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The Rainman dog hat:


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The Rainman dog hat:


Due to the time we are in and all of the psychological problems people everywhere have, because of non-expansion to space, dogs are now suffering from psychological problems.


This is true, but sad.


The proposed Rainmantime Dog Hat, is a device that mounts over the head, and rest on the shoulders of a person.


This special chair, has a canvas sling beneath where the dog would sit, so that the animal can be strapped into the chair and the person can literally wear the dog.


What this does, is to give the problems animal, a persons eye view of what's going on in the world.The dog becomes more attached to its owner, as the dog, would be constantly with them.


There are a few slight problems as this contraptshun does appear funny looking and might be a little difficult for the user to get use to.


The end product however, is that the dogs opinion of things and events around them, becomes more worldly.


So the dog adjust more readily.



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