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Cool Time Travel Fiction


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(edit: whoops, I've just seen a whole section on fiction on timetravel and realised that this section of the board if for fan fiction, as in 'fiction written by fans'.. apologies. anyway.. answer if you have anything to add especially about the fiction which could be based on something more concrete.)


I thought I'd list my favourite time travel fiction which come to mind:


Jack Finney


Time To Time,


Time And Again,


About Time. (Books)


Donnie Darko (Movie) Weird, but I think it can be classed as time travel.


Lightening (Dean R Koontz) - this is by no means a horror genre book. It's pure time travel stuff.


The Time Machine (HG Wells) - a nice idea of being in one place, where time speeds up and things change around you.


Lots of other short stories which I remember, but can't recall the actual names or authors.


Anyone else have any favourites?


Or.. does anyone else have any favourite which seem uncannily real, and could be based on something more concrete?


CvD :)



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Excellent post. I was tired and this woke me up.


Michael Moorcock writes very interesting books, many on time travelling(Sci-Fi)(Maybe?). The series that has a Captain Bastable as a character whom is on the run from some guerillas in the Orient. He stumbles into a cave with strange carvings on the rocks, as he moves deeper into the "cave" and seeing light at the end, he exits through it and begins a time travelling adventure.


This is only one of many series that are wonderful, funny and thought provoking.



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Lightning was cool, as well as the Finney books (which I finally managed to get ownership of in one fell swoop, the better to enjoy them by). I also liked "The Chronoliths" by Robert Charles Wilson, "ChronoSpace" by Allen Steele, the Conrad Stargard novels by Leo Frankowski, "Lest Darkness Fall" by L Sprague de Camp and "The Nick of Time" by George Alec Effinger. But my favorite of all time has to be "The Anubis Gates" by Tim Powers. If you've never caught it, make the effort.



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You also have the movie timeline were someone goes back to the middelages.


I think time travell is possible and not that bullshit that says your travelling forward


in time right now...but i don't think it should be used because that would than be the ultimate weapon.


You could change the future/history without anybody knowing it.





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There's some great Time Travel fiction about - and some truly dire stuff too. The problem, I find, is that many authors fail to grasp the subject and merely write on the basis of an ill-informed yet basically good idea they've dreamt up ... and as a result tend to churn out the same plotlines as several hundred others have previously.


I've enjoyed the Jack Finney books, but must state without any hesitation that my all time (forgive the pun) favourite is "The Man Who Folded Himself" by David Gerrold. This is one of the few books that examines the paradoxical implications of time travel rather than zapping the traveler into the past or future and seeing what they do there. It's well thought out, utterly gripping ... and short enough to read in one sitting. It's getting harder to find these days - but I picked up a signed copy on ebay for about five dollars a while back - so it's well worth looking out for.


I quite enjoyed "The Time Traveller's Wife" by Audrey Niffineggar. On first glance it might look like a slushy chick-lit romance novel, but the multi-stranded plot is intriguing ... and I really liked the way that the plotlines weren't dealt with in chronological order, but jumped around so that you really needed to concentrate to fit everything together. In this book there's no "time machine"; the "hero" has a fictional illness that causes him to leap through time randomly, especially at times of stress of anxiety. So, if you like the wormhole/multi-universe technical stuff this book might not be for you as it deals mainly with the "relationship" problems time travel would undoubtedly create.


If you'd like to get a handle on Einstein's theories of Time and Space but find it all a bit mind-blowing, then I'd heartily recommend the old children's book: "The Time and Space of Uncle Albert" by Russell Stannard. The plot is slim, almost non-existant, but visualizing the action as you read the simple chapters is a fantastic way to really get your head around the bizarre effects of traveling at lightspeed, along with what is and isn't theoretically possible. Once you've read this you'll have no problems explaining Einstein's theories and impressing your friends and family!


Another interesting looking kids' book I've come across recently is "Justin Thyme" by Panama Oxridge; I discovered a web site about this book during one of my trawls for time travel fiction. The site is www.justinthyme.info - it looks kinda interesting. I haven't bought this yet - but probably will.


Finally, not exactly fiction, but if you like reading about time travel then have you read: "How to Build a Time Machine" by Paul Davies? It's a very entertaining look at the real possibilities of time travel, and a must-have addition to any time traveler's library.







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The boy that I spoke of, is technically not mine.


He was stolen from me, as a part of an alien abduction.


I had visualized him and only saw his face.


I wanted to ask you, do you know of vampire clans, real ones, in the area of the world you are at?


This is a very confidential asking, as I carry the vampire gene intron, as part of my makeup


If you can, or are able to disclose this information back to me, please let me know?


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The person driving was going to take me to dispose of me, when I came awake.


Very skillfully, I slid off the back of the cart and made my way to a huge gate, that covered an underground tunnel entrance.


I could see the day, or evening, as being violet and this is how I saw things.


Once I get to the gate and tunnel, everything goes black.


I met a girl from Romania, who is an active contact, with the vamp clans.


I wrote her, but she returned comment to me and said, that maybe I should not be writing her.


She used a dark religion, but I did not judge her, I only wanted to know of the contact.


I think I might need a booster of some kind, which equalizes the two sides.


I am not a vampire, but only carry the marker trait, of the half vampire children, which were the result of the plague vampires.


What do you know and does it seem Im on the right track to you?


My relations on fathers side, were from Bohemia.


I am a computer technician and a wide range of topics interests me.


Thank you, Dan



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