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there is a ghost in my house.


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this story is going to sound completely ridiculous and fabricated but we can find no other explanation for what happened to us.


i live with four other people in a rowhouse in dc. we like to go out together and usually go out in big groups, and have about three guests stay at our house per night. well, this particular night, no one stayed at our house besides my housemates. brian lives in the basement, ashley on the third floor, and bridget, katy, and i on the fourth. well, we wake up in the morning to quite a shock. in our shower are a pair of women's underwear. i laugh it off, thinking it is one of girl roommates underwear, but when i talk to them, they all think it's mine. the weirdest part is that they are primark brand, a store located only in europe. after swearing up and down that they are none of ours, we ask brian if he had a friend over for the night. his answer was a laughing no, and we are all stuck with a mystery on our hands. it's not possible for someone to have broken in to use our shower, since all of our doors and windows were locked when we woke up. and our shower is on the fourth floor, so the person would have skipped the option of taking a bath on the second floor.


so, we have a ghost who brings girls underwear from europe into our house. i like to pretend it is a ghost of someone famous - maybe princess diana or aaliyah.


has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?



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