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Lords Of The Cycles...The "Real" Time Travelers Secrets Revealed


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Re: Lords Of The Cycles...The \"Real\" Time Travelers Secrets Revealed


It all makes sense now!

It certainly does... that is if you can "read between the lines"... or is that "read between the dots"? ;) In the quest to understand the structure of Time, which will then lead to mastering the ability to modify it, the concept of the Cycle (which leads to a discussion of Frequency) is quite important.

One such deep lesson in cycles teaches the Initiate that one can ONLY create a new timeline by "breaking a cycle" of the existing timeline. And there is a threshold (quantum) of Energy that is required to break any such cycle (which is precisely what we know of the physics of the atom and its electrons). However, this theory (which matches the quantum effect of electron energy exchange) flies in the face of the people who wish to claim that "each decision creates a new timeline, thus leaving infinite timeline potentials." That is just not how the universe works, in any exhibited manner. Rather the quantization of Energy levels IS how the universe exhibits itself to us. Once the electron reaches a specific, discrete Energy threshold there is a non-linear "jump" from one quantum Energy orbit to another.


Thus, being able to change Time, or create a new Timeline, is not a simple thing. It requires certain, specific Energies be focused on Breaking Out Of Current Cycles. Once you are successful in breaking out of current cycles, you have succeeded in changing your personal Timeline.





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