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Tesla's Zero Time Generator


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Relativity has been considered to be fiction right from its inception. Yet there are staunch believers. I'm not one of them. The theory is full of false beliefs. Hardly a scientific theory at all.


It is interesting that you mention spin states. In the video above there appears to be two independent spin states when the object is given spin in a weightless environment. It's like there are two realities overlapped over one another at the same time.


To me anyway there appears to be a very strong connection between nuclear force and gravity. I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn that gravity is an effect of nuclear force. So that could be the reason why we are given so much fictional education. Tesla may have figured out how to modulate nuclear force through resonance. As a result there has been a massive effort by the educational community to make sure this knowledge does not get passed down to younger generations. Who controls the educational community? My educated guess is the ET's.



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