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Is there a time machine out there that has been actually built and really works?


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I think we all need to explore the idea of time travel


a bit more and consider it a possibility because of all


the things that are going on in this world right now.


People are almost always going to say that time travel is


not possible, but that's only because they either don't


believe it is possible, or they have never experienced it.


I myself have never experienced it, and I'm sure alot of


people at this forum have never experienced it either.


Well, I say that if there are really time travelers out there


Why don't you get in touch with each other and help the ones


that don't know how to do it. I think it would be fun


to travel back to the past. I thought about traveling back


to the 1930's sometime. I wish we could bring people


back from the dead too such as famous singers such as




thing that would be. How about JOHN BONHAM too. What would


happen if Led Zeppelin was still together today?


Think of all the possibilities.


Here's a question for ya, what do you think would have happened if JFK had not been shot on November 22, 1963 In Dallas?


Think about it.....





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