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Society of Scientific Exploration


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SSE is full of academics researching fringe science. I attended their 2008 Conference with Professor Richard Blade, my former business partner and former Chair of the Physics Dept at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.


I personally have had several "paranormal" experiences in my life, that none of my science knowledge could explain.


When I first talked of these to Richard, he said, "Let me tell you about the University of Colorado's investigation of "Ted Serios".


Stephen Braude,(Chair of Philosophy at University of Maryland) also was at the conference, he also investigated Serios.


Very interesting stories to say the least.


Enjoy the link/papers:


Past JSE Research Articles from SSE



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Seems like an interesting and somewhat paradoxical group. Thanks for the link - lot of papers there!

Yeah, lots of academics there with open minds. A few flakes there too!

Never a dull moment listening to those guys, was cool to meet and chat with many of them.


I had lunch with a "Dr." there one day, I asked him what his doctorate was in, he said Psychology.


He had a patient that claimed to have been abducted by a UFO, he felt the patient was sane and believed what he said. When he asked his colleague what he thought, he said, "Let me tell you a story".


His Colleague was an A-6 pilot in the Navy that had an encounter with a UFO.


Interesting stories and people for sure!



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