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My post to today is to talk a little more about what my research in time travel really is. What I have learned is that I need to use current theorys like quantum mechanics and m-theory. What I am seeing when I use binary counters to decode/decryption computer media from space-time is that as in quantum mechanics all of space-time is quantum fluctuations with simultaneous quantum states. If you take any quantum fluctuation and pin it down then it becomes one specific state. It supports the many world theory's where multiple universes can exist beside each other. Where multiple time-lines can exist. It also supports that as we move thru are specific time-line. We are doing more than merely just moving thru time. We are moving from one quantum fluctuation to another. The time-line becomes the strings of quantum fluctuations tied together.


So when I view a video or a picture decoded out of space-time I am simply viewing a single or a string of quantum fluctuation of reality. My work seems more like trans-dimensional physics than time travel. But as I have been trying to explain time-travel in and of itself is traveling backward or forward thru a string of quantum fluctuations. These quantum fluctuations being the very lives that we live from day to day. Having a technology such as mine to view this information is priceless.


One thing that I have learned since I am a trans-dimensional time traveler and technology collector. That the future can change very rapidly for better or worse. On the current political seen I see countries trying to contain nuclear weapons. But truth is every nation in the world has some super research project going on behind the doors of secrecy that make nuclear weapons seem like Disney land. It it is only thru the course of world wars would the world ever learn about it or not depending again on the current political seen and military situation.


What May ham and new technology will the world see or experience in the future good or bad. In a thousand years will we still have many governments or just one government. Will man still exist? Will the earth still be here? What will life on earth be like after what mankind has done to the planet?


Welcome to my world of trans-dimensional time travel thru temporal computer hacking. More than a story but a science fiction fact. Only thru the course of the quantum fluctuations in time and space will the beings (ourselves) that exist in those fluctuations will know the truth of their future in their own parallel world as they exist with other parallel worlds. Is there time travel? You bet there is. But time travel again has its laws and its quarks. I am glad that true time-travel is not as simple as what most people want to make it out to be. That would run the fun. Time travel is so much more than turning on the power and flipping a switch and doing sixty miles and hour. The permutations of space and time are endless. You guys can look upon what you can never have. What I get to do from day to day and what I love doing so much. Good day.


(As I open up my can of beer and view my trans-dimensional time travel computer media I toast you guys. Enjoy your limited lifes and I will enjoy my own thru the world of temporal computer hacking.)



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(On the forum certain people whos ip is posted on that forum who know people from this forum very well have been being doing computer attacks on the forum to keep it from going into business.)


On the research site as I explained in my news media I have a information blackout until such time as I deem fit.


But since it is information you want I came back to give some.


When I first came here I posted my program in basic showing information being stored and released using vectors and reference points. What sliped over every ones head here is that what I showed was


("A quantum matrix representing information using quantum states pined down with reference points to store information within space-time itself called vector points.")


V = V +- absolute value of ( v - r ) +- N


To decode when going down to zero R is less than V.


When decoding up from zero to a higher V then R higher than V.


Same thing with coding information up or down. When coding up R is less than V.


When coding down R is higher than V.


N has to represent a numerical base.


In base two N would be 1 or 2


In base three N would be 1 or 2 or three and so forth.


V = vector for the millionth time.


R = reference point for the millionth time.


If you can predict R you can always store binary information within a number from 0 to so many digits that can release or store that information to infinity.


Starlord or Darby what ever his name is here (of course being from the cia we will never know his true name) of course could not understand what a quantum matrix is represented by a computer model that stores information within space-time itself.


Further more if only R's are used that are divisible by 4 then dividing v into R would also give up the binary information it was storing if N equaled 1 for zero and 2 for 1.


You see its not that I dont give out research or technology it is just that the people that read my post are a little light in the IQ department when it comes to understanding what I am trying to explain.


Now for the newbies. When this is used to store information V always stays between 0 and for the sake of argument a 5 digit number when coding or decoding. So And as it codes it flips up and down. It can code going from 0 to 99999 and from 99999 to 0. It can decode going from 0 to 99999 and from 99999 to 0.


So you see a trillion billion gigs of data could be stored on this system in a 5 digit number and written down on a piece of paper and put into someones pocket and taken to a foreign computer and the data decoded back out of this system.


Again this is a quantum matrix using quantum fluctuation states to mathematically represent and store information with in space-time itself. This is leap technology. Here I posted it maybe foolishly but I did it anyway. I know what I am talking about when it comes to trans-dimensional time travel with decrypting information out of space-time itself with simple computer technology and of course my own intellect.


The information was giving out. Its not my fault if people cant understand it. To finish up.


And if a V has more than one R then of course you have it. "Multiple quantum states storing information."


Well Im off for a while. Good day.



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Well it is not a surprise to me that some people make comments without regard to the understanding of the science behind my methods or themselves being competent enough or educated enough to understand the components involved in the computer science behind what actually produces the code and quality of my time travel media. As for Rainman and Darby I don't blame them directly they are only agents working in the greater machinery of our society. And they do influence to a lessor extent others. To a greater extent I enjoy the circus of those acting out in their limited ways and understanding to what I post. I do find it very entertaining. But the truth is there are varies methods and true sciences and technologies to time travel as I have been very lucky and privileged to experience myself. The great diverseness and and subtlety to how our universe functions is staggering. If any thing I can bring to this forum that would by my main point. Forget my message because that has been lost to the mainstream of the stupidly of how today's society functions. But make no mistake time travel in its many different methods and technologies of performance does exist. Good day. Reactor from time travel one station over and out.



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I don't understand that I went to one of your links and downloaded on of your files and all it was was an empty folder. I forget the name but I did as the instructions asked and deleted it. Do you know what I put in the folder?


I was trying your experiment and so far no response. I think I remember giving one of my names in a file in that folder and it looked like you said you could retrieve the information on it?


Good luck. Does it work? Let me know and respond back with what I wrote in the file unless somehow you are looking at my home computer. But during this time I have also completely wiped out my drive and reinstalled several operating systems rewriting the hard drive over and over and over again. Is the data still there? I don't know much. It might be. I think it's lost and if you could answer what I put in there then you may be doing time travel experiments possibly.



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