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The use of sexual revenge by society...


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As we reveal the behaviors of certain individuals, we have realized something terrible...


People are actively using SEXUAL REVENGE in their daily lives, relationships and marriages.


It is very serious.




Men tend to seek out and have sex with rivals, enemies female romantic interests, girlfriends or wives. It tends to stop at one or two.




On the other hand, women have a TERRIBLE PRACTICE, they seek and have sex with ALL KNOWN ACQUITANCES, RELATIVES and ENEMIES of a man who has offended them in some way. If they are BI, they go after all the women as well. Creating an INTERLOCKING ZONE of HELL around the person. It is so HORRIFIC it can be described accurately.




Women may be practicing SEXUAL ADVERTISING. Meaning they have sex with a close associate hoping they SHARE THE INFORMATION with the other male. Men don't gossip about sex partners as much as women believe.




Women may be trying to be SEXUAL SPIES. This is very dangerous and you may become involved with an EVIL DANGEROUS ABUSIVE MENTALLY ILL person. The psychological effects on your psyche and soul can be DEVASTING. Ladies... Please leave the "spying" to the professionals.


PLEASE NOTE: This was written from a straight heterosexual perspective. There are many BI or GAY variations.





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