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Before the Big Bang


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RE: Before the Big Bang *DELETED*


Well... I guess I will have to read it later. The sandman is calling....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ clunk. :eek:


That reminds me...I will think of more questions to ask you tomorrow. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN.


A time traveler that answers questions after drinking fermented potatoes...yep thats a new one. :) LOL



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RE: Before the Big Bang *DELETED*


Why do you keep deleting your posts? It makes it kind of hard to respond to that way.


I don't know if you wanted me to answer those questions or not now.


Anyhow........I did save them. I just didn't have time to respond at the time. ;)


<font color="purple"> (LOL! So how many times have you traveled Storm?)[/color]


<font color="seablue"> Numerous. But if you mean time traveled, then 3 times. How many times have you traveled?[/color]


I have never claimed to be a time traveler on these boards.


<font color="purple"> (Do you ever travel drinking fermented potato juice?)[/color]


<font color="seablue"> That would be illegal. I wait for my destination to arrive. Or to arrive at my destination.[/color] John said the same thing about his blackholes...they come to him.


what ever that means.


<font color="purple"> (Sigh!!! Why does one always have to wait for a time traveler to answer a question?


Get in your machine drunk and travel back here within the minute and answer.


Atleast one of the questions will be answered right away...LOLOLOLOL)[/color]


<font color="seablue"> You should become a doctor to learn some patience. My mass lens is broken and must be replaced. Since I have no money this will take time.[/color] :) Just teasing you.


<font color="purple"> (Well... I guess I will have to read it later. The sandman is calling....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ clunk.) [/color]


<font color="seablue"> sandman? clunk?[/color]


LOL.Sorry. I meant it was getting late for me. The sandman is in referrence to a child's story when one gets tired. The clunk is my head falling on the desk from nodding off to sleep waiting for you to respond. :)


<font color="purple"> (That reminds me...I will think of more questions to ask you tomorrow. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN.


A time traveler that answers questions after drinking fermented potatoes...yep thats a new one. LOL) [/color]


<font color="seablue"> I'm glad you're amused. But what do you want from time travel? What is your specialty? I know you are curious, but I otherwise know little about you. [/color]


What is the meaning of this saying? "what is your specialty?" Can you explain further?


I don't know if I should ask you questions because you keep deleting your responses.


I do not know why you are doing this it kind of makes it hard to follow the thread.


Would you rather speak in private?


What do I want from time travel? I am just curious and I want answers.


I would like to sit down and talk to a real time traveler and hear of all of his experiences.


I think that would be fascinating. If I time traveled myself I would like to go to ancient places


in search of answers to questions I have about things. I have a lot of questions so I would be gone a very looong time. LOL :D


I also would like to know how time travel works, what is its effect upon the traveler or those he comes into comtact with, Can you shake another "you's" hand and what would happen if you did?


Does time traveling change the cells or dna of a person? How does memory come into play when one time travels? Is there a limit to how much one can time travel? How does the earth handle multiple


time travelers at one time? What if one area is visited repeatedly over and over?


are there paradoxes? Is there more than one way to time travel? Has anyone discovered ancient answers to mysteries while traveling? Seen any new creatures or organisms that did not exist in our timeline? brought any back with them? Discovered anything new that had remained lost in time? Saw any of the great mysteries in the past or great events. Changed the timeline and how. How were societies and how did they interact with one another. What were the dinosaurs really like were they colorful or dingy like todays lizards. was the atmosphere different in other places, did the gravity change. Did any body have a technology back in ancient times that


was never thought of here? Did great civilizations exist that were never recorded? What did the earth look like before mankind arrived on it? What is the final stages of earth and what is it like to live there? Can you bring back a plant from ancient earth and have it live in todays atmosphere?


I could go on and on and on and on..........But I have to take a breath....ahhh. lol


My curiousity is never ending. <font color="white">.... [/color] <font color="yellow"> ..... [/color] <font color="orange"> ....... [/color] .......... <font color="purple">........ [/color] ......... ........ :)



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Please Stop Deleting Posts




Come on - you know better than to delete a post after its been responded to. This one makes it 37 times you've done it in the month that you've been on the board.


It appears to me that you've gone back and purposely screwed up about a dozen threads, including several on which you are the OP, by deleting every one of your posts on them.


Pamela's been waaay too nice to you, but that's how Pamela is. She's nice to people. Several of us, however, have suspected from the get-go that you were here to troll. And there's the proof - purposeful distruction of a dozen threads.



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Re: Please Stop Deleting Posts


Just a reply. There were no humans here "Before the Big Bang" only after.


Today the Vatican (because of Pope Pius) stated that the USA and England knew what was going on with what the Germans were doing to the Jews, but did not bomb railroads and roads leading into the concentration camps. (perhaps, maybe, maybe not)


Today Vilsack on Market to Market was commenting about rural communities not have a health care plan with like towns of 2500 or so (like Harkin) but really as he mentioned the reason is also that their premiums have gone up for their own health care insurance.


Oh, you already know about the dollar bills in large cities, but also was mentioned Germany and the Euro being the same way.


After the Big Bang, there may be humans who still exist. (perhaps the Big Bang of the current time.)


Everybody was kung-fu fighting. Those cats were faster than lightning. (some song a while back now.)


Forget the food laced with sodium and all the rest of stuff going to cost more, while some of us retired, but again, I have a telescope to see if an asteroid or meteor is going to hit this Planet like a Near Earth Object.)


And again, like the rest must have their leader (if you do not mention them as being Leaders first) be Jihad Jane or the new Super hero - SuperPoliticalPerson or something. Too bad most of them can come up with new material for programming a new computer game - the topics coming out of them seemingly are endless.



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