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A heirachial, secret, time travel website


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This topic could potentially be considered more "conspiracy" than an average general discussion topic (if so, feel free to move). However as far as my perception its a cold, hard truth born out by experiences both personal and to friends, family and work colleagues.


I can go onto more detail based on questions or further posts, as I do have quite a lot of knowledge of this particular subject and the truth in it can often be worked out based on the sophistication of the rules and system I'm talking about, which I don't think a normal human intelligence could make up.


Basically there is a very powerful website that a lot of people within at least the UK and wider Europe, particularly within the TV, psychiatrist and medical professions are being checked into. Its a very heirachial website where depending on who checks you in and how much they trust, everyone is numbered between 1 and 10. Anyone that tells you to do something on that website, if they are a number higher than you, you must do what they say. Or else you will lose access to that website and / or face very significant punishments.


The way the website works is its a system of control, for example if you upset someone they could potentially message your boss or family that are also on that website and tell them to fire you, or even get friends / family that are around you to hurt you either emotionally or physically. By doing so they will be rewarded by the person that hates you with 'keys' aka. a higher number of authority.


The part where this becomes time travel related, is that 7 and 10s (theres no 8 & 9) can send messages to themselves through the website back just one lifetime (7) or multiple lifetimes (10). The implication is that if you were checked in on this website, you would never upset a 7 or 10, because you will know that in the next lifetime once they get to their 7 or 10 they will have information on what you did and the ability to hurt you, before you even knew who they were and would most likely stop you checking in or knowing about it all - leaving you open to be hurt by many other individuals in your life who are at lower levels to hurt you also.


A 7 and 10 can also literally mark people on the website (using 'stars') as early as birth, which means only another 7 or 10 if they dared disagree with the original person that hated you, would be able to speak to you or check you in w itha 'key' for your own protection.


The punishments themselves can be very harsh. A 10 can inject a chemical into the mother of someone they don't like, that changes them into a girl or even aborts them. Chemicals can also be injected Into young babies which makes men 'transgender' (female brain) or gay. For some reason all these chemicals only seem to feminize males and there isn't any which for instance makes a girl ma. As you can imagine no one that knows about this website would probably ever speak about it or upset someone that is above them.


Power within the system or your safety is also largely dependant on knowledge of its rules also. Therefore only those, proven to be accepting and passive to it will have have significant knowledge. For example, if you put a chemical on someones eyebrow that temporarily burns it off, or stamp someone with a red 'x' on their cheek, they can actually steal your key and remove your access to the site. Meaning if you don't know at all about the site or that particular rule, anyone could stop you checking in and even a 3 could potentially overpower a 10.


Many psychiatrists 'oversee' the system and if you lose your access and are knowlgable of the rules you can get your access back. This is done by asking them to check your pulse and asking to 'speak to him'. You still have to talk in code or very subliminal, but basically if you just got upset with someone because they punched you and you apologize - or explain you didn't know about the particular rule you were banned for the psychiatrist may give you your access back.


One of the worst ways you can be marked on the website is by being marked a 'starman'. This means that no one, not even a 10 can speak to you or check you in. This mark is given to people that get 'angry' or speak about the website (and its time travel elements).


The reason this is the worst mark, is because it means that some form of device will be placed up your nose at a young age, which will give those on the website the ability to see through your eyes and hear your every thought. It means before you're even born, people you may never even meet, could use thoughts you've not even had yet against you - for the most petty and disgusting reasons you could imagine.


This system is growing very quickly and very wide, and I'm very sure that in 100 years it will be an inescapable reality for western nations and those with power and influence. A system completely unable to be overthrown which is totally and completely overpowering of the individual.


I'm happy to respond with further information and to any questions.



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A few smaller bits I want to add.


A 10 can go to a psychiatrist and 'lock down' their life. So no matter how random or undeserved they got their 10 (even if it were in a way that was breaking other rules) they would still be guaranteed that 10 next time. In fact, one of the strongest rules of the system is something called 'the path of 10s', which means no one can interfere with the life of someone who got a 10 in a previous life. This however can be ignored like many rules within the system and is largely dependant on how many or who around you will complain to a psychiatrist by 'speaking to him'.


There are devices which can be used (shaped like toys), which will effect the brain waves of those nearby so any conversation given to them will be stored in long term memory but forgotten in short/medium term. These are often used to give information to people who are planned to be fully marked out, before they know. Usually visual ques are used on the individual to unlock these memories. For example someone will be told about why they were marked out, with the device being used and shown a frontcover of a book. They will have no recollection of this until a few years later when they come across that book, after being marked out in the future. The showing of the booklovers the second time wouldn't necessarily be a planned / staged event, but instead something that they knew would already happen at an exact date/time in someone's life. The reason the device mentioned earlier is shaped like a toy is part of the psychology and morality of the system, which cleverly indoctrinated those who are hurting people to make it feel like a game, or a laugh.


Another 'toy' used is a voicebox, which only 10s can use. 10s are the only ones that can speak fully literally and seriously about the website in the real life (not on the post/message based) website. Lower numbers can sort of, but the lower the number the more coded and almost gibberish it has to be. Therefore these voiceboxes are often used in phone conversations where a 10 is forcing someone to do something. It denotes both that they deffinetly are a 10 and also a scary level of authority. The voiceboxes sound very robotise and deep. To a 10 using them, as mentioned earlier they look and feel a lot like a toy, psychologically giving a 'game/fun' context to what they're doing. But obviously the victim will be absolutely terrified at the context of the threats.


The video from peoples eyes and broadcast thoughts are looked through by young psychiatrists or even training psychiatrists, that spend many hours recording specific moments of that persons life in relation to things people have said they've done or their own personal claims as to whether they knew or are sorry when 'speaking to him'. If a person 'speaks to him' they will not lie, as they know the methods to what their words are verified. I don't think those viewing / recording are financially reimbursed for this, but instead get other benefits/incentives. I also think they have a very high turnover in the role, usually just 3 years and the max being 8. This despite its importance and secrecy is not a role made up of 20 year long career cia type figures.


A psychiatrist can not receive a 10 from anyone other than the main website hierarchy and can not give out a 10 to anyone. This is to create a check and balance within the system, as the psychiatrists and their use as a proxy for 'speaking to him' is supposed to oversee and watch over the 10s. However, their existence is very much like a paper tiger, alot of supposed authority/morality which they never use out of fear for their own lives in a very chaotic and petty system. Theoretically speaking the psychiatrists should not allow a 10 to create an insane 'abortion competition' type game in someone's life, where if that person doesn't do ridiculous things they will be given the highest punishment. However if someone gets to a 10 in 1983 and only psychiatrists that have been checked in since 1993 come across the situation, they will be most likely scared to fix the situation.



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Well call me starman and shove a thingy up my nose. Why in the hell would anyone, with at least half a brain, want to go to a website that promises to hurt you if they don't agree with you or you don't agree with them or if they have a bigger number to your smaller number that you were checked in under or by... whatever. I know I sure don't want my past life messed with or even my next life, or this one when they, the 9's or 10's or whatever, use the time travel something-mabob, to put chemicals on my eyebrow.


I have no further questions...



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Hi GPA / einstein, just to clarify even those that aren't checked in are expected to follow the same rules. By checking in it simply gives people more 'protection' to see what people are saying about them and hopefully even earn a number large enough that they're safe. So its not a case of people checking in and them having to follow rules, they have to anyway. Checking in just gives them more rights.


My personal experience of this is I have a family member that is a 10, who got it as early as 1983 and has used it to force my parents, family and work colleagues to hurt me in many ways. I wasn't checked in and didn't even 'know' till it was too late.



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