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Tips for Island Living with Kay


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Tip #1


Water Purification through distllation:




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Tip # 2 Learn to sail.


#3 Always keep a diving knife handy for sharks, below, and above water.


#4 Don't overestimate your enemies, they blindly do as they are told because they lack the capacity to think for themselves.


#5 Be quick, there are only the quick and the dead.


# 6 Be thankful for any good your able to accomplish in your life, apologize to the lord for all of the bad.


#7 Choose wisely before giving your diamond away, it isn't worth the cost to try to get a diamond back.


#8 Always take the road less traveled, the krome road will lead you to the 177th.


#9 Don't be afraid of the unknown, just take it 1 day at a time, there is no fate but what we make of it.


#10 Be just in an unjust world.


#11 Do not go quietly into that cold dark night, live on, survive, if necessary be that last man standing and fittest by right.


#12 When the time comes provide for your elders as they protected their child, may the Lord bless us with his mercy mild.



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