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John Titor Update

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I've recently been looking into the well known, John Titor, I was looking into past posts he had created. He predicted the creation of the LHC and mini black holes.


John Titor predicted that the CERN insisutution would accidentally discover the technology that allows for time travel. So far, his predictions have been tracking well with reality...CERN is now underway building their biggest-ever proton-proton collider. Some researchers have now pointed out that one result might be the creation of "Mini Black Holes", or as John Titor called them...microsingularities...


This is a post I found online today July/12/2014


If John Titor predicted this and this alone completely accurately. Then perhaps, our friend John Titor was a CERN employee who simply became concerned about the outcome of the LHC experiments and wanted people to be prepared for this kind of jump in technology. It was previously considered near impossible to create a "man made" black hole. John Titor called them, Microsingularities, a term a scientist or researcher may use to define something not yet in existence.


I thought it might be an interesting theory. It would be a good way to get peoples attention, to claim to be a time traveller from the year 2036, even if you didn't believe it, you wouldn't help but peak.... Could you.



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Here's what he posted about thirteen 1/2 years ago (Post-2-Post "I am from 2036")


Posted by John Titor on 02-01-2001 08:36 AM

The breakthrough that will allow for this technology will occur within a year or so when CERN brings their larger facility online.

The breakthrough comes "within a year or so", not a decade and a half later. Maybe some still think that that "tracks well" with what he said. But it misses on two fronts. 1) No breakthrough within his stated time frame; 2) The LHC was a decade late going on line at all, also missing his stated time frame.

We can make excuses and all the "jus 'spose" statements that we want. In the end, however, we rely on what he actually wrote and not what we wish that he had written.



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