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The other person


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When a timeline markedly changes, there are both people persons and things, that are changed, as a result.


To make this simple, what this is like, is to vision a series of large ocean liners at their docking berths.They are all waiting for passengers.


Now say on these ships, something happens within the manifest, of how people places and things are supposed to get together and you have people boarding ships, that they should not.


The abstract for this, is much like a magic trick, only utilizing three large balls, about the size of a large beach ball.


These are all painted silver, but in front of you, they all start to shift positions.


Say on these beach balls, are items places and events, but in order for them to be real, they must be observed by the observer.


This example, in a measure is what timelines appear to us, as the observers, as we are always in the process of observing them.


Now getting back to the large ships, say something out of kilter has happened to make the loading of these ships hap hazard and Mr. Smith, who was supposed to have boarded one ship, is now switched to board another ship, but here is the strange thing that happens, instead of him being on a strange ship.


Mr. Smiths identify is suddenly changed to Joahn Philips.She knows and assumes this identity and is now placed on the other ship.


There are elements of the sets that remain the same, however Mrs. Philips, is in a new situation, however some of the classic sets of people who might not know him and are waiting for say, Sally Michelson to appear in this room, see Philips instead.


These are known as fractured transient people, or phenomenon events, as they have accrued from other timelines.They are either given a new identity, or the script writing for these people, has been changed.


This can happen in any timeline, this is why some time travel authorities will say, look but don't interfere.



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