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Two Fractally-Related, Embedded Phenomenon


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I'd like to point out the fractal self-similarity for how we mathematically model two different Energy fields:


Internal: Earth Endo-Atmospheric (Fluid Airmass) Wind Model


There is little argument that our internal atmosphere on earth, which sustains our life forms, is a large fluid reservoir that envelops the entire globe. And that is exactly how we have come to learn it, and model it. Furthermore, there is little doubt that our weather models for the earth surface are based upon two, opposing types of Pressure Spirals. The Low Pressure Center and the High Pressure Center. One spirals in one direction, and the other spirals in the opposite direction. Any named Hurricane is directly associated with a large, strong low pressure circulating, Energetic pressure cell. At any given time there are a myriad of such High and Low pressure cells, of varying strength and structure, moving over the surface of the earth.


Thus we see that spiral-based, fluid dynamic models of our internal atmosphere accurately reflect the reality of how our earth atmosphere functions. Our ability to model the complexities and chaos in earth weather patterns have continually progressed over the years.


External: Earth Exo-Atmospheric (Electromagnetic) Wind Model


When you begin to consider and analyze the solar system's "atmosphere" that exists outside the earth's fluid atmosphere, you see a different sort of "fluid". Just as you see pressure waves in the atmosphere, so do you see electromagnetic waves emanating from the Sun (Parkers Spirals) and moving outward to the planets and their moons. Thus the "wind" in the solar system is not a gaseous fluid like our atmosphere... rather it is a higher vibration energetic field which we call electromagnetic. HIGHER FREQUENCY with respect to the frequencies of our internal, fluid-based atmosphere.


The electromagnetic phenomenon known as the Parker Spiral that emanates from our local Sun demonstrates that there must also be electromagnetic "high pressure cells" and "low pressure cells" that affect the solar system's "weather" in much the same way as high/low pressure cells affect our weather internal to the earth's biosphere.


In the last century we learned about the properties of our atmosphere such that we could build airplanes that would "defy gravity" and fly in our atmosphere. In this century we will finalize our knowledge of the properties of our solar system's electromagnetic atmosphere and learn to build new spaceships that will "defy gravity" and fly throughout our solar system much more efficiently than we do today.


And it is all part of an evolution from one fractal phenomenon (earth fluid atmosphere) to a higher level similar fractal phenomenon (solar system electromagnetic atmosphere).





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