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Please save me

Brian Jung

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Dear all,


I have been looking for the way to go back in time almost for two years on this site.


However I have failed to find out the person who can help me out.


I'm writing this post because I need the person who can save my life.


What I am asking is as below.


Going back in time before 31-Mar-2013 and just send email to b[email protected] and bria


[email protected] with the title and content as below.


Title : Do not hire Jinny Park


Message :


Do not hire Jinny Park and it will destroy you ultimately.


For ensuring that this was from the future, I show you the evidence as 344853u.


It was given by future yourself.


That's all.


I'm not sure the changing the past can influence my present, but it is the desperate trial.


It does not matter whether it is physical or astral way.


I'm hopeless in this timeline because I made terrible mistake in my life around two years ago.


I'm not murderer or chased by government.


Just common citizen who had common daily life.


Please save me until the death comes.



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Probably the ***. They are always up to no good.

I sincearly do not know?My spook-o-meter came on when in my search for that number given, I came up with Russian license plates.There were two countries to where plate numbers had come up.One serch find was in Chinese but you could translate the page.

If these were heads of state license plates, this search could have tripped security coverage within those countries?


On your comment on the Agency, I try not to use their number alograms.This is as the agency is like having a neighborhood pervert for a friend.You might not want to go down to him, her and have a sandwich while they're doing what they do, but if you really need them, it's nice to know that they're there.Thanks for the reply :) Pinter



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It does not have any relation with Russian thing.It is just the part of the phone number that I had used.

Please restrain saying weird things about my request to help me.


What I am saying is just request for help.

If this is so, please describe one building from the timeline from where you at, One building and what that building is like, only.

2.Does the spelling of Jenny change to Jinny which is primarily not used at this time.Jinny does not come up at all in any search engines and most do not know what Jinny is?


3.What are the particulars attributed to 344583u?Is this animal, vegetable or mineral and or roughly what is the level of importance ascribed to this number.Is this goverment owned, private industry?A part of the general public use net?


4.Or is this a coding that describes a laboratory value given to either a research project, or a substance.None of of other than a whole lot of license plate numbers comes up on the subject topic that you have given us.


Please restrain saying weird things about my request to help me.

*Note the correct English term use of the adverbe restrain should be converted to refrain.Restrain use, would mean that someone would have to physically adjust restraints, either under the description of the estimation of situation, or physically place chains and or guards on the sentence use of the interrogative of what the intended use of the English sentence is for?

Example, They had to restrain him with chains, whips and guards, in order to stop Jim from asking for another icecream cone.


Anyone who is a half way descent TTI user, would also ask these very same general questions. Thank you Pinter



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