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Watching out for time travelers


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Watching out for time travelers


quoted paragraph:


"How to identify a human time traveler?


The problem with knowing a time traveler when you see one is that there are several different kinds. Unless you want to go around every day wearing a shirt that says 'Are you a time traveler?', it is not going to be easy.


Here are a few of the signs:


- Slightly distorted language or strange word usage. As a result of being from a different time, they have different accents or strange word habits, even if they are speaking in your language. "


- Hats and head coverings. Some time travelers make a habit not to let their face be seen if possible. Generally they try to cover themselves up as much as possible.


- Abnormal watches. Keep an eye out for people with large or multiple watches. If you can, get a close look at the watch and note the symbols or buttons. There are various reasons for these devices, although the watch is rarely the time travel device itself.


- Other arm markings. I know that there is one group of time travelers that have a symbol imprinted on their forearms.


- Time traveler logos on clothing or equipment. Below are a few known time traveler logos. Memorizing these is a must. If you see one of these one day, you want to be able to instantly recognize it as time travel related"


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