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Very brief treatment on permanence


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Imagine this; every movement that is made creates some type of a reaction or detectable consequence, whether visible or not. To varying degrees, these minute aberrations float out into space. Consider the fact that they always have been. Now, imagine the fact that these virtually undetectable and diffusing waves have been floating out from their sources since the dawn of time.


Now, amidst the vast and seemingly infinite space of the universe, imagine an intelligent consciousness that has been developing over the order of many millions or even a billion years. At one point in its early development, it may have resembled the separate physical and mental consciousnesses we have as human society. Now, however, it is melded together in a singularity of both. It is so far advanced, that it is able to detect all energy waves throughout space at different points. Waves created at the dawn of Earth's formation are closer to them, while those created by us are further away.


Utilizing their detection of these waves, they are able to reconstruct a history of absolutely everything that any human or human ancestor has ever done. Every motion, every move, every word or sound uttered can be reconstructed. In fact, their calculations are so advanced that they can even reconstruct our bodies in a point in space-time down to the very atom, effectively enabling them to catalog our thoughts throughout our relatively temporary existences. Any place we have ever been, and anything we have ever done, felt, or thought can be exposed completely. They even have the power to physically reconstruct the atoms in place to mimic what came before. Want to see your own birth? Your great-grandparents' first kiss? Your enemy's whereabouts on a certain date and time? Want to see if O.J. really did it? Peer into Lincoln's oval office? Witness the crucifixion of Christ? Walk in ancient Egypt? It can all be done in an instant.


Strangely to us, though, these tasks are not accomplished. Nothing of the sort is acted upon. Why? Indifference. Boredom. Apathy. It can even see us right now, but it doesn't lift a finger to communicate. This incredible intelligence, this awesome consciousness does not care. It finds no meaning in anything. It almost sees no reason for its own existence. Why should it continue to detect? Why should it reconstruct and decipher? There is nothing more for it to know that it can find. There is no wonder, no awe. In fact, it spends its days in attempts to communicate with the one thing it can find no rational evidence of. It prays. It meditates. It communes. That is its only interest. And, like the life cycle of other advanced consciousnesses that came before it and those that will come after it, it will soon die. Well, relatively soon - within the next hundred million years or so.


Until that time, it will continue in its steadfast and almost incomprehensibly voracious attempts at séance. Then, when it is secure that it has done what it can to set itself right with whatever there might be outside its realm of existence, it will simply shut itself off. But don't worry. Another vast end-level intelligence will come along to take its place. One day, in the distant future, there may even be one that can tie its ancestral roots back to you and I. And it too will know all you and I have done. Even right now, at this very moment.



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