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Bill Clinton - Mind Control Series :)


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Has noticed how much former President Bill Clinton is on TV... :)


I don't know what to think about what it means...


o GQ audition?


o The good times of the "90s" have returned... :)


o Thinks he is just a "husband" of Presidential Canidate


o Thinks he is a "rock star" and not a former President


o Thinks he is a "buddy" of George H.W. Bush... :)


o The World's Biggest Flirt with women :)


But do notice most former president stay out the limelight such as...


o Nixon - Disappeared from Public Life with the exception of Books


o Carter - Not really available on day to day basis - Seen for Books and Habitat for Humanity Work


And he ACTUALLY WORKS ON THE HOUSES - physical manual labor


o Ford - Never heard much from him about anything...


o Reagan - I don't think I recall if he ever even wrote a book - not a fan honestly :)


Mr. Clinton, please get off television and the media.... :)





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