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What is real time and transfered time based in reality?


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Did anyone reading this posting ever have the experience of watching a show on media that you knew was prerecorded, but in some way had a social relation with the host, that seems to be real?


I have, a few times, as a matter of fact._What cause this, is that events based in time space can be curved while that communications is going through times to maintain a relevancy to the people at that messages destination.


This phenomenon is caused by a factor known as (intent concerning communications).This factor can transcend both time the message travels and the distance in space that message traveled.In a way this known phenominon can be effacted in both time travel, along with space travel.This is so, as structurally in a mathematics way of thinking but the time on the sender of the message and the reviver of the message., once this message has traveled a considerable time, are related.


This factor is also why an actually communications sent during a different time, can impact the receiver in another time, although the message may be now obsolete.This is both a factor of time, distance along with social relevance.What is odd about this means of communications, is that the sender can receive emotional response, even after the message has been received, after some time has passed that would have amounted to a close up personal encounter.


An example is give on the slide progress bar measured at 15:08 on the slide progress bar of the movie offered.Thank you Pinter





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