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Arthur C. Clarke Dead...


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Arthur C. Clarke, Author of `2001: A Space Odyssey,' Dies at 90


By Robin Stringer


March 18 (Bloomberg) -- Arthur C. Clarke, the U.K. science- fiction writer and futurist visionary best known for the novel adapted for the film ``2001: A Space Odyssey,'' has died. He was 90.


Clarke died in his adopted home country of Sri Lanka, the Associated Press reported, citing an aide. He had suffered from post-polio syndrome for the last two decades of his life and was confined to a wheelchair. Clarke had lived in Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital, since 1956 and held citizenship there.


The author, scientist, space expert and underwater diver was one of the most prolific and renowned science-fiction writers, publishing more than 30 novels, at least 13 short-story collections and 28 works of non-fiction. He was honored with a British knighthood in 2000, and his work inspired the names of some spacecraft, an asteroid and even a species of dinosaur. ``2001: A Space Odyssey'' was adapted in Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film of the same name.


Clarke's visions of the future took form in geostationary satellites, which some credit as a blueprint for modern-day communication methods. In 1945, he set out his ideas in an article, ``Extra-Terrestrial Relays,'' published in the Wireless World magazine. Geostationary satellites orbit the Earth at the same speed that the Earth spins on its axis, making them ideal for telecommunications relays. Other visions included space elevators that would propel people beyond the Earth via a cable.


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Hello! This is Arthur Clarke, speaking to you from my home in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


As I approach my 90th birthday, my friends are asking how it feels like, to have completed 90 orbits around the Sun.


Well, I actually don't feel a day older than 89!


Of course, some things remind me that I have indeed qualified as a senior citizen. As Bob Hope once said: "You know you're getting old, when the candles cost more than the cake!"


I'm now perfectly happy to step aside and watch how things evolve. But there's also a sad side to living so long: most of my contemporaries and old friends have already departed. However, they have left behind many fond memories, for me to recall.


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Farewell, and thank you for showing us a bright future.


I wish your new odyssey to be full of stars ...




Best Regards





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