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Problem with Double Digit theory


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RE: everybody out of the pool !




Are you saying that obe are temporal lobe manipulation.


Tell us what happened with this person.


Have you ever had an Obe?


Are Obe's an illusion? Is something just trying to make us think we are out of our bodies when actually it is just the manifestation of the brain being manipulated from an unseen force.


Maybe the invention of the soul is done with machines. You know


they are developing technology now where they can insert in your


brain a camera that could record everyting that you do and say


In your entire life. Then when you die they remove the camera


and insert it in another body and attach it to the brain and it


becomes your memory. all done with technology. Could this be


what we think our soul is . Just some alien invention created to


give us multi lives and expeiences. So at one point in


time we didn't have a soul just life, before this was invented.


It would then be natural not to have a soul. So the tunnel that


everyone sees is just the chip being inserted in the computer


where it is stored which would seem like death. then reinserted


in a new body that would appear to be birth. Could this not


account for all the previous lives people think they have


lived. Well in actually they have, but only in there chip. Maybe


that is why everybody is so screwed up. They can't really figure


out who they are. what if this is real and the technolog was


stopped. What then? Maybe this is the battle for the soul .


Some want it stopped because it is malfunctioning and didn't


work like planned and some are saying no we must continue and


perfect this technology. Would this not be a form of evolution


based on technology. It would likely carry a name such as


technology induced evolution or technology manipulated evolution.


Well how do you like that food for thought. Oh yea! when a cycle


has been complete they just destroy all the chips that are


malfuntioning and continue with the ones that aren't. that very


well could be your passage in the bible about the harvest. The


harvest is not souls but computer chips. clever aren't they.


so the battle here would be for our natural soul evolution not


our alien technology based soul evolution. The battle would


accure between genetics and the soul. Do genes make us what we


are or do we let the chip make us what we are. Maybe there is a


battle between those that want to give us their genetics in


order to evolve us and those who prefer the chip method.


thinking about this I would prefer to have the genetics rather


then the chip. The genetics would propell me further without


much stress. I would just need to assimilate new knowledge that


had already been gotten through anothers experience say some


higher form of intelligence. They would basicaly being giving me


a gift so to speak. the chip method would require me to have


every experience and much pain in order to learn. I would rather


the less painful route as most people would. If neither method


was used how long would it have taken us to evolve enough in


order to invent the computer. Would it have taken so long that


the sun would have burnt out before we got there. Maybe Bills


Gates was only smart enough because he received genetic


implants from some higher intelligence . yOu must admit without


him we would not be having this conversation.





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I appreciate the explanation, CAT. My original post was in no way attempting to negate any of your theories. I say "your" theories, but we both know that there is nothing new about the ideas you're espousing. I'm simply saying that it is very easy to get bogged down, to think that we have found "the answer", simply because we find a community of people who share similar experiences with synchronicity or have arrived at a conclusion similar to what our own experiences have led us to believe at that moment in our life.


Everything you said in your response has the possibility of being true. What you need to consider, however, is that it is even more likely that the answer has yet to be found. We all know there is something going on here. The goal is to truly figure out what it is, not to find some sort of pseudo-satifaction out of your incorrect belief that you already have all the answers. Believe me. You don't.


In the search for the ultimate truth, let's not be distracted by a group of old men in funny hats riding around on go-carts.


I assume when you discuss the VFM theory, you got most of your information from things you've read considering Project Rainbow. So let me ask you something. Were all of that conjecture to turn out to be complete bullshit, what would you be left with? A recurring pattern of numbers on digital clocks (which, by the way, is far from a unique occurence)? I recommend that you read Thus Spake Zarathustra. Unless it's a truth you've found on your own, then that truth which you venerate will eventually crumble and it may very well fall and crush your head.





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RE: everybody out of the pool !




I cant go into great detail about this OBE person. However I could tell you that when this person is asleep strange things around the house have happend. Like the refrigerator door opening by itself and I heard a scruffling noise inside. I also saw a door handle move up and down and just recently I witnessed a sparkling blue and white energy field in the shape of a shoe on my kitchen floor.


I know its there and its real however, I would like to keep and open mind and remain sceptical and vere away from talking about this at the present moment. Untill I can better understand and analyse whats actually taking place.


Did you see on the news the new child safty device? It looks like a Beeper/watch and is worn like a watch on a kids wrist. Its actually a GPS Satalite searching Device that can find your child anywhere in the world in less then 3 minutes! If lost or kidnapped.


It also has a safty feature that if a stranger or unauthorized person attempt to take if off a childs rist a beeping noise goes off alerting people to call 911. The news said this product should be out on the market in the comming year and its cost will be around $400.00 dollars. Which is a small investment for a more worthy cause!


This is good technology!!! But I have also heard of something called the Black Angel, which is a computer chip that is inserted under the skin and is linked to the GPS Satalite. Its mainly used as a monitoring device for the elderly that have altimers disease. All in all its still branding us with the mark of the beast!


I came accross another interesting number analagy regarding the Sphinx of Egypt that has the mark of the beast. (666)


The head of the Sphinx measures 19 feet from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin. The face is 20 feet wide and 91 feet in circumference. The upper portion of the paws exstend forward 56 feet. The body is 172 feet long (total body length is 242 feet) and the height to the top of the head is 66 feet.


Add these numbers together, 242 + 56 + 172 + 91 + 19 + 20 + 66 = 666


Shadow, I read up on that "Rense" guy you mentioned in one of your posts concerning the pharadrone. He has some interesting stuff! Well nothing seemed to happen yesterday (that we know of?) but its interesting to note that on February 20th 1962 John Glenn was the first and oldest (77years old) astronaut to "orbit the earth."


Also on February 20th 1792 the U.S. postal service was created!


There was that train crash that burned many. We should do a number analogy on it to see if the number of people that died corrolates to the date or any other pertinent numbers that coincide with each other.


If we were to look for proof of time travelers, I think a good place to start hunting them down would be to find pictures of disasters around the world from all different time eras and see if we can find any people that look alike. Take for example the Titanic's old pictures of people that were taken on the ship and compair them to people that were near or around the world trade center on September 11th. We might find ourselfs some Time Travelers comming to witness the horrific events. Shadow, you might be good in investigating this field! However, I'm going to look around and see what I can come up with. Also open to anyone elses input.


Clara, I dont believe we have that technology to implant computer chips into our brain to access others knowledge, that would be total nirvana! Find me some proof on this, like a web site or a book or an artical. If its true I need to brush up on my tijitsu so I can kick some Illuminati @ss!


I could stay on this computer all day if I had the chance but I must get some productive work done!





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Thanks for the reality check!


With all this synchronicity going on its hard to be rational! I am a very sceptical and analytical person. I've never stoped questioning.


I've been looking for an answer for 11 years now to something


I have bore witness to. Through the years I have silently and patiently watched the pieces of the puzzle come together. Being held back from confiding in anyone (except for someone very dear and special to me!) Watching someone dematerialize before your eyes at the worst most possible time in your life can admit anyone to the psycho ward! But I have to maintain my posure and go on living and knowing that another force is in control of my destiny. At the time I witness this, I could not even conceive of such a thing but the knowlege that I have aquired has reveiled to me a conspiracy. That perhaps the people on this site with knowledge of what I speak about could be the only "antibody" that saves humanity!


Yes, I have to admit this double digit number analogy is quit bizzare and uncommon to those who don't take notice in it. I would altimetly like to find the answers to this phenomenon. I would be willing to listen to any information that you can find or thoughts that you may have on it. I am always open for suggestion.


My number for things of significance in my life is the number 9 that why I'm the CAT...


P.S. Thats for the referal of the book by Spake Zarathustra. I'll check it out.



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RE: everybody out of the pool !


Geeze clara where do you GET this drivle?


Gates didn't invent the computer.


Its easy to guess who is all the time "inserting genetic material" but who, pray tell ever got cought inserting computer chips in millions of brains?


Screw evolution, who is going to WAIT for it?


Please, take the 'science' book you have been reading and drop it in the trash. For humanities sake.


Maybe the aliens have already given you a brain implant that designed to block out actual facts.



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RE: just when you thought it was safe...




Sometimes I think you really arn't TTA. But I'm getting pretty good at 'doublethink' (the art of holding two mutually contrdictory thoughts in mind at the same time). This is good practice for the temporal sluth as it allows one to keep track of several parallel worlds at once and a must in dealing with people who actually have split (and/or multiple) personalities.


Saying of the moment: One mans' paranoid-phobia is another mans' good sense. (translation; "Why in hell >shouldn't< men be afraid of women?") You talk about conspiracies. Jeeze.


Hey did you hear about the Tennessee DMV employees who were selling driver licences to terrorists (and anybody else that wanted to pony up some cash). Gee wiz the ring leader didn't even make it to trial. Seems that her car caught on fire while she was driving it down the interstate. She died instantly from inhaling raw fire. "How dae do dat?????" I once new a guy that drove a car ten miles while its interior burned, he escaped with mere dizzyness and a bad cough.


You just can't trust anybody anymore. I hear that they are going to make an official "national snuff a biologist week". Have a mice day pal.


It doesn't pay to be an Enron VP either. Of the hundreds of people who were into the till up to their arm pits and the hundreds more who knew about it, why is it that exactly ONE, no more no less, saw fit to kill himself.....out back in his car where nobody could see it? Folks the 911 incident has upped the ante. Grand larceny is now petty theft. Murder is "removal of hostiles", fair is they let you live this time, etc. They'll have to invent new words to describe whats comming down these days.


Are you depressed yet? I hope so. Misery loves company.



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RE: everybody out of the pool !


ok he didn't invent the computer but would you have one without


him or someone getting it to the public. You think this is


drizle. No actualy the chip or camera in the brain ( well


behind the eye I beleive) it was on SIGHTINGS the tv show that


comes on the SCi fi channel. It can record ever thing that


happens to a person. Haven't you read in alien abduction


were some people have remembered having something inserted in


their eye. The was a lady and her two sons who were abducted in


Australia. Years later this women was in a car accident and had


to go through a MRI. The MRI showed that something was imbeded


in her brain. The doctors couln't figure out how it had got


there . She had no cuts on her head or any previous surgerys.


They could not of course cut her head open to find out what it


was so she just had to learn to live with it.


I sometimes recieve info while I'm sleeping and wake up with


the most bizarre thoughts. last nite was one of those nites. this


morning the message was about the portals I told you about.


Remember the man I said was the professor that told me you guys


were right about time travelers. Well it seems the portals are


people. They are entering through people. When he said portal I


just figured it was some kind of place on the earth but it isn't.


the portal is through the tops of peoples heads. I had a pychic


tell me one time that in my astrology chart I had an open door.


I haven't for the longest time been able to understand that.


Well now I do. I just have to know now who to let in and who to


lock out. That could be very difficult to figure out. But in the


last few years I have had a lot of practice. If this is true who


entered Osama bin Ladens portal.You guys have see terminator


right. Well if bad time travelers are here maybe good time


travelers are right on their heels trying to stop them from


whatever they are coming here to do. the professor did say they


were entering through Isreal and Palistine.





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RE: everybody out of the pool !


Clara, You cant be believing everything you watch and see on Sightings or the SCI FI channel on TV. Sometimes you cant even believe what you see with your "own" pysical eyes! The mind and site can play many tricks on us! Take everthing that you read about and see on TV with a grain of salt...This woman with the chip implant in her brain, they could never actually remove it to know what it actually was?


I new an opthmologist (eye doctor) that showed me a graph printout of a strange bizzare pigmentation in somebodys eye that revealed a mathematically perfect Christian Cross in the white part of this patients eye! How did that get there and how was it formed, nobody knows? It could have been a natural accurance.


Shadow, talking about conspiracies and how did dae do dat? This morning after reading the new paper I had the biggest conspiracy thought ever! I'M PROBABLY SPEEKING OUT OF MY BUTT! but its something to think about!


The day before a good friend of mine commented to me that our goverment passed a law that its ok to lie on public television and on the news because others countries feed off our propaganda and knowledge and use it against us.


Like on September 11th President Bush was supposed to have been flown to some secret bunker in hiding for his safty, but in all actuality he was flown into Milwaukee Wisconsin. The news lied to protect our president and throw the terrorist off his trail!


The dealth of Daniel Pearl! They say he's dead! The Pakistans killed him! And that they have a video of them killing him.


They said that they caught the captors which ultimately led to the arrest of the apparent mastermind of the kidnapping, a British educated militant named Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh!


Well maybe they didnt really kill Daniel Pearl, Maybe they staged it to look like they killed him (prior to them actually killing him!) just to play a trick on the media to show us they mean busness! Maybe after the arrest of the Pakistani militant they also rescued Daniel Pearl but have put him under a govermental witness pertection plan to protect him and give him a new identity and life. Meanwhile the Pakistans released the staged video of them killing him just to get the last word in this war of propaganda!


We'll never know! Its all one big conspiracy! Well hopefully Daniel Pearl isnt really dead! Or Elvis either!!!





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RE: everybody out of the pool !




Nice 11:55 double # post you got there.


So in other words they had to "harbor Pearl" to fight war propaganda, as opposed to bombing Pearl (Harbor) to make war propaganda. I'd rather go for the simple explaination. They don't have a lot to do over there so they beat up on Americans for sport.



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Yeah, sure, let me just tell you all the answers, Shadow.


It's funny, isn't it? People like yourself always looking for the easy out. Search it out, man. Don't be so fucking lazy and closeminded and perhaps one day you'll come up with your very own "explaination", whatever the fuck that means...





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I went to the library today to check out that book on Thus Spake Zarathustra.


Hmmmm very interesting, I found several books by him. He is a great philosopher!


Mainly his books are about the pursuit of wisdom and a search for a general understanding of values and reality by speculation rather than observational means. An analysis of concepts expressing fundamental beliefs, ethics, aesthitics, metaphysics, epistemology and practical core logic. Philosophical concepts expressing attitudes of individuals or groups of people executing judgement with calmness of temper through philosophical thinking.


G-D I loved philosphy in college!!! GREAT STUFF!!!


Well thanks for the referal I will apply it to this double digit theory.


P.S. Take it easy on Shadow Ol Boy! You must over look his freudian slip of the tongue talk! Hes a big Teddy Bear and philosopher at heart!





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Dear SunGod


>>>>people like yourself looking for the easy way out<<<<


I beg your forgiveness oh great one...


I am ashamed to ask you to throw a pittence of knowlege at my feet. How foolish of me to think your highness would stoop to regurgitate even the slighest spittle of his great wisdom in my general direction.


Please spare me the humilliation of your most glorious presence and allow me to crall off and have lettered person read to me from the sacred scrolls, that I may some day worthy myself of existance.


(feww that was a close one! I bet if he told us any more he'd have to kill us)



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RE: everybody out of the pool !




I'm not saying its true! Infact is most likely a realistic assumption that he's really dead! "unfortunetly!"


My experience with those people over there, is that they feed of off propoganda! "its their only true power!"


He could (Daniel Pearl) by some miracle could be sitting in a holding tank for them to use him for futher bargaining to regain their men that are being held in American Jails.


And like I said the pakistanis staged the video (in advance) to make it look like they really killed him! When infact he could possible still be alive and they are using him for furthur randsome!


Who knows maybe it was really "our country" (in last measure to save Daniel Pearl life) said that they received a video of Daniel Pearls death to the public (a means of using the media for power.) so that the Parkistanis would not have any furthur need for him to be dead.


"We" the general public will never know?


A co worker that I work with told me that during desert storm our militaryactually caught Sodom Husein on the front line! But released him because they had orders that they could not kill a leader of another country. I found that hard to believe!!! but he swore up and down and was dead set on it and stuck to his story!





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