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Lord (Source), make me an instrument of your peace.


Where there is hatred, let me sow love,


Where there is injury, pardon


Where there is doubt, faith,


Where there is despair, hope,


Where there is darkness, light,


Where there is sadness, joy.


O Divine Master, grant that I may


not so much seek to be consoled


as to console,


not so much to be understood


as to understand,


not so much to be loved


as to love;


for it is in giving


that we receive,


it is in pardoning


that we are pardoned,


it is in dying


that we awake to eternal life.[/color]


-St. Francis of Assisi


I'd have to say this sounds like a pretty good "recipe" for how to apply our power of INTENTION as human beings.


Certainly I do not always succeed in following it, but it seems to be a reasonable rule that I try to live by.


Saying/repeating a prayer is a form of energy-focusing meditation.


Meditation is the application of ATTENTION or focus towards achieving a certain state of Creation in your life.


One can even scientifically model this focusing of INTENTION via ATTENTION in terms of how it helps you Create Your Will.


How will each of us choose to USE our INTENTION from our PRESENT onwards into our FUTURES?


What sort of FUTURE do you wish to Create?


How do you wish to project your INTENTION to make the world a better place?





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