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Pharaohs Arc


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The Bible is not only a book that brings happiness and hope to many people it is also the main reason for many wars, religion has caused countless wars and feuds since accent times and it is hard to believe that all of these are down to differences in opinion and beliefs. Most races have there own holy book and their own God, most of these Gods have very little in common with the exception of being all mighty and powerful. You may wonder with so many different storeys and tales of the "Mighty One", where does the truth start or indeed how much truth there actually is.


Everyone has heard of and probably taken part in a "Chinese Whisper" and although all religious groups claim that their holy books are written in the word of God this is not in fact true, the best way to look at these are a series of stories past down from generation to generation and translated by linguists from language to language this inevitably will create the Chinese whisper effect, although the storeys are not necessarily exaggerated they are none the less some what confused.


The Church is no exception to the power and money war's that rages on in every part of our world and is no exception from keeping secrets. We unfortunately have to accept that we will only ever get to know half the story, if in fact as much as that, we get to know about the part that has been preached for centuries, the part that is now commonly accepted and the other more recent discoveries are hidden away from us. These documents or "Gospels" have only ever been read completely by the highest powers of the Church, these people act like censors in the movie industry and decide what they think we should and shouldn't see and know, the truth is they have decided that we should see very little, they either credit us with little or no intelligence or there is perhaps an ulterior motive behind it all. One the most famous of the affore mentioned Gospels is the one that is believed to be written in the first person, in the words of Jesus himself after his last supper, the Church as denied any knowledge of this Gospel despite it's discovery as there are many fears that it may destroy the Church "Machine", not religion it's self but the mechanisms that supply and feed our beliefs.


A great deal of the Bible appears to be impossible or at the very least improbable. The very beginning describes the creation of our planet and the beginning of life. This is a very primitive explanation of what we still can't, in this day and age, account for or describe. The Adam and Eve scenario does, and correctly I feel, claim that evolution is not the answer to how we got here. The evolution of Apes to Man was something that, even I would have argued happened at one point but I now know is highly unlikely. The way the Bible tells the story, that man just suddenly appeared is perhaps a little too simplified but none the less I do feel that there is some truth in it.


The Bible does not tell of the dinosaurs that had dominated Earth for centuries before man's existence or indeed of the elapse of time between their demise and our arrival, according to the bible we were the first forms of life to inhabit Earth, what I think should be taken from that is that the Bible is telling us of an new era, or perhaps the new beginning for a old world. It is well documented that there was a prehistoric age, there can be no denying that (you would think) and despite this there are still highly religious people denying or not accepting this, unfortunately for them their bubble needs to be burst, dinosaurs were here first and not only that we haven't been here for the majority of this planets existence.


The Prehistoric era seemed to end very suddenly and the dinosaurs were wiped out, nobody is yet entirely sure why or how, but it is widely believed that a meteor of such huge proportions collided with Earth causing the most powerful explosion this planet has seen and probably survive to see again. This caused a huge impenetrable cloud of dust and gases to form, this blocked the sun from the planets surface and made the air toxic, it was now impossible for Earth to sustain life, Earth became a cold, poisonous and desolate planet, probably not so different from Neptune and Mars as we know them today.


Eventually the skies cleared and the ice began to melt, through time Earth began it's slow recovery process and slowly but surely life began again, but there were no more dinosaurs, ok so there were animals and reptiles such as Crocodiles and Elephants which could vaguely be linked to the familiar Prehistoric creatures that previously had inhabited Earth but no where near the to the same extent, why? After all it was the same planet, so why did the same species or at least a greater variation of these not emerge? My theory is simple; they may not have been given the chance.


During the time when Earth was inhabitable I believe that it may have been possible for mars to sustain life, When I say life what I mean is mankind could have existed on Mars at one time. During our "reign" on Mars we, unintentionally overpopulated and destroyed our home and had to look else where, very conveniently at this time Earth appeared to be turning from a dank, grey uninhabitable planet to one that was beginning, according to our research, to show signs of life, albeit primitive. This may have proved to be a turning point for mankind.


Now to achieve what I propose would probably take around fifty or more years rather than a case of packing our bags and all flying to Earth, it would be a long process and would require a huge amount of organisation and planning. First of all we would have to send probe's to Earth to make sure that what we intended to do would be possible. Once all the planning was done and we had the "green light" it would be time to move. This is where we as a race would probably have faced our biggest challenge, not every one would get to leave, that would not be plausible but what we would need to do is move and save as many species and races as possible by transporting enough numbers of each so that they could comfortably sustain life. If you have not already noticed there is a story that has similarities to this in the Bible, the story of Noah's Arc, although it would take far more than two of each species the same principle has been applied.


The main purpose of the Bible is the introduction of Jesus and his stories of God. the catalyst behind this book was a way, or a standard by which we should live our lives, it is there to teach us values. Now God and of course Heaven have strong connections with our skies we even describe our skies as the heavens this I believe is very symbolic of where our existence originates. Now if mankind has made mistakes in the past we may have devised this method (God, the Bible and Jesus) to stop us from making the same mistakes again. It is possible that we were put here and then the technology and knowledge that accomplished this was taken away and hidden from us, to allow us the chance to think and learn for our selves. Then thousands of years latter our great ancestors came back to guide the way, perhaps point us in the right direction so to speak. Our great ancestors came back in the form of , without sounding too political, Jesus Christ. This also relates to what I previously said about Planet X, every so often we were visited and helped to develop. Think about this, there were sightings of lights and objects in the sky (Angels) at the birth of Jesus, is it not possible although maybe slightly unbelievable that our ancestors decided to intervene and help, and maybe this new-born who was to be known as the son of God was chosen by coincidence, a twist of fate perhaps, to spread the word of our ancestors and hopefully help us from making the same mistakes again.


As I already mentioned I believe many of mankind's answers lie within the pyramids, namely the pyramid of Gizah which is already believed to be connected with the "Second Coming" which again may sound a little extraordinary but only if you believe in the meaning written in the Bible, this meaning remember has become the victim of the Chinese whisper.


What if the second coming is more of an enlightenment than a resurrection, maybe these structures were designed in such a way that only when our technology and understanding reach a certain level would we be able to achieve this knowledge, the knowledge that may provide us with the answers to our very being and our origin.


The pyramids appear just about ready to give up these answers at a time when we might need them most. At a time when our planet is being over burdened with mankind's pollution, population growth and technology. If we want to survive our own greed then we will have to change, there is no neighbouring planet to help us out this time.


This theory shouldn't be written of completely, mankind is at present looking to Neptune with it's frozen lakes as a possible new home, there are already plans to send a satellite there to drill through the thick ice to see what lies bellow, they feel that although the temperatures are bellow sub zero the fact that there is water gives them some hope. Believe it or not there is even talk of tera-forming Mars in an attempt make it habitable again. What we have to remember is that Earth was once that desolate planet, with it's frozen lakes, poisonous air, zero sunlight and it's permanent chemical cloud, so we have to believe that planets can undergo for absolutely no reason at all a dramatic atmospheric change, the birth of a new era.



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