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The CIA Recruiting of FEMALE DOWN and OUTERS...


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As we have discussed the 'possiblity' of certain FEMALES from Bayonne being recruited and used as 'spies' against american corporations and american citizens by 'evil elements' of the 'cia' or 'nsa' like organizations.


The movie "La Femme Nikita" comes to mind...


It suggests that these organizations actively seek MENTALLY ILL, ALCOHOL or DRUG DEPENDENT women to be "assassins", "operatives" or "sexual spies".


The use of these women in "intelligence organizations" has TO BE STOPPED immediately.


And "mental health" counselors need to be assigned to these FORMER employees of the "U.S. Intelligence Community."


Unfortunately, the true "social" nature of certain women is BECOMING PUBLIC.


1) They are BISEXUAL and prefer WOMEN over MEN. This creates interlocking SECURITY problems.


2) They are ATTRACTED to POWERFUL MEN who are mostly "EVIL MOBSTER TYPES" regardless of industry, distinction or profession.


It is JUST TOO DANGEROUS to employ these individuals.





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