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I am from 2026.


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I have come from the year 2026. I used a Move Box to transplant myself into Febuary 2, 2007 and have been living in this timeline since. I have come to this forum for no other reason than to speak with other "travelers" and compare experiences. It is quite lonely being here. I can assume that not everyone who claims to have moved through space/time is being truthful, but it is my belief that there are others like me out here in this time frame. My utilizing this forum represents a small portion of my efforts to seek out and contact others like myself.


I will not discuss the specifics on how I arrived, other than to say that it was the result of using a physical, mechanical device. I cannot go back. I do not wish to go back. I have not come for any military or otherwise governmental reasons. I came purely for the sole fact that I could.


In 2026 time movement is not a common practice. Like nuclear weapons in this era, it is illegal by most nations' laws. It is illegal in the United States of America, but that has not stopped some agencies from utilizing it.


There has been no "WWIII". The United States of America is still one nation. The world powers of 2008 are largely the same as those in 2026, with a few exceptions. To be completely honest, not much has changed. Technology has obviously progressed (I am a product of that), but the struggles of everyday Americans is mostly the same.


I do not have a problem asnwering questions, but keep in mind that there are some things that I cannot and will not answer. Do not take this as a personal insult. It is the nature of the beast, so to speak. I will try and be as specific as I can with most everything else.


- Linford



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"Hey Lin--- what are the coolest things for kids toys --in 26?"


Make Movies. It's a sort of game/simulation that uses lifelike computer imagery to cast famous people (mainly actors) in stories that the user can create. That's probably the easiest way to describe it.



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"How many years has time travel existed in your time. How many years of knowledge have you gained and can you share some of it with us?"


The first documented case of time travel, or moving through time was in 2021, although many (including myself) suspect it had been used before that.


And I am a man.



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"What is your divergence..."

As in quantum, genetic, historical, etc...?

Why not give us a definition of quantum vs

historical divergence. Give your divergence


as a percentage. This will give us an


indication of how accurate your predictions


will be. Thanks. :)



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What the hell is wrong with you? Do you think you are gonna make this interesting?


HERE YA GO! What will happen to microsoft this week? Will the stock market go up or down? What color is your hair? Are you male? Do you have a drivers Liscence? Are you gay or strait?


And now we wait.



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"HERE YA GO! What will happen to microsoft this week? Will the stock market go up or down? What color is your hair? Are you male? Do you have a drivers Liscence? Are you gay or strait?"


1. I don't know.


2. The stock market ALWAYS goes up and down.


3. Brown.


4. Yes, I already stated as much.


5. Not in this era.


6. I am heterosexual.


"so when is the first time machine coming out?? and where did you get the time machine from....."


Time movement is not something that is widely done. It is more of an underground movement that works outside of the legal constraints. The governments try to tell their people that it is not commonplace, and to some extent they are right. Personally, I know of only four others who have used a Move Box or something similar to move through time. Think of it like an Italian sports car that is not street legal in the United States. You know it exists, even if you have never seen one of been affected by it. But it's existence does not interfere with your daily life.


The first time movement device was an early version of what I used to get here: a Move Box. It was developed successfully by private companies. Even before it's creation was made public, the U.S. government acquired the blueprints, so to speak, and have done whatever it is the government does with such things. We will probably never know the extent of which they've used the machine to time move.


I was not involved with the creation of the Move Box, but I was selected to witness several of it's early testings, as were a good many other people. Not long after that I decided to use it for myself. That is how I am here now.



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