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Who can help me find out


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I'm not sure about what you mean by "John Titor's original prediction". Anyway, these are the threads that TimeTravel_0 (known as "John Titor" on Art Bell's old site - Post-2-Post):


Time Travel paradoxes


Paul Curran started the thread. TTO doesn't come onto the thread until 2-NOV-2000 (Election Day)


The thread continues after page 11 here:


Topics Limited to 11 pages?


He also posted on this thread:


Parallel Universe


This thread was started by Roel van Houten.


You can see his other thread, from Post-2-Post, "I Am From 2036" (as John Titor) here:


"I Am From 2036"


This one is on Anomalies Network and is a copy of the original thread. Art Bell's original site no longer exists.


To find his "predictions" you have to read through all of his posts.



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