3 dimentional space and yields a Left-Hand(-) and Right-Hand(+) orientation, a front(-)-to-back(+) orientation and a Head(-)-to-Foot(+) orientation with the 7 nodes and the 4 spherical shells being generated.


The "Color" of the Core monad is as stated.


The second shell is generated by the two Nodes next to the Core as below Yellow and above Sky Blue.


The third shell is generated by the next pair of centers outwards as below Orange and above Indigo.


The outer shell is generated by the outer pair of Nodes as below Red and above Violet.


The Human Aura is a mixture of all the colors with usually 1 or 2 being predominate in the blending.


Please remember that the colors are relative to the wavelengths of energy perceived.


Thus, the Basal or Red Node is resonate with the longest wavelengths and the Crown or Violet Node is resonate with the shortest wavelengths. Thus, we reflect the Rainbow within ourselves with the longest wavelengths(Red) at the base of the spine and the shortest (Violet) at the top of the head.


This linear array is much like an antenna/transmitter array.


This array is what allows the (+) and (-) energies to flow side to side in a sinusoidal manner to yield the pattern of the Caduceus or Staff of Hermes.


However, since we are in a 3 dimentional universe, the flow of energy is not a 2 dimentional, flat wave but a spiral helix if looked at from the end.


It only seems to be "flat" as looked at from the side. Thus, energy enters at the top of the head from the left side, as an example, and spirals down from Node to Node changing polarity at each Node until it exits out of the right foot.




Human Energy Field Frequencies


Dark Blue...200 Hz...Base


Green.......300 Hz...Sacral


Yellow......400 Hz...Stomach


Red.........500 Hz...Heart


Orange......600 Hz...Throat


Light Blue..700 Hz...Brow


Violet......800 Hz...Crown


White......1000 Hz...Astral


Gold.......1400 Hz...Mental




1. Resonance


2. Rhythm


3. Melody


4. Harmony


5. Pitch


6. Timbre


7. Toning


Sound and light...does Time also reflect these 7 qualities ?




Further back in this thread, Rainman posted his picture of the human body and his take on the "Matrix of Massive SpaceTime" format...can the Grassmann numbers be applied to your theories Rainman ?




From a post written by our old friend Zerubbabel ( where are you ? )...


Something did just jump out at me concerning the four creatures and it was the concept that I had remarked about in my short piece on Ezekiel. It was about the four faces and how no matter how hard we tried, we would only be able to perceive the one face which was facing us. No matter which tool we use, we cannot look beyond the veil. It is simply beyond our ability to "see" how one entity can have all these completely unique "worldviews" and still remain to our understanding as a single "person". In each one of those personas, a specific attribute was accentuated (the "fruits" of the spirit such as love, joy, peace, etc.), and in their fullness--to which a limited mind would have to perceive as a single individual. We cannot wrap our minds around a being that is fully all in all. Thus, He breaks down Himself to discrete units that we can understand, but there is no space of any kind between them. It is a single unit, and as far as we know, the only thing we can truly conceive of which is not enveloped in space. Space literally surrounds every thing in the universe--except those four faces. Of course, since we can only perceive one, our minds "supply" the space around it.


Another thing that came to my mind was the many names that Diety represented Himself as down through the Ages so that man could have some understanding of Himself. Of course, in revealing Himself in successive stages--He truly was revealing nature beyond our capability to comprehend, but at the same time, He was giving us the tools to comprehend; and thus to master that nature. I don't think that we are going to have to actually invent a time machine. I am more of the mind that the time machine is building itself around us as we speak and the more we open ourselves to it, the more we will realize and see. I can almost dimly see the flashing flames of fire of Uriel surrounding us, filled with the healing fruit of Raphael, having the growing strength of Gabriel, and with the face of Michael who represents Christ--the fullness of the all-in-all within man.


Thanks for bringing this back up again. It's always nice to see where you are standing within the temple structure. Exciting times are here amid all these wars and rumours of wars. It is nice to know that it is not those who "seek to fulfill the vision" by bringing chaos on the world, but those who seek to "enter within the veil". When we see THAT number made up, then we will see the end to the nonsense that is going on. Those four faces are truly the "four angels" which hold all those winds of strife from blowing. In the end, reason will prevail. The truth will be known. The LAW will be proclaimed. War will be no more. This will happen when the secrets of time are fully revealed and will show without a doubt what the truth is and what is fable.




Gentlemen...I believe that what we have is a jigsaw puzzle, we DO have all the pieces spread around on the table, it is merely a task of putting those pieces together, and once that is done...we will know what the author of the Key of Time meant when he wrote...


" Know ye the Law and ye shall be free" !!!



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Hi OvrLrd!


While these folks do not claim to be able to "travel thru time", Robert Monroe, founder of the institute with his name and designer of the hemi-sync process, claims to have found a key (using sound) that does alter brainwave patterns! Have a look:




Perhaps what they have found is just the tip of the iceberg...and once you add light stimulation to the sound stimulation you reach an entirely new brainwave stimulation (and creation) capability.




Focus 15 in the hemi-sync program is  indeed time travel.



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