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Microsoft - The Conspiracy Company :)


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The Anti-Trust Justice Department Suit Conspiracy.


If one reviews the Anti-Trust suit against Microsoft from the U.S. Justice Department.


The main arguement from Microsoft that the Browser IE (Internet Explorer) was intergrated into the operating system and could not be removed.


This was a LIE.


You can delete the IE.EXE program....


And windows versions will work just fine.


Anyone who knows how to you GUI Interface to pick the FILE and DRAG it to the TRASH CAN


Or you DOS commands in a DOS WIndow to delete it...


Could have proven this case...


Did the U.S. Justice Department of the United States of America even try it once?


Sounds like a conspiracy or obstruction of justice and malpractice of "lawyering..." to me...


Who got paid off? Where did the money go? What "government projects" is Microsoft partnering with the Intelligence Agencies or the Military Industrail Complex...


I tried it during the case... :)


I am sure you can find another version of Windows or the variants to try it to verify it....




The whole defense from Microsoft was SO UNTRUE it was FUNNY... And NO ONE CHALLENGED THEM?!!!...>





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Steve Ballmer - Corporate Malfeasance - Fall Guy?






Ballmer has headed several divisions within Microsoft, including Operating Systems Development, Operations, and Sales and Support. In July 1998, he was promoted to president, and on January 13, 2000, he was named chief executive officer when Bill Gates stepped down from that position.


While Gates retains control of technological vision, Ballmer handles company finances. In 2003, Ballmer sold 8.3% of his shareholdings, leaving him with a 4% stake in the company. The same year, Ballmer replaced Microsoft's employee stock options program, which had been instrumental in making early employees millionaires, with a stock grant program.[1]


Ballmer is currently the longest-serving employee of Microsoft after Gates. Ballmer married Connie Snyder (an employee of Microsoft's public relations agency) and has three children. His wife is an aunt of former major league baseball player Ben Petrick.




If you know the history of Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates...


If the background of the movie with Anthony Micheal Hall...






Steve Ballmer was a "chop busting obnoxious moron" who played Poker with Bill Gates at Havard...


He wasn't interesting in computers at all... And thought it was a "stupid idea" to have a "personal computer" in every home...


So how and why did he become the CEO of Microsoft?


What dirt does he have on Bill Gates?




Public persona


Ballmer's tendency to loudly and enthusiastically express himself is well known. A famous 1991 incident left his vocal cords requiring surgical repair after he screamed "Windows, Windows, Windows" continuously during a meeting in Japan.[2] With the advent of Internet video, such incidents have become increasingly infamous.


Viral videos


Footage featuring Ballmer during on-stage appearances at Microsoft events have been widely circulated on the internet, becoming what are known as "viral videos". The most famous of these is commonly titled "Dance Monkeyboy", and features Ballmer dancing around and screaming erratically on a stage for about 45 seconds after being introduced at an employee convention. Another video, captured at a developers' conference just days later, featured a sweat-soaked Ballmer chanting the word "developers", fourteen times, in front of the bemused gathering.[3]




His nickname is "Dance Monkey Boy"?... You got to be kidding me?...


This guy is the head of Microsoft?


Sounds like Bill Gates setup him up...


And now is being "blackmailed" or "masonically" controlled to act like a "moron"...




Business 2.0 - List of people who don't matter...




Steve Ballmer


CEO, Microsoft


Let's face it: The head of the world's biggest software company is a lame duck. Sure, Microsoft's board still backs Ballmer as CEO, and he still has a core of loyal executives within the company. But with longtime partner Bill Gates stepping away from his day-to-day role to focus on saving the world, and Ray Ozzie playing the role of resident visionary, the CEO job just won't be as much fun. And with employees and investors still in a froth over the company's low share price, it will be increasingly tempting for Ballmer to follow Bill's lead, and make boosting the shares someone else's problem.




Why did Bill Gates bail on Microsoft?


What did he know?...


Why did he setup Ballmer?


Getting revenge for College abusiveness?...


What's really going on with the Microsoft Operating Systems and Products?


What are we going to find out?...


Was it Corporate Malfeasance to put a man like Steve Ballmer as the "CEO" of the most important company of our times?


I think so...





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Bill Gates - Mommy Help Me Rob IBM Corporation :)


Mary Maxwell Gates




From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Mary Maxwell Gates (July 5, 1929-June 9, 1994) served 18 years (1975-1993) on the University of Washington board of regents. She was the first female president of King County's United Way, the first woman to chair the national United Way's executive committee where she served most notably with IBM's CEO, John Akers, and the first woman on the First Interstate Bank of Washington's board of directors. Mary's son Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft.




Bill Gates knew about personal computers from him mom's connection to John Akers and IBM


Bill had inside information to steal the "royalties" from IBM... for DOS operating system.


Most likely his "Mommy"... and maybe her IBM friends... :)


The story I heard she was the secretary for the Board of Directors of IBM....


But this United Way connection has even more implications for the "conspiracy theorists" :)




Is Bill Gates a total phony?... A Career SocioPath? A Threat To Society?


Is this why HUMAN RESOURCES departments should be TESTING for SOCIOPATHS to keep them OUT OF CORPORATE LIFE?...


I think he might be... :)


What till I get to Steve Jobs!!! :)





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The Hustle of Steve Jobs by Bill Gates :)


If the background of the movie with Anthony Micheal Hall is true...






You saw how Bill Gates worked Steve Jobs to talk about theories and understanding about a "Graphical User Interface"...


Bill Gates pretended to be "impressed" with Steve Jobs intellect...


Steve Jobs loved to be preacher of "Personal Computer Technology" and "Graphical User Interfaces"..


Get Steve Jobs to "contract out" the development of products like "Excel..." to MicroSoft


Thereby, bringing the technology in house to Microsoft without "exclusive licensing" agreements about the "concepts" or "technology..."


But everyone knows...


Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak took the ideas from XEROX...


Specifically, the GUI interface and the idea for the MOUSE...


They "got an invitation" to visit XEROX and SEE their TECHNOLOGY...


Woznaik has CREEPY secret society memberships and government connections...


I would be surprised if Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs and the rest of the "pirates"....


And Wozniak is saying "Robotic" like droids and robots are "impossible"...


They are going to try to get into the "robotics industry"... :(







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Microsoft - The Software Industry Sponge Company!


Everyone knows the horror stories of companies and products that get copied and absorbed in the Mircosoft Platform of Products...


It's horrific...


Microsoft should have been stopped as anti-trust violators rights the IBM COMPATIBLE PC operating system ROYALTY LICENSING agreement fisasco.


And MicroSoft couldn't design, write or build a decent virtual office or business application if their life depended on it.


Just look at that horror show of an email program OUTLOOK.


It should show you. They don't really have a software engineer talent in house.


The are some how stealing it through corporate software espionage...


Maybe it's an "artificial intelligence" Super Computer coping and putting all this stuff together for them...




But its just another "nutty conspiracy theory" :)





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This History of DOS :) Does anyone know the truth?


I've heard many versions of the story... One guy was home answering the door and phone and the other guy was away...






MS-DOS began as QDOS (for Quick and Dirty Operating System), written by Tim Paterson for computer manufacturer Seattle Computer Products (SCP) in 1980. It was marketed by SCP as 86-DOS because it was designed to run on the Intel 8086 processor. 86-DOS function calls were based on the dominant CP/M-80 operating system, written by Digital Research, but it used a different file system. Paterson allegedly wrote it because he liked CP/M, but a version of CP/M didn't yet exist for the 8086.[1] In a sequence of events that would later inspire much folklore, Microsoft negotiated a license for 86-DOS from SCP in December 1980 for $25,000, then re-licensed 86-DOS to IBM. Microsoft then acquired all rights to 86-DOS for only $50,000 from SCP in July, 1981, shortly before the PC's release.


The original MS-DOS advertisement in 1981.IBM and Microsoft both released versions of DOS; the IBM version was supplied with the IBM PC and known as PC-DOS. Originally, IBM only validated and packaged Microsoft developments, and thus IBM's versions tended to be released shortly after Microsoft's. However, MS-DOS 4.0 was actually based on IBM PC-DOS 4.0, as Microsoft was by then concentrating on OS/2 development.[citation needed] Microsoft released its versions under the name "MS-DOS", while IBM released its versions under the name "PC-DOS." Initially, when Microsoft would license their OEM version of MS-DOS, the computer manufacturer would customize its name (e.g. TandyDOS, Compaq DOS, etc). Most of these versions were identical to the official MS-DOS; however, Microsoft began to insist that OEMs start calling the product MS-DOS. Eventually, only IBM resisted this move.


Computer advertisements of this period often claimed that computers were "IBM-Compatible" or very rarely "MS-DOS compatible." The two terms were not synonyms. There were computers that used MS-DOS but could not run all the software that an IBM-Compatible machine could. An example is the Morrow Pivot, which used MS-DOS but was not IBM-Compatible.




But according to the text above and you read it carefully...


Looks like MicroSoft and the IBM Corporation conspired to "steal" a personal computing operating system under "false pretense" or "fraud"...


But I'm not a legal expert...


Its just one interpretation and opinion....





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Giuliani, Bloomberg, Klien, Giuliani Pres Canidate


One of the guys who apparently worked on the case...




Joel I. Klein is Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, the largest public school system in the United States with over 1.1 million students in over 1,420 schools.


Prior to his appointement to Chancellor in 2002[1] by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Klein was Counsel to Bertelsmann and served as Assistant Attorney General of the United States in charge of the Antitrust Division. Klein may be best remembered for prosecuting the United States Department of Justice antitrust case against Microsoft.






Joel I. Klein is Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, the largest public school system in the United States with over 1.1 million students in over 1,420 schools.


Prior to his appointement to Chancellor in 2002[1] by Mayor Michael Bloomberg,






Rudolf Guiliana endored Michael Bloomberg in 2000-2001


[edit] 2001 election


In 2001, the incumbent mayor, Rudy Giuliani, was ineligible for re-election, as New York limits the mayoralty to two terms. Several well-known New York City politicians aspired to succeed him. Bloomberg, a lifelong member of the Democratic Party, decided to run for mayor as a member of the Republican Party.


Voting in the primary began on the morning of 11 September 2001. Later that day, however, because of the World Trade Center September 11, 2001 attacks, the primary was postponed. In the rescheduled primary, Bloomberg defeated Herman Badillo, a former Congressman, to become the Republican nominee. The Democratic primary did not produce a first-round winner. There was a runoff, in which the nomination went to New York City Public Advocate Mark J. Green.


In the general election, Bloomberg had Giuliani's endorsement. He also enjoyed a huge spending advantage. New York City's campaign finance law restricted the contributions a candidate could accept, but Bloomberg exercised his right to opt out of this law, attracting some criticism. He spent some $73 million of his own money on his campaign, outspending Green by five to one.[20] One of the major themes of his campaign was that, with the city's economy suffering from the effects of the attacks, it needed a mayor with business experience.




Interesting stuff that politics is...





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Microsoft - Surface - Evil Home Supercomputer? :)


Hey, anyone check out this new device from Microsoft? The Surface?


It is marketed as "coffee table" computing device...


Our first impression, it is an 'evil' supercomputer inside your home, office, business...


Microsoft wants you to put your feet up on it, put your phone, pda and camera on it?




Is this 'evil' 'coffee table' supercomputer going to take over your information from your devices and control your 'mind and body' from having your feet on it...


While you watch TV/Cable and talking on your CELL PHONE?...


Sounds like 'cyber poppty person' making technology?...


You make you entire visual and audio senses dependent on computing based information from CABLE SYSTEMS and SATELLITES?


Be Warned! :)





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'Friend of the Court' Letters Against MICROSOFT


The Justice Department for some 'unknown' reason wants to MICROSOFT to be 'cut loose' on Society again. They want their FEDERAL OVERSIGHT removed or ended.




I ENCOURAGE all ACTIVISTS and TECH EXPERTS to SEND 'FRIEND OF THE COURT' LETTERS or BRIEFS informing the JUDGE Colleen Kollar-Kotelly in U.S. District Court in California of your position on the matter or (Current Judge). Explainations of the "software industry" and "Microsoft History" would be useful.


You could also write to the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.


I thank you in advance,






US Justice Department objects to states' effort to extend Microsoft oversight to 2012




SAN FRANCISCO: The U.S. Department of Justice told a judge it sees no reason to extend restrictive antitrust oversight of Microsoft Corp., countering a move by several states to keep the software giant under close watch for another five years.


"There is no basis for the court to order a five-year extension of the final judgments," the Justice Department said in a court filing Friday, citing a lack of evidence provided by the states that such oversight is justified.


Last month, U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly extended the oversight until January. The oversight requirement resulted from a 2002 settlement among Microsoft, the federal government and some states over a long-standing antitrust case against the Redmond, Washington-based company. At that time, Kollar-Kotelly said the extension was necessary to have all of the parties' arguments filed and reviewed.


Microsoft is required under the arrangement to regularly check in with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and answer questions about its competitive behavior. The oversight had been scheduled to expire Nov. 12.


The most recent extension followed a move in October by states including California and New York to extend the oversight to 2012. The states argued that Microsoft still dominates the software market to an unsettling degree and thus requires strict monitoring.


Today in Business


Saudi billionaire buys Airbus superjumboEU takes a stand on aircraft emissionsRattled elsewhere, banks bet on Russia, a known risk


But the Justice Department on Friday called the states' arguments "inadequate and mutually inconsistent" and said Microsoft's dominance isn't cause for restrictions.


Microsoft had been aggressively pursued by the Justice Department under the Clinton administration over accusations of anticompetitive behavior. The 2002 settlement, reached despite the reservations of some states, seemed to end the wrangling, while ensuring that Microsoft remained under close observation.




John Letzing is a correspondent for Dow Jones Newswires



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Re: 'Friend of the Court' Letters Against MICROSOFT


Want a conspiracy?


I know for a fact that bill gates and his buddies didnt truly develop windows. they had to purchase it from some dude.






look and read this article..




WTF.. look at the date! Uhoh, I accidently stumbled onto a time travelling article. lol hahahaha.



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Re: 'Friend of the Court' Letters Against MICROSOFT


Well I also heard:


that people who are techies at m$ follow instructions on their computers to assist people out with thier computer problems by phone call. those techies have no deep knowledge of how to fix computers. Its all programmed and structured to know all the problems you are going to have on your computer when u call them. :)



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Re: 'Friend of the Court' Letters Against MICROSOFT


yea thats right


my point is...


if they know so much about how many problems a computer with their OS loaded on it is going to have, what ELSE do they know?


is it true that a techie at M$ had to sign some sort of nondisclosure agreement before working with thier computers???? if so, then why. hmmmmm



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Microsoft -The Conspiracy Company :) Buys Sidekick


Is Microsoft's Danger play a poke at Apple? Google? (updated)




Microsoft said Monday that they're acquiring Palo Alto, CA-based Danger Inc., maker of the T-Mobile Sidekick QWERTY smartphone.


Sidekicks feature a novel flip-up screen that reveals a full-size keyboard making easy work of texting and email. It could even be argued that the Sidekick (which the company brands 'Hiptop') was one of the pioneers of the QWERTY smartphones. Wikipedia has a good history of the device.


So what's Microsoft's interest in Danger, Inc.? Their Windows Mobile platform conflicts with Danger's proprietary OS. According to Danger's developer Web site:


Danger has written its own operating system and JVM for the hiptop. The Operating system has preemptive multitasking and a soft real-time scheduler, and it has been tuned specifically for running our JVM. All end-user applications are written in Java, as is the overwhelming majority of the high-level operating system. Arguably, Danger has the premiere 'Java Operating System' on the market today.


Microsoft said the acquisition will align Danger's expertise in the mobile-consumer space with Microsoft's focus on expanding its mobile offerings.


'The addition of Danger serves as a perfect complement to our existing software and services, and also strengthens our dedication to improving mobile experiences centered around individuals and what they like,' said Robbie Bach, Microsoft's president of entertainment and devices.




Will their "Anti-Trust" behavior never cease?


Will the "Satanist" programer/analyst/staff have "access" to ALL YOUR MESSAGES?


We "worry" about "Google/CIA" partnership?


It seems Microsoft is "getting into the DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE" business...





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Bill Gates urges more visas for tech workers


Bill Gates urges more visas for tech workers




By Michelle Kessler, USA TODAY


Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates on Wednesday asked Congress to make it easier for tech companies to hire foreign workers — even though some members of Congress want to make it harder.


Gates, testifying before the House Committee on Science and Technology, said that the USA faces "a critical shortfall of skilled scientists and engineers." Improvements in education would help, but more visas for skilled workers are desperately needed, he said.


He wants Congress to raise the number of the most common type of skilled worker visa, called an H-1B. So do many other big tech companies, including Google, Intel and Hewlett-Packard.


Critics such as Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., want to make H-1Bs harder to obtain. They say visa holders take American jobs and reduce wages by working for less than their U.S. counterparts.


This battle, waging for years, is at a stalemate. The number of the main type of H-1B visas has not changed since 2002. But neither side plans to back down.


Insufficient visas mean that "many U.S. firms, including Microsoft (MSFT), have been forced to locate staff in countries that welcome skilled foreign workers" to stay competitive, Gates said.


Rohrabacher replied that Gates is "totally insensitive and unsympathetic to average working people who are being displaced by foreign workers."


Congress allocates about 65,000 standard H-1B visas each fiscal year. Exemptions and related visas often raise the number of skilled worker permits to nearly 130,000, says Ron Hira, a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology and author of Outsourcing America.


But demand still far outstrips supply. In fiscal 2007, which began Oct. 1, 2006, the main type of H-1B visa was used up by early April.


Rohrabacher is co-sponsor of a bill that would make it tougher for foreign workers to qualify for an H-1B. Hira says other reforms are needed. He advocates higher wages for H-1B holders and audits that will require companies to prove that they tried to hire U.S. workers before seeking H-1Bs. The visas "can have a positive effect, but let's mend (the program)," he says.




Bill... Bill... Bill...


What are you doing...?


Bill? Does "Microsoft" have "government contracts"?


Do you think "Congress, the DOD and "N.S.A"" want your "army" of Indian HB-1 Visa people working on "sensitive government" "black budget" projects and related "sensitive software control and reporting systems"?






You made "billions" with American born software engineers, marketers and programmers....


And "Americans" bought you software in the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS...


And you "repay" them by?...




Bill?... You can't "be serious"...???


Are you?




Because "EVIL BILLIONAIRES" like you... Can't "be trusted" to do "anything"...


And why did Wareen Buffet turn over his BILLIONS to YOU???!!!


Everyone wants to know that one?....


So Bill?


Are you an "anglo-phile"?


Do you want to be "knighted"?


Because "America is getting tired of you..."


Move to England... Or Europe...




THEY ARE A "SECURITY RISK" in ways "we can't explain" to you... In "person" or by "email"...


You are the "most ungrateful American Business man IN HISTORY"!!!


America "let you succeed" and "make billions"...


And you want to PUT AMERICANS OUT OF WORK!!!




And take "Carly Foirna" with you...




When you move to England or Europe...


Yes. Bill.


British India, China and Russia... Only want to send their students to AMERICAN UNIVERSITY and COLLEGES because the "schools are horrible" and Americans "are stupid" and don't like "technology"...




And retire to an "island"... And "enjoy" life...


And stop messing with America...





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Microsoft to Buy S.F. Web Ad Company


Microsoft to Buy S.F. Web Ad Company




Microsoft plans to buy Rapt, a San Francisco software company that helps Web site publishers package and price display advertising space.


A million executive, Scott Howe, says Rapt's system is similar to the one airlines use to set ticket prices and track available seats.


Rapt has 85 employees and will remain in California.


Microsoft expects the deal to close in the next month.




In what is the "SEARCH ENGINE COLD WAR"....


Microsoft has "responded" to Google buying DoubleClick...


By buying 2-3 Ad companies in the last month...


So if...


Google-DoubleClick doesn't know "everything" you do on the internet...


Microsoft-NewAdNetworkCompanies will...


Doesn't sound good to me...








These "companies" have to "divest" their purchases of INTERNET AD COMPANIES...




IMAGINE AT&T And PSE&G (Sellers of Electricity) BEING "one company" and then throw in "APPLIANCE MANUFACTURERS"...


Thats were we are heading...





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Bill Gates written transcript from today's congressional testimony




It goes on for 9 internet pages. But Congress APPROVED MORE HB1-VISAS!






Network World , 03/12/2008


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For America to remain globally competitive Congress must increase funding for science and math education, basic science research, and raise the cap on green cards and H-1B visas for foreign talent, Bill Gates today told members in testimony before Congress. Here is the transcript of Gates' testimony.


Written Testimony of


William H. Gates


Chairman, Microsoft Corporation




Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Before the


Committee on Science and Technology


United States House of Representatives


March 12, 2008


Chairman Gordon, Ranking Member Hall, Members of the Committee, my name is Bill Gates and I am Chairman of Microsoft Corporation. I am also a co-chair, with my wife Melinda and my father Bill, Sr., of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is an honor for me to speak here today on the occasion of the Committee's 50th anniversary.


Today I am here to highlight the gathering threat to U.S. preeminence in science and technology innovation, and to propose a four-part plan that I believe will help us maintain our position as the world's innovation leader.


During the last 50 years, the world has witnessed truly revolutionary advances in science and technology. We as a nation can take pride in knowing that American scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs have been at the forefront of many of these advances. Our unmatched ability to turn new ideas in science and technology into thriving businesses has been the engine of growth and job creation that has made our economy among the most dynamic and competitive in the world.


This Committee can also take pride in knowing that it is responsible for many of the key federal policies that provided the foundation for U.S. technology leadership. Through its efforts, the Committee has shaped our national approach and guided our investments in areas such as space travel, aviation, computing and networking, biotechnology, energy, education, and many other fields.


I share this Committee's deep faith in the power and importance of technology. Having spent the last 30 years with one of the world's leading software companies, I am amazed every day at the potential for technology to create new opportunities and improve people's lives. This view is shared by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which focuses on finding innovative solutions that can help improve healthcare and education, and reduce poverty.


As rapidly as science and technology have advanced over the past 50 years, I believe these advances will pale in comparison to the innovations of the next 50 years, or even the next 10 years.


In many ways, the incredible advances of the past few decades have really just laid the foundation for much more profound change in the years ahead. There are about a billion PCs in use around the world today. The number of people who use cell phones is close to 3 billion. About 300 million people are connected to broadband Internet. Software permeates every sector of the economy and almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives.


The implications of these developments are profound. Computing and software are increasingly available everywhere: in the office and the home; in our cars; in stores, restaurants, and public spaces. In the future, we will be able to tap into computing capabilities on an increasingly broad range of devices. We will have instant access to all of our personal information – and all of the content, information, and computing power we want or need – at any time and from any location.


These changes will have a dramatic impact on business. Not only will productivity and efficiency continue to improve, but we are moving closer and closer to the time when information systems will have the flexibility, intelligence, and self-awareness to adapt automatically as business conditions change. These systems will deliver precisely the information, services, and applications that employees and customers need, when and where they need them.


These changes will also have a profound impact on the way people live – the way we share experiences and communicate with the people we care about; the way we preserve memories of past events; the way we access entertainment; the way we learn; and how we interact with our communities and our governments.


These advances also have the potential to help us address some of the most pressing global challenges that we face today.


In education, information technology can help us eliminate some of the barriers that prevent us from providing a high-quality education to everyone; barriers such as lack of access to great educational content and relevant curricula, a shortage of effective teachers, and a paucity of data that would help us improve student performance.



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