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Conceptual physics behind the development of time travel


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Measuring Time Warps.


Can we measure the difference in time between two locations?


The answer is Yes.


This is called gravitational Red shifts.


The Red shift is the change in color observed from a radiating body that is moving away from us.


A glowing radiating object placed in a gravitational field glows Redder when it is put in a stronger gravitational field, and Bluer when it is placed in a weaker field. Similarly, anything that vibrates shows a shift in frequency when placed in a gravitational field.


Clocks tick Slower in a strong gravitational field-are Red shifted-and Faster in a weak gravitational field-are Blue shifted.


How a Rotating Black Hole is a bridge to Many universes.


Once you cross an event horizon, time and space reverse. Space becomes a “Stream” that has no recourse and Time becomes “Space-like” allowing you to move back and forth freely.


What this means is that once you are over the event boundary you are swept forward in Space as perceived by the outside universe. The Space inside the horizon has a “Time-like” characteristic, meaning that you can flow in either direction. Thus, even though you, the traveler experience a steady movement in time as you perceive it, those mapping your motion will see you move in time as you enter the event horizon but then you will be perceived to sweep through space toward the holes singularity while going back in time.


If the outside world could watch you while you were doing this, it would appear that you were going backward through time as they experience time.



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Time travel research is interdisciplinary, so we will look at chemistry. Specifically Radical chemistry which relates to free radicals, positive charged compounds, and reactive catalysts. Why these are of interest to us will become apparent.


David Lewis Anderson has stated he uses a "Reagent". Some think this may be the Plasma with a positive charge, but it can be initiated in other ways. A Reagent implies that it is 1. A liquid, and 2. That it is of high purity. Why high purity would matter would probably be due to how a living organism in the field would react to impurities. In organic chemistry, there are classes of chemicals: Industrial grade where it is less pure and cheaper for use in areas such as metal plating where purity is not of importance. Then there is Lab grade, a more purified product where impurities might create unwanted reactions, end products or throw off tests in an experiment. Then you have reagent grade, of very high purity, used in creation of medical compounds that need to be pure.


I do not know what reagent Anderson has chosen, but I do know what the characteristics would need to be, where we can find the best suited chemical to use.


What becomes important here is the associated positive charge that is needed for the opening of new doorways.


Acids are a well known proton donor, but there are other very useful substances as well. Oxides such as Fe2+, and Fe3+. have positive charge. Something I am looking closely at are Formaldehyde based plastics with high positive charge


Much of my field investigation shows anomalous areas having these positive charged areas due to natural oxides and deposits of naturally occurring compounds. Gilsonite in the area of the Skinwalker Ranch for example, , so a prerequisite is the understanding of the chemistry of said areas


One last note: Molecular dipole moments of water. Do you recall the old stories, quite bizarre, of an alien coming up to a farmer and asking to borrow a cup of water? Or of craft siphoning water off a lake? or of a Ufo coming out of a cloud? I think it is entirely possible to create this positive charge quite efficiently with water.


I also thing it is possible to design a craft to hone into water based planets eliminating all others and arriving or being "Pulled" to only those places which would be of interest quite automatically.





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A couple books I would like to recommend:


Faster Than Light: Superluminal Loopholes In Physics, Nick Herbert PhD. Found here:


Faster Than Light: Superluminal Loopholes in Physics: Nick Herbert: 9780452263178: Amazon.com: Books


And Black Hole Gravito-Hydrodynamics, Brian Punsly 2008 Springer 2nd Ed. This one is not cheap, I find it in the University physics libraries.


Found here online:


Black Hole Gravitohydromagnetics (Astrophysics and Space Science Library): Brian Punsly: 9783642095634: Amazon.com: Books


This last one shows laboratory experimental setup.


At low power levels, Alfven waves can be generated in laboratory plasmas with relatively simple apparatus. The mail requirement is an RF source of about 100 Watt output power (To see signal well above Noise), connected via a matching circuit to a loop antenna either surrounding the plasma, or located near the plasma edge. In low temperature plasmas (Te<10eV), the antenna can be inserted well into the plasma.


The frequency range of interest for most Alfven wave experiments (1-30 MHz) covers the amateur radio band.


The equipment and techniques available to amateur radio users are eminently suited for Alfven wave experiments.


Black Hole Gravito-Hydromagnetics 2nd ed. , Brian Punsly, Springer, 2008.


The study of physical interactions of highly magnetized plasmas in the context of the differential spacetime rotation (known colloquially as the dragging of inertial frames) that is induced by the gravitational field of a rapidly rotating (Kerr) black hole. The strong large-scale magnetic field limit is essential for the external universe to be significantly coupled to the black hole.


Black hole GHM is essentially plasma physics in the magnetosphere near a black hole.


The relativistic structure of plasma became of prime reference in this circumstance. The results are derived using only special relativity. A special relativistic treatment in a freely falling coordinate patch at any point of space-time can be used to study the plasma nodes as long as the wavelength is much less than the radius of curvature of space-time (~10 to the 14th cm. for an astrophysical black hole). The Kerr background introduces nothing that changes the basic character of the short wavelength modes.


A section of the book on a plasma filled cylindrical waveguide, which is buildable, shows a laboratory example of Relativistic MHD. Implicates we can actually experience an equivalent experience with a lab setup the same as that of a black hole MHD.


The cylindrical plasma filled waveguide that is threaded with a uniform axial magnetic field supported by an external solenoid.


The physics of this setup creates a laboratory relativistic magnetosphere about a compact object can be studied. Attaching a rotating disk at the center of a semi-infinite magnetized cylindrical plasma filled waveguide creates an ongoing plasma wave front. This outgoing wave carries an energy flux associated with the Poynting vector.


A laboratory analog of the relativistic wind driven by a neutron star in the MHD theory of Pulsar magnetospheres.


Different variants of this configuration can be compared and contrasted with a black hole magnetosphere. The analysis greatly elucidates the role of the event horizon of a black hole GHM.


The Faraday wheel: It is very instructive to attack a faraday wheel or unipolar inductor to the end of a semi-infinite plasma filled waveguide. A Faraday wheel is a piston for Alfven waves in analogy to the piston for magneto-acoustic waves.


It is also demonstrated how the waveguide is analogous to a MHD pulse wind and that the Faraday wheel is the analog of the neutron star. The parallels allow us to explore the fundamental role of the Unipolar inductor in the relativistic MHD wind theory.


The main insight that this discussion provides is that the event horizon of a Kerr black hole behaves like a Faraday wheel that is Disconnected (ie. separated from the end of the waveguide by an electrical insulator) from the plasma filled waveguide-A lack of unipolar induction associated with the space-time near the event horizon.



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The Faraday Wheel Terminated Transmission Line:


To begin with, the notion of a Faraday wheel or Unipolar inductor is described. Consider a conductive disk, rotating with an angular velocity about the symmetry axis (z axis). The disk is immersed in the uniform magnetic field of an aligned infinite solenoid. In the laboratory frame, there is an electric field in the disk as a consequence of this frozen-in condition.


This electric field is established because the rotationally induced Lorentz force separates charge. An electrostatic equilibrium is established as electrons are pushed toward the center of the disk by the Lorentz force, leaving a residual positive surface charge density at the outer edge of the disk. The electrostatic force within the disk balances the rotationally induced EMF creating an equilibrium.


In order to make the disk an active element, we insert it between two semi-infinite coaxial transmission lines.


The center conductor can be supported by a thin low-loss dielectric webbing such as Teflon. This is known commercially as Spline Coaxial Cable. The whole configuration is immersed inside an infinite solenoid so that a uniform axial magnetic field threads the transmission line.


The presence of conduction paths at the center and edge of the disk allows charges to flow from above and below the disk that will instantaneously partially neutralize the surface charge density. This in turn disrupts balance of electrostatic force with the rotationally induced EMF in the disk.


This small excess EMF drives charges in an effort to replenish the lost surface charge density. However, the surface charge is again partially neutralized by electron motion in the inner and outer conductors of the transmission line, and so on.


The EMF remains unbalanced and no equilibrium can be attained. The rotational EMF drives a surface current outward radially that requires electrons to be drawn from the outer conductor and pumped outward along the center conductor.


Associated with the current flow generated by the Faraday wheel is a toroidal magnetic field, as a consequence of Amperes Law.


The Time stationary state of the transmission line has an electric field. To understand the magnitude and nature in a Time Stationary State, note that in reality, the disk was attached to the transmission line at the same time, thus there are a pair of TEM wave fronts propagating along the two semi-infinite transmission lines.


*The analogy to the Pulsar Magnetosphere requires a source of plasma injection to be complete.


*The plasma in black hole GHM are relativistic because they exist in magnetically dominated magnetospheres. In the strong magnetic field domain of plasmas, the electromagnetic field can inject very strong forces per a unit of mass in the tenuous plasma. This creates a potential for relativistic motion and waves in the magnetosphere.


An important aspect of strong magnetic fields in a highly conductive tenuous plasma is the anistropic-electrical tensor.


The individual particles tend to be threaded on the magnetic field lines in their gyro-orbits. They can slide along the magnetic field lines freely, and thus the electrical conductivity in this direction is the same as for non-,magnetized plasma.


The Alfven wave has an electrostatic polarization and can propagate field aligned currents. The simple fast wave has no electrostatic polarization and cannot propagate field aligned currents - An Alfven wave is a superposition of oscillatory waves. Often called "Shear Alfven Waves".


A Faraday wheel that is physically isolated from the pair of semi-infinite plasma filled waveguides where an electrostatic equilibrium is established- Even though there is a voltage drop across, at the surface of the disk, no current flows.


This is the analog of the event horizon of a rotating black hole in the context of MHD winds.


* The spark gap is set close enough to create sparks.


This closes the circuit and the Faraday wheel radiates Alfven waves.



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The absence of Unipolar induction near the black hole horizon.


Consider a rotating black hole immersed in a Wald field. There is a voltage drop across the magnetic field lines. This is called Battery-Like EMF. Even though no physical electrical lead can actually touch the Horizon, a spark gap forms. The voltage near the horizon is dropped across the gap driving a global circuit.


When the ends of the leads are no longer held stationary arbitrarily close to the horizon, but flow inward and rotate, and voltage drop across the magnetic lines becomes associated with an ingoing wave front by Faraday's Law, and the voltage drop in the gap remains small as for the detached rotating disk at the end of a transmission line with a large gap, there is a voltage drop across the magnetic field but no current flows as in the open circuited transmission line.


In terms of the No Hair theorem, as far as the electromagnetic characteristics are concerned, the horizon is always "Far Away" in a global context.


Asymmetric Time Stationary Fields and 3+1 Splitting of Space-Time.


The dynamical nature of space-time assure that any voltage drop across the magnetic field lines at the tips of the leads is a consequence of toroidal magnetic flux advected with the inflow in Faraday's Law.


As the surface charge moves inward according to the Horizon boundary condition, a toroidal magnetic field is created by Ampere's Law. With all factors considered, an equivalent picture of the experimental setup occurs as with equilibrium .


These are well behaved fields in the gap and there is no reason a conductor could not be shielded from the fields. If the tips of the leads were in a perfect MHD state, they should remain so. There is no current generation or unipolar induction near the horizon, just a surface charge density that is virtually static in global time.


The Horizon and near horizon space-time is like the space in the gap between the roating disk and the open circuited transmission line,


The near horizon positively accepts all voltage drops. The space time near the horizon never reacts back on the leads to alter the current, consistent with the no hair theorem.


The imperfect conductor interpretation is valid when the horizon accepts "Information" and the impedance of the vacuum is assigned.


-Treating The Vacuum Like A Conductor Is Not A Particularly Useful Physical Construct And Is Quite Misleading.-


Frame dragging effects are associated with the No Hair Theorum that arise from the Horizon Boundary Conditions.



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Dynamo Dynamics (Such as that which we find in a rotating black hole) If there is a dynamo for toroidal magnetic flux, then it is causally determined by MHD (Magneto-Hydrodynamic) waves, with at most mild dissipation. These ALFVEN waves created, make MHD waves to constitute the missing intermediate step concerning the Gravitational field in the dynamo dynamics.


Gravity couples to Mass-Energy, Not electric charge.


The dynamo for the toroidal magnetic flux, results from a rotationally induced EMF (see faraday's law) that is created by the dragging of inertial frames. This process converts the relativistic rotational inertial imparted to the plasma by the gravitational field into Poynting Flux (the energy flux of a propagating electromagnetic wave).


The elementary properties of Alfven waves can be true in the right circumstances and equally untrue in other circumstances.


This wave is Transverse magnetic, left hand polarized.


Coupled to the compressional wave in a plasma.


Refracted by a density gradient.


Has a continuous spectrum and does not satisfy a dispursion relation so it cannot exist as a wave.


Are a Shear, or Tortional wave.


The Kinetic Alfven wave is guided through a magnetosphere by the magnetic fields present.


Alfven waves can be magnetically guided.


Black Hole Physics requires a Quantum Gravity which is in "Space" itself, but can be explained in Special Relativity terms as well.


When you bend and twist "space", gravity occurs.





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Tom Bearden 1998.


The minimum requirement to begin gravity/antigravity studies is to understand Longitudinal waves (A sound wave is such a wave).


If you have a transverse EM wave and add to it- it's phase conjugate, and couple it's phase conjugate replica to it, you make a “scalar” or time density EM wave, polarized (vibrating) in the time domain.


The longitudinal wave we are speaking of is comprised of Gravitons, ie., spin 2 quanta, because it is comprised of coupled photon/anti-photon pairs with each photon or anti-photon being of spin 1.


The scalar EM wave is comprised of “Supergravitons” ie., spin 4 quanta, because it consists of coupled graviton/anti-graviton pairs each of which is spin 2.



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I am surprised that you understand the mechanics of how to create the window to other locations in space/time. That is needed first before finding some fool to step through the window and not land in a void of space but be able to return alive as well. Super hot and super cold plasma combined within a superconductor directed and focused may require enormous amounts of energy. The monopole field may become a tunnel gateway to travel around to other parts of the cosmos continuum. The trick may be to land on your feet alive and then return home to the same place in space/time? You go first and I'll have a cold beer waiting for you!



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Using Maxwell's equations which govern all electromagnetic phenomena, it is possible to calculate the velocity of electromagnetic waves in an ionized gas.


At all frequencies for which wave propagation is possible, the speed of radio waves in plasma is


always faster than the speed of light-that is higher than the speed of light in a vacuum.


Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism shows that inside an ionized gas, not only can electromagnetic waves go faster than light, it is actually impossible for them to go slower than light.


Inside a plasma light itself (radio waves construed as low-frequency light) travels faster than light.

I've spent plenty of time with Maxwell's equations, never found any that imply anything FTL, can you elaborate?



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Gamma Ray Burst Processes.

Two principle processes responsible for Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB):


Quark Gluon Plasma formation and Photonic Acceleration processes due to Mode conversion of an Alfven Wave with Relativistic Lasers.


In both Quark Gluon plasma and Electron-Photon Plasma the high magnetic fields and Lorentz factors of the injected particles can induce Mode-Conversion of Alfven Waves to an Electomagnetic wave (EM). .

Quark Gluon Plasma is purely theoretical. CERN proof pending, correct?



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Plasma related Black Hole physics.


In general, inflowing plasma does not fall directly onto the black hole, but instead, because it has angular momentum, orbits the black hole.


The orbiting plasma forms a disc, called the accretion disc.


The accretion disc rotates around the nearly empty funnel region.


Above the disc is a tenuous hot magnetized corona, and between the corona and the funnel is a region with ejection of mildly relativistic plasma.


Plasma is subject to frictional forces that redistribute angular momentum and allow the plasma to flow inward. Magnetic fields in accretion disc’s are amplified by a powerful instability known as the Magnetorotational instability. Such magnetic fields provide the necessary viscous angular momentum transport in most accretion discs.


Based on this theory,


What if Covid19 (corona) was a message? It is a very BAD way of sending a message, but perhaps it is even a threat. Don't mess with black holes and time travel or you will all die? I know, I know, bad example, but think about it.

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