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Regarding "Intervention Points"


are actually "Uncertainty Points"




more of the Timeline Oddity ...


Ernest Borgnine...


Abe Vigoda...


Ben Vereen...


Jack Palance...


Eddie Rabbitt...


Mickey Rooney...


Norman Lear...


Arthur C Clarke...


Fey Wrey...




Freddy Fender.


Link to GLP




Michio Kaku said:




"Our universe is doomed"


end quoted.


Fortunately, he's working on several escape routes:


-time travel,


-wormholes, and


-another universe entirely.


Read more on:


Mr. Parallel Universe




Best Regards


and Now: Silver Shortage





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i doubt they are going to blow the world up, so no, im not worried. but if it did, i suppose i would be worried...


i'd be more worried about 'tards with nukes to be honest.


just my opinion.


"I mean they don't know what will happen right?"


they know pretty much what will happen. my only worry is that people are known to make an error or 2 in maath probs. just ask ray how many errors i made! :D



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