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You are an army of millions


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I came up with this idea after looking over the John Titor posts, and then seeing other Information concerning the Many Worlds Interpretation combined with Emeritus Professor John Cramer's Transactional Model as well as more metaphysical disciplines such as meditation (To reduce noise).


You are going to read this and think OH---, that is really screwed up! Can we even do this?


I have been working on it, and with it for a number of years now.


In the Many Worlds theory, is an infinite number of “You”, all operating along a timeline, not necessarily quite aligned. In the Transactional Interpretation, a Quantum connection and communication occur with the future, or perhaps the past as well. An “Offer” wave is created, and you wait for a “Handshake” quantum agreement to occur. The meditation is a means in which to make communication with your other selves. You are not one person with a goal, you are an army of millions of similarly aligned individuals all effecting a common goal tor humanity.


Information Links: John G. Cramer's Transactional Interpretation.








Many Worlds Theory:







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