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The Melting of Greenland and Antarctica


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I really can't understand what has happened to science and scientists over the past years. Maybe it's not science as a whole but only those that are eager to accept an agenda and submit their finding to agree with a desired premise and then only those in agreement find their efforts accepted and their results published. I don't know for sure but I am very disappointed in the field I have followed and loved for so many years.


These are estimated values calculated from the best information science currently has available. For what that's worth.


Mass of Earth: 5.972 × 10^24 kg


Mass of Water: 1.350 x 10^21 kg


A little math and it becomes apparent that the water constitutes ~ 0.02% of the mass of the planet. 2 tenths of 1 percent. Not very much.


For comparison, if you weigh 200 lbs, the equivalent is 0.64 ounces.


Or in metric, 100 kg, the equivalent is 20 grams.


That's less than 1 shot of whiskey. Imagine being in your favorite watering hole holding a shot glass and the bartender fills it up. Do you lose your balance? The only time a shot of whiskey affected my axial center was when it was around the 10th or so in a night.


Their assumption also relies on a "perfect sphere(?)", which this planet IS NOT. Equatorial bulge anyone? It would seem to me anyway, much of any added water from ice melt would naturally move to the equator maintaining the majority of the mass at the equator. Maybe?


Then there are the gravitational affects of the Sun and the Moon not only on the Oceans but on the planet itself.


Of course, we can not consider the fact (?) that the iron core of the Earth spins independently of the crust, which produces our magnetic field which, aligns according to the position of the magnetic poles which, have been moving around for, I don't know, let's say, over a billion years.


Right, forget ALL that. Let's jump to conclusions like the good little tax-payer funded followers we are. It's ... at least partially... the result of water displacement... caused by... of course... global warming which... even thought conveniently not mentioned in the paper but... certainly implied in the article which... is again of course... the result of human activities on the planet. Everyone... you know, the consensus, the 97%, (the 76 out of 78 that agreed)... agree that natural forces are not the major contributing factor. The Sun, 333,000 times more massive than the Earth or the Moon, 81 times 'less' massive than the Earth but still 54 times more massive than the water on the Earth could affect this by possibly pulling on the molten inner core of this planet or the iron core at the center. Remember the high and low tides? They range from 2 feet in the open ocean and 38 to 53 feet along some coast lines. Our friends in England may be familiar with the 50 foot tidal range in the Severn Estuary. None of these things could be affecting the axial movement or pole shift. No... it's far more likely that global warming is causing ALL the ills this poor planet is experiencing because of the infestation of disgusting humans that only know how to destroy everything they touch. Damn humans.


As for me, I believe... no better yet, I know the reason for this is the Aliens that live in the hollow middle of the Earth. They are moving around in there and causing the axis to shift. Damn Aliens.



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