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Mysterious energetic woods in Miramar - Argentina


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Have you guys ever heard of this place called "Bosque Energetico" in Miramar, a city in Argentina? Weird things happen there (allegedly). This place reminded me of the Mystery Spot and the Oregon Vortex places that were discussed here througly a while ago, although it isn't as cool as the former two.


I couldn't read this and not think of @Einstein, our colleague that defends that such places do represent anomalies in our gravitational field, or something like that lol (sorry Einstein). I personally think that this example is a bit far fetched, specially the way it's written. It's a fun read nonetheless.


Anyway, I'll just translate the whole thing and you can split your screen (windows key + left arrow/windows key + right arrow) to read it while checking out the images.


I do warn you that I don't speak spanish that well and I've tried to translate it at the best of my habilities.


Well, here it is:


Five kilometers from Miramar, through the route that leads to Mar dek Sur, within the Vivero Municipal, there is a small pine forest named "dark woods" or "energetic woods".


This is a very particular place, nobody has a real explanation for what goes on in these energetic woods. The truth is that twigs can keep themselves in the vertical perfectly balanced, without falling. Also, on the small branches coming out from the trees, you can put twigs there and they will act like magnets. Nobody has been able to determine why these trees are magnetised.


The truth is that twigs will remain "glued" to the trees, as one can observe in the picture.


In this place, reigns only silence, darkness, wild odors and moisture. Trees grow sideways, totally bent. They cross over each other in a way that when you look up you see the branches forming a closed roof that prevents the passage of sunlight.


On the opposite side, on the ground, they form a perfect circle.


In order to prove the magnetism in the woods, you simply grab a piece of twig from the ground, nail it down to the ground vertically and lean another stick horizontally on top of it, in a way that they form a "T". You can then prove that the stick will keep itself balanced and doesn't fall. You can do this with different sized sticks and every time the magnetism will happen.


Why this happen is still a mistery, without scientific explanation. What is known is that this is a unique forest reserve in all of the Atlantic coast.


The most skeptics say that when you start a pine plantation, you should keep them short, cutting them. In this case, the proper pruning wasn't done and because of this, the trees grew together very high and in their search for sunlight, have entangled themselves to one another. By doing that, they block the wind to enter the lower part of the forest and for that reason, there's the illusion of magnetism when twigs just won't fall from where you put them.


The only truth is that these woods exist, the branches and twigs are real and you can test their balance yourself.


It's said that around the year 1989, a group of scientists arrived at Miramar. They had the mission to investigate certain changes in the electromagnetic fields that, according to satellites, originated in a specific point inside these woods.


The place the scientists elected to perform their measurements is a hill, not higher than 100 meters, that locals have known for years as "Dark Woods". This place had trees so deeply entangled that no sun light is able to penetrate through the trees, reaching the ground only at sundown.


After the scientist arrived, all sorts of myths and fables started around the small hill. You can believe in everything it's said about this place or not. Truth is, people arrive every weekend of the year in great quantities with the mais objective to stay a little under the shade of the energetic hill.


Even though the place has deteriorated a bit with all the traffic of people throughout the years, it still keeps its magic and its strange atmosphere, where not only the eternal shade but also the fact that it gets strangely quiet the more in walk in the woods.


This is all I could translate for today and also it's where all the fun information is at.


My conclusion about this place: It's a forest. That is dark.



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