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TT Science Sex Changes Frequently With Time


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As part of time travel operations from generation to generation, which real time traveler's sometimes experience., the reincarnation of a person from generation to generation, may change both sex and identity within nature's clause.


This is a two phased statement as one a person may be changed to female, or male, in their next incarnation as it would suit nature's proposed utility within the demands of that reincarnational insertion.


The second phase change in reincarnation, can be by an agency, such as in the said case of the Al Bielic time travel incident.This situation to where it was said that the Navy had a machine that could deposit the spirit soul complex into an intended target, due to an accident which had been caused by their doing.


So the second incident would be a form of recompense, that afforded an aggrieved individual, their proper non-damaged reinstatement in life.


*It is a common mistake, or occupation hazard to where an experienced time traveler can mix both the identities of sexual orientation to people they think they know.This new situation, along with identity misidentification, as a byproduct of their work, or as expressed as an occupational hazard to them.


This is why key function identification inservices are important to those who time travel.Thank you, Pinter



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