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If you are easily offended you should stop reading this post, NOW!


If your an American, its only a reflection of MY ponderings. This DOES NOT reflect the mass-oppinion of the rest of the world.


My oppinion is BASED ON FACTS though.




Who shot JFK? Did the government cover up a UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico? What's the *real* story behind 9/11?


If my calculations are right then it is most probably the CONSPIRACY THEORISTS or TERRORISTS ;) ;)


In the whole of WRITTEN AND VIDEO- AND AUDIO-taped HUMAN history there isn't ONE other country that has this amount of non-sensical hysteria than THE USA.


Well, yep its true.




Because the people who occupy Northern and Middle America are descendents of a punishment-colony of France, England, Spain, Netherlands and many other countries in Europe. Who were the people that were send to the 'New' World? Rapists, murderers, mentally-instable people, people on the run from prossecusion(gays, pagans, 'whiches'&'wizards', whores(prostitutes),Patriots(revolutionaries) and most notably: millitary people.


So americans ask how all these non-rational ideas enter their country? Well they don't enter your country, they ORIGINATE from your country.


And for the new world order people: ITS JUST THAT: New World Order as in: there is at last a little bit of ORDER in the NEW WORLD.


Oh, I hear you, you will say things like: Einstein wasn't like that and S. Hawking, and other notable people weren't like that either, yes they weren't because THEY come from OUTSIDE your country.


Will there be an other Bush-like leader? Most probably YES, because its the truth.


I don't care if you can handle this or not, its not my concern(not american :) ).


I hope they N**E the b******s!


Its about time someone typed(said) it.


**= UK ******=astard


I won't read replies, so don't try to excuse yourselves, the ones that do are confirming my belief that the New World is the root of ALL evil.



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