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*Theory of Magnetic Instability ...


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Just in case you missed this one...








"If changing electric fields produces changing electro-magnetic


fields & (vicsa-vercsa) they will equal two components of a single, unified electro-magnetic field which can work well together without any need for electric currents or magnets because self reinforcing electro-magnetic fields with electricity producing the magnetisim & magnetisim


producing the elctricity."


Source: John Gribbon "The Search for Superstrings, Symmetry, and The Theory of Everything" ISBN#0-316-32975-4


*Theory of Magnetic Instability (TOMI )


freely shared by Stuart Harris...This file was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS as TOMIBILD.ASC on 02/04/95 courtesy of Glenda Stocks.




"Everything you know,...is Wrong!soon we shall all discover the truth."





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