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Respected TTI members, we need your input!


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I'm Ronz from gh15.org, a site promoting bodybuilding and fitness.


As part of our efforts to bring science and truth to the world, we are launching a new site called gh15quantum.org which will focus on medical science, physics, astronomy, philosophy, sports science/fitness and many more topics.


Now I know that the members here have a collective wealth of information, and we would greatly appreciate your views into the vast scientific topics out there so we can promote the insights of your collective viewership (as well as the wisdom of individual members here) on our forums.


I simply ask that you watch the promo video, see what we're about and when our site launches, give it a look and post your valuable experiences and knowledge on the various topics so that we may work in partnership to bringing scientific truth and wisdom to the masses


Together, we can harbour positive, critical thinking and information to the masses.


Thanks for your time





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