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"Time Travel" impossible, no, and, but's, or if's about it


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To Charm, defending on.


Well I don't see you fighting for something worthwhile, do I?


Time Travel may not seem real to a lot, but it's real. And its effects are demonstrated by many members on this very forum daily. And many more, who are completely oblivious to it's purpose.


And I am the only one with enough balls to put my self in danger every time I post something about human freedom and independence from their manipulation.


If you want to defend humankind in the battle against the Aliens and Time Travelers, then know that the price comes at the expense of your own security and well being. That is the top salary that I pay. I am the minority, the TimeTravelActivist stands alone against adversity, I am challenged everyday, I put forth 110%, with no body saying 'Good-Job Javier, your doing something good.'


Sure, I can just go on with my life, very easily not saying a word about it to anyone. But what would that accomplish? Nothing, which is just my point. If I don't start the fire, then who knows how long it will be until somebody does? And then, it could be to late.


Your own mortal soul is at risk, I'd hate for anyone to have to succumb to lies and sell it out for a promise that does not justify the means to getting it.


If humanity only knew what was in store for them, would they dare listen to the TTA and his claims? Or is he just another whack job?


Regardless of which one of those 2 choices are the case about me, is beside the point. For the fact of the matter remains; that someday you will have to make a decision. Time Travel would be sanctioned, thus we have lost the battle for human freedom. Or we succeed in banding and monitoring Time Travel, and secure that our humanity is not lost.


And only then, will we move forward.





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RE: To Charm, defending on.


ouch TTA!!!!, i didnt mean it like that. but since you mentioned me not fighting for anything worthwhile. i guess you are right, me being here has no importance to you or anyone else. so why should i try to defend this world of freedom-less? freedom has always been a battle humans been fighting for. i lost mine many times for some BS but i dont really care. we are not FREE on this Time anyways.... yes it would suck if someone came back in Time and start shit with my life. but i dont believe in Time Travel, so in other words i dont need to defend for it...







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RE: To Charm, defending on.


Chummy Charm,


When you say you don't believe in TIME TRAVEL, It seems to me you repudiate yourself and come looking for the answers here! Well let me ask you, do you believe in life after death or better yet have you ever seen a ghost or witnessed some unexplainable phenomenon?


Because technically speaking and in essense their abilities in the spiritual realm/dimension is Time Travel in itself! They are the ultimate proof and show factual evidance of Time Travel.


I consider any being, Alien/Demon/Angel/Ghost to be that of a Time Traveler. If they are light being they can travel through the dimension effortlessly and can have some physical connection to us. And from what I have seen, I have reason to believe that human flesh can be transported through time as well.


But make no mistake and do not look up to these TT's in faith! But rather uncover a hidden agenda of control and manipulation!


Here is a true story that I posted some time back about a phenomenon that I witnessed:


I was in an apartment complex courtyard with a friend of mine. We were bug collecting (as silly as it sounds, I think I was around 12 years old.) I had this clear glass cookie jar that I placed on the cement sidewalk and took off the lid and placed it to the right of the jar. I noticed this Big Beautiful White Butterfly, so I went and caught it in a net and when I went to put it into the jar I noticed the lid of the jar was missing! My girlfriend was on the other side of the courtyard and nobody else was around to have taken it or walked by to kick it. So I called my girlfriend over to help me look for it. (meanwhile I had to let the Butterfly go!) Me and my girlfriend both got down on our hands and knees and searched the sidewalk and grass for the clear glass lid thinking the sun was playing tricks on our eyes and we couldn't see it.


Well, we never did find it! So we started walking down the sidewalk back to my friends house through the courtyard, and to our amazement we both saw this Ghost/Angel/Time Traveler, whatever you want to call it? Run across the courtyard and infront of us and jumped through a glass patio door! it was "strikingly beautiful!" It was a female with long hair and it was powdery white with sparkling blue swirls inside it. Whatever it was I felt had taken the glass lid to my jar in attempts to free the butterfly.


Who really knows though? All I know is that me and my friend had seen something strange out of the ordinary! and the glass lid went missing!


At that point in my life I realized that whatever I saw was in another realm and yet it had the power to have some sort of physical contact. And had control of space and time.





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RE: To Charm, defending on.


Chubby CAT, no no no no, i have never felt anything out of the ordinary before. no ghost no visions no nothing. thats why its hard for me to beileve in such a feeling. its either im fulla shit or i am. theres no way were going to prove this. not anytime soon, and i know that.


About your bug catching days dont concern me. a lost item can be suggested as out of the ordinary? i dont know what has happen to you that day. whether someone took it, or you believe another "physical" dimension, arranged that object for some reason. could be a "CAT", who knows. but i dont quite understand how you everyone can say anything unusual can be considered as TT or visions. now that is jumping to conclusions.


I lurk around here because i feel this forum has creative peoples. its interesting how you guyz say things. its like i dont believe in Spiderman, but im going to watch it anyways because wouldnt it be nice to know a person could do that? thats why i continue to stay here and absorb everyones comment. I dont want to debate here anymore, or about useless things we cant prove at all.


"lets just all get along and move on..."





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RE: To Charm, defending on.


i would agree with charm Lets all just keep talking to each other . there is no need to criticize each other . you must admit non of us can prove anything. And non of us can know we are right in what we say or believe . the best belief system is no belief system . I don't know who said it but I'm sure somebody did. I can tell you everything I have experienced but I can't prove any of it . I can't even prove to my husband that I was abducted and used as a baby factory. that was hard at first but eventually I got over it. It almost destroyed me but then I realized I would allow them to win if I didn't claim my power.I have to work at it everyday to be aware and watch.This is war and you must be diligent in any war. I have my protectors and they do what they can to warn me but it is really up to me to stay alert not afraid . You see they feed off of fear so to be afraid is falling into their trap. charm I don't know why you couldn't reach my email. maybe I don't need to see what you are offering so lets just leave it at that.





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RE: To Charm, defending on.


Shadow hehe cartoons, i meant the movie spider man.


Clara, its not just you that cant get it. some emails cant recieve images. or something is really weird about my computer. maybe its gone whacko and fried out like my last one. but hey you dont have to see it. nothing important that will help you anyways. i hope you all can unleash the FURY and enjoy your wonderous times on earth...


"there is no place like home, there is no place like home"





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RE: ab-duck-tion




Fear is a result (of something) not a cause. Psychological trauma causes gaps in our memories, gaps that can make room for and hide the "bad guys". Fear is the feeling we get when we later get near these gaps. We instinctively know that there is something alien nearby, and since we are too scared to look (ie remember)......well the gaps REMAIN hiding places. Just like a cheap sci-fi movie the stuff that moves in can fester and multiply.


I understand that trauma is pretty easy to come by, it can even be inherited. As if one didn't have trouble enough already, what if an abduction victim was during the abduction supplied with more memory gaps? Just more space to hide things aye? Don't many people suffer "missing time" around UFO sightings? May this is what your 'spook doc' was talking about when he mentioned human portals. Do they dream physical ufos into existance while they sleep?....as I get hit with wave of nausea....as I get the feeling that I finally figured out something I ain't supposed to know.


Now you say there are good aliens and demon aliens. Maybe. But have you ever seen them play a game of "Good cop / Bad cop" in a TV movie? I'd like to point out that there is a good crop of home grown demons available to just about everybody too. Actually you don't give a shit where they come from, you just don't want them camping out in your brain. (Am I preaching to the chior here?) Lets just say that if we knew an easy way to get rid of them there would be a lot of shrinks and morticians out of work, even TTA would be soaking up rays on the beach.



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RE: \"Time Travel\" impossible, no, and, but's, or if's about it


Here is my current working idea for time device check my site for flow drawings


Computer Time Server or CTS.


Concept: Set up a dedicated computer time server ( linix box would be nice more reliable


check walmart.com for $299 box) with battery back up and all redundant back up possible


this would sink to atomic clock through phone or gps.


Step one: Construct message program that will send text or Morse code pulses or test


pulses at a precise dedicated time, this would be possible for current and future time. In


other words enter simple message and then enter time of transmission (insertion) then time


of reception (released time). The first step would be to get this box to work with in itself.


In other words to type test message then send in 5 minutes the program would do itself,


than receive in 3 days. You have just sent a message to the future. So far this is similar to


a time announce or digital assistant program. A wake up call if you will (but with your


message). Also a complete log would be kept of transmitted and received pulses.


Step two: Send message back in time.


Enter message time of transmission than time of reception, the message would then leave


on a digital or analog I/O card (basically a card that interfaces your computer to external


hardware similar to remote control devises or PLC's Programmable logic controllers)


this message would be inserted into the external Hardware i.e. (transmitter /receiver)


External hardware: This is the tricky part, obviously the computer is always on ready to


transmit and receive from this external device. It must be left on and message event must


proceed at a designated time. At first it would be easier to send a series of cascading


counting pulses that vary each transmission so you can decipher when in the future that


pulse would occur. Example you no that on Tuesday 1000 hours it will send 10 pulses so


if on pre-Monday you receive 10 pulses you have received a message from the future


(assuming theses pulse have come from your external hardware not internal from the


computer remember the computer can send pulses forward through time not back) This


future event would be controlled by the computer not you! no time paradox here, like I


forgot to type the pulse so how could the past receive it.


External time box this is where I am brain storming. The box would transmit/receive


Light, RF, Radiation, Particles or what ever method or modulation proves time


susceptible, it good be an accelerator or decelerator (absolute zero). maybe the reflections


of the past would be show in the future (remember we are talking simple pulses here) This


external hardware would also need to be vary reliable, always on so to speak.


To me this is the elemental basis of  a workable time server or traveler, the pulses travel


they are better equipped to do it..


Pro's: No time paradox, no living matter, simple pulse transmission- reception


Con's: no proven time transmitter (at least for sending to past)


Please send me your ideas for time transmitter or field generator to transmit into,


sendto: [email protected]        'Vision through electronics.'   I am planing to build in


my garage, not joking, if it doesn't work out, hey I still get some good electronics out of


the experiment. (:


Project title:  Time Server Project


related equipment,  Time server, Time reference, Time transmitter.




Imagine sending the lotto numbers to the past! HAHA that would cover the costs!


This is a new idea as far as I know, I thought details of it yesterday , although ever since I


started in broadcasting I entertained the idea of transmitting through time and how to do


it. My recent contract computer work and knowledge tied the transmitter to the server in


my mind, mainly for logging, tracking and analyze, recording and timed transmission and


so on.


Let me say this project is in the conceptual stage (its only been one day of official work on


the time server).


I did a time search on MSN for time travel and it lead me here.


Let me say I know transmitters I have worked and tested, trouble shooted full power TV


and FM transmitters analog and digital, I was a chief engineer for a TV station for over


ten years. I have a AAS degree in broadcast electronics. I also am a certified commercial


electrician and not to bad with computers I built (put together) the one I am using now. I


say this not to brag (it was a lot of work and study) but to establish some creditability as I


have read a lot of wild posts in this area. (which is good let freedom ring).


Look for a web site (geo cities) soon (for real) under search word vistronics to present


this and many other ideas. I lost or someone ripped off my Hand spring Visor platinum


PDA, so some ideas are lost (yes I back up but I got hit with the lovebug virus and had to


reformatt both my computers than I took a trip with out backing up anyway....)


On to your comments,


The core idea is to send numbers (code) through time.


If you will, think, of a time 'SETI' a 'search for extra temporal transmissions', instead of


extraterrestrial. The movie contact showed a form of this when they replayed the 'Hitler


TV broadcast', not like what I propose, but you get the idea.


I think this idea will work because its electrons, or particles or a Light wave or a RF


envelope that is doing the time travel (what ever method by trail and error experiment


proves itself.)


I mean lets start at the beginning, you know take baby steps, before getting online and


saying I got a time machine you can jump in.


Like Marconi in the early radio days with a spark gap transmitter, did he build a TV


transmitter? No but it lead to it. Exact parallel to the Time Server.


Much of what I described uses existing technology, but to transmit through time you need


a hole or a field (maybe you do not need this), a zone of non-temporality, a door so to


speak (or a peep hole), you know what is great about this idea is only needs to be a pin


hole to focus your RF (High F microwave) Beam or it could be laser, or modulated Ions


like in a klystron transmitter Particle Beam. Again trail and error experiments, scientific


observation of data, hard work and experamentation is needed.


Do you think some one just sat down and dreamed up TV?


I have several Ideas for the Time transmitter, one borrows from the alternate energy


people, of High speed spinning magnets, creating magnetic fields in a cylinder (of varying


polarity), and what is happening at the center of this field, the middle of this cylinder?


could this be the place to focus the message beam? And what if we density modulated this


area with a klystron beam?. Which is contained by magnetic force? Would the remnant


show through time? what of the harmonics? What about a microwave beam? Instead of


magnets what if we used super high voltage to generate a field 250KV plus? What then?


Do you know?  To create fields of this power and intensity require a lot of power 480


Volt AC 3 phase at a hundred amps. (Imagine that wired to my garage LOLL)


This Idea may not work, but with out experiment I can not say. But I have 2 more of my


own ideas for the transmitter not to much related to above. (notice we have not talked yet


about the receiver)


I am a big fan of OPEN SOURCE so share your ideas.


I am a applied technology guy I want generate data drawings ect.


I like to wax Philosophic sometimes but I am here for nuts and bolts and planning.





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