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Does anybody remember this?


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That would be the home to many native Floridians that may or may not face persecution from local government at some future time. A most uncivil conflict. At this current moment, a civil war is taking place in the courts, law enforcement agencies, and local governments of the 20th circuit district of the state of Florida.

Care to expand on that?



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Jeez you're a real die-hard "debunker" aren't you?


A few predictions?


I already mentioned the YouTube thing.


Nobody was talking about any Unix bugs or anything related to the 5100 before his posts.


CERN, "the multiverse", and string theory were never as mainstream until after he made his posts


The "bs to whip everyone into accepting a new war" (regarding the Middle East) thing stuck out to me


Mostly everything going digital/decentralized was another thing. (Don't forget Bitcoin, even though he didn't specifically mention it by name)


Anyways, none of this matters if you're unwilling to believe it. No matter what anyone says, your opinion is already set in stone. It's no different from people who fight about vaccines or GMO's or anything with two (generally) opinionated sides of a story.


Also, suppose we're in a timeline where there was indeed a big civil war by 2008, do you really think bluray would have been on that timeline? It's doubtful.


People always seem to forget that he was describing his own timeline, not ours.


Just the fact that he was here changed ours from his, probably way more than his initial 2.5% divergence.


So you don't see this country in a civil war? Did you not notice any of the media going on about confederate flags? Or about police that beat and/or kill black citizens, and the (basically) race riots that stemmed from that?


Did you not notice the military was called into some of those riots? Look at that from an outside perspective and you would swear this country was at war with itself.


And the "safe zone" was (I assume) away from the singularity itself, and maybe within the event horizons, which were manipulated by the machine.


Since the singularity was less than the size of an electron (I think that's how it was described) and the dual event horizons were somehow merged or manipulated, I would have to guess that this was the place where he could be in without destroying himself.


Obviously I didn't pay too much attention to those details since I wouldn't even know how to interpret that data in my mind, and therefore would be unable to despute it, but as a whole it did make sense to me, and coupled with the rest of his "story" and the supplemental comments that backed it up logically, I grew to believe in it..despite the fact that I was highly skeptical to begin with.


Riots and military involvement under Obama rule, but they criticize Trump trying to save our country now in 2020. Obama caused this division.

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