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Time Machines: Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics, and Science Fiction


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Time Machines: Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics, and Science Fiction


Paul J. Nahin.


Question: Do you read and have any commentaries on this book or any texts about or of this book, which you could to share with me/us? Is it really a good book? I don't read it yet...;P


Sorry for my bad English, please... I do not speak/write your language very well...


Hugs :),






Time Machines: Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics, and Science Fiction


Paul J. Nahin P. J. Nahin


Format: Hardcover, 2nd ed., 628pp.




From The Publisher


"Time Machines" takes readers on an exhilarating journey through the intriguing theories of scientists and the far-flung imaginations of writers. It explores the ideas of time travel from the first account in English literature to the latest theories of physicists such as Kip Thorne and Igor Novikov. 75 illus.




Table of Contents


A Sample of Things to Come




What's New in the Second Edition


Prologue to the First Edition


Acknowledgments to the First Edition


Ch. 1 An Overview of Time Travel 1


The Mystery of Time Travel 1


Machineless Time Travel Without Dreams or Drugs 13


Time Travel by Machine 18


H. G. Wells - Why His Time Machine Won't Work 22


Traveling to the Future 25


Traveling to the Past 30


Who Else Might Be Interested in Time Travel 35


Some Problems 40


Backward in Time - Can It Really Be Done? 43


The Problem of Paradoxes 47


The Fictional Origins of "Change the Past" 54


Ways to Avoid Paradoxes 57


Where Are All the Time Travelers? 66


Skepticism and Time Travelers 72


Einstein, Godel, and the Past 79


Quantum Mechanics, Black Holes, Singularities, and Time Travel 85


Tipler's Time Machine 92


Ch. 2 On the Nature of Time, Spacetime, and the Fourth Dimension 97


What Is Time? 98


Speculations on the Reality of Time 102


Has the Past Been for Ever? 109


Time and Clocks 115


Hyperspace and Wormholes 117


Monsters in Hyperspace 125


Space as the Fourth Dimension 130


Time as the Fourth Dimension 140


H. G. Wells on Space and Time 143


Spacetime and the Fourth Dimension 148


Spacetime, Omniscience, and Free Will 161


Does the Future Already Exist? Is the Past Still Around? 170


Ch. 3 The Arrows of Time 179


The Language of Time Travel 180


Does Time Have a Direction? 181


Cause and Effect 185


Backward Causation 191


What Does "Now" Mean? 198


Irreversibility 205


Worlds in Reverse 208


The Philosophy and Physics of Reversed Time 220


Entropy as Time's Arrow 227


Other Arrows of Time 236


Multidimensional Time 240


Ch. 4 Time Travel Paradoxes and (Some of) Their Explanations 245


Paradoxes 246


Early Science Fiction Speculations on Time Travel Paradoxes 251


Two Basic Time Travel Paradoxes 256


Can the Present Change the Past? Can the Past Be Un-Done? 259


Changing the Past vs. Affecting It 269


Why Can't a Time Traveler Kill His Grandfather? 285


Quantum Mechanics and Time Travel 294


Causal Loops 304


Sexual Paradoxes 319


Maxwell's Equations and Advanced Effects 323


Communication with the Past 327


Wheeler and Feynman and Their Bilking Paradox 332


Absorber Theory and Signaling to the Past 336


Tachyonic Signals, Spooky Actions, and the Bell Antitelephone 342


Epilogue 355


Notes and References 367


Tech Notes


1 What Time Is Now? 415


2 Time Dilation via the Photon Clock 423


3 The Lorentz Transformation 429


4 Spacetime Diagrams, Light Cones, Metrics, and Invariant Intervals 439


5 Proper Time, Curved World Lines, and the Twin Paradox 459


6 A High-Speed Rocket Is a One-Way Time Machine to the Future 467


7 Superluminal Speeds, Backward Time Travel, and Warp Drives, or Faster-Than-Light Into the Past 475


8 Backward Time Travel According to Godel and Tipler 489


9 Wormhole Time Machines 497


10 "Solving" the Einstein Gravitational Field Equations, Unphysical Mass-Energy, and the Cosmic String Time Machine 527


11 Time and Gravity 537


Glossary of Important Terms and Concepts 545


Bibliography 557


Bibliographic Adieu 618





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