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Hyper Dimensional Resonator


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I am a new member. Recently I have been talking to a person through Yahoo! Messenger who claims he has an HDR. He said he has been to the future, leaped into himself from a different timeline, and used the astral projection stuff. He even has videos with an HDR effecting a watch. It shows the HDR turned on messing up these two watches. I will look for the link and put it up here the next time I post something. The stuff he said about the future is: Sometime in 2003, Bush declares war on Iraq. 2004, Colin Powell becomes the president. 2005, the military becomes the police. 2675, all mechanical things are operated telepathically and all the people are skinny, tall, and blonde. Very few speak English, the main language is Parimbo which uses alot of fast hand movements. That is about all I told except something about things get real bad for America in the coming years. He also said he went to a different timeline where Al Gore became the president instead of Bush. In this timeline 9-11 didn't happen but something else just as bad happened. The years 2010-2015 are blocked off to time travellers according to him. Well, he heard that from Steven Gibbs. It seems that they are friends are something because he knew Steven Gibb's personal cell phone number and gave it to me. Does anybody in this group have an HDR? If you do, I would like to talk to you. Well, that's all for now.



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Hi Chrono_2003 I just wanted to say I have a non-profit and private organization a time travel one if you would like to join email me at [email protected] our goals are to gather information, ideas, plans, suggestions, comments, and so on we don't built time machines and we aren't a black project and government organization. I will tell you more if you join but before you join I have to ask you some or alot of questions and no they are not hard. Personally I believe in the paranormal I have studied it for five to six years it might be alot of years but I know alot well it's up to you if you want to join or not I will not pressure you!



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LAST EDITED ON 21-Aug-02 AT 02:39PM (EDT)




CarlosX (who posts on Anomalies.net) says that he has two.


Please keep this in mind about this gadget: Two years ago the assembled cost was $360; last year it was $375 and now it costs $390 (at Future Horizons, Inc. http://www.futurehorizons.net/time.htm ). That's a lot of money.


On every site where I have seen the device described and for sale the seller only makes this claim about what the device does:


"It is primarily designed as an astral projection/time machine and unlimited white light generator." (bold added by me)


The only concrete claim is that it is an "unlimited white light generator", which is true. The "witness light" will output unlimited white light (as long as the machine is turned on, plugged in, the light bulb doesn't burn out and the owner pays his/her electric bill).


As to the two-clocks video, there are other reasons why a metal clock might run "oddly" in a magnetic field, aren't there? It's a very poor experimental design.


Caveat emptor[/b] - buyer beware. The device might do something special but is it worth almost $400 to find out?



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Didnt somebody on the board say that they called him on the phone twice, and he completely forgot the first conversation they had regarding his device and personal conversation?


Maybe he really is Schizoid and his own device turned on him?


Maybe his device is equivalent to your brains on drugs? :)





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Alright, I will purchase this HDR device and run some tests in conjunction with the TVA device as well.


Everyone has many questions about both devices, but none has yet to use them together. Upon conclusion of our tests, I will post any conclusive results here in the upcomming months- perhaps the end of Nov 2002- mid Dec 2002.


I make no claims until our results have demonstrated such conclusive results whatever they reveal.


---T12 of T.A.P.-T.E.N.








"Everything you know,...is Wrong!soon we shall all discover the truth."





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On future horizons,


The the HDR is actually $590. Personally i'd say to steer well clear of Future Horizons. Regardless of the work they do, they really are rip-off merchants. I was going to buy one of there 'plans' the other day for $30. Until that is i found the information for free about 5 mins later on the internet.


The HDR from Gibbs is still $360 only. That also includes a heavy $144 electromagnet for creating the time fields. Future Horizons dont(i believe) include the heavy E.M. so it makes you wonder exactly were it is all your money is going. considering strong magnetism is pretty much the main component along with the radionic application of the workings of device.


carl has 2. This is also the only way you'd be able to make it past (currently - if you went today) Jan - 31st - 2605.



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