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Hello, our name is Guido


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Our name is Guido


we are robots from the future


and we're neato


We read the forums all day


and spy on you at night


abducting your livestock


we leave a horrible sight


Our father was a roomba


Our sister was a garbage can


but when we were born


the **** hit the fan


We make annoying posts on here


That just don't quite make sense


we act as if we're really smart


but in the end we're really dense


We are insulted by the response


Its not our fault we have no job


We post on here to feel special


We wish we were corn on the cob


We are Guido and we make no sense


to everyone else we're incredibly dense... :confused:



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Looks like Ren was a success in the end. It really has panned out as described, what with others now joining in.


Ren maybe you should sort this out with creedo in private. Maybe your ego won't come into play if you were to sort this out away from public view.


personally i've found him to be a very nice and helpful guy.


kind regards,





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Who's this creedo guy everyone keeps talking about? My ego has nothing to do with this.


I was actually trying to make a point, I mean come on he posted something about Potato Salad, yah, thats definitely Time Travel Institute Noteworthy material. A Must read for all those concerned about time travel. Creedo's Potato Salad argument is awe inspiring, and what he says about Parfaits, well, he must be a quantum phsyicist.


*Potato salad, is denser half way to the table, than say a parfait, of the same size, as the fixings of a parfait, are not much compared to a big glob anyway.

I don't think he's nice or helpful. but differing opinions are always welcome and I do not discount anyones opinions, only I ask for proof that bold statements be backed up and he has never provided any.
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I first met Guido on a streetcorner in Providence, Rhode Island. My life was changed that day. It was one of those times where everything seemed to be syncronistically in tune. I was "in the moment". Today it would be called "in the zone". There was no situation that I confronted that did not yield positive results. Then I met Guido.


It was obvious from the first that this was a very disturbed individual. An endless stream of nonsense issued from his tortured brain. Every expression on his face was totally out of tune with the words that issued out of his mouth. The expressions were there, but they were out of sync. Totally bewildered, I watched Guido's Incomprehensible attempts to communicate to me. Then it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. He was not speaking in words as indivual packets of information in a linearly understood fashion. He was speaking in entire paragraphs, and they were non-linear to boot. He was literally time-phasing, and because I was in the zone, I went into time-phase too. I began to speak back to him in the same fashion. In turn, he bacame totally astounded. He broke down in tears, and related to me that that he had spent his entire life in institutions and was homeless on the streets of Rhode Island. It was the first time in his life that he realized that he had a great gift instead of the seeming curse that always dogged him. Never in my life could I have ever connected the relevance of potato salad to quantum dynamics. He gave that to me.


Last I heard of Guido, he was hanging with the Montauk sailors that were seen in the bar. Their time phases were artifically produced and Guido's was natural so sometimes he was seen as talking to himself. Most people considered him harmless, though he could be irritating at times.


I heard a rumor that his name came up among people claiming to be liasons of some off-world species, and it was about some need for a phase-shifter to act as go-between to mediate some quarrel between inter-dimensioned beings. I heard the machine people objected, claiming him as their own for his multi-phase intuitive AI interface. I don't believe all the rumors I hear. I think he'd do best if he stuck with designing. Aerospace was always his love, though he always secretly like to slip into his 1940's persona where the "broads" became "wimen". He didn't have much of a regard for that "vixen" species, but he was always polite--in a perverse kind of way. As I said, it was a persona, perhaps a secret bond made during some obscure 40's flick. Everyone knew he was a veritable encyclopedia of disjointed knowledge. Every once in a while, someone would comment about something strangely haunting that he would say. Of course, he didn't know it was haunting. He was never "around" long enough to observe the effects of his passing. He shared with me that he lived in a "corner world". At very specific points in the pattern of phase-shifting, all recollection of what had just recently transpired, was lost to him. The memory of it was not lost. Just its bearing on his present circumstance. Sometimes he would "be there" and in the next moment, he was off on some mysterious errand.


The indians even had a name for him that meant "touched by the Gods", or something like that. They have an innate time-wave sense that knew that he was "strange" but it didn't raise any animosity in them. The most they would do is cock their heads once in a while and wonder what had just happened. They didn't quite understand what his claim to "gypsy blood" had to do with them. They tried to explain to him that they were not gypsies, they were the Natives.


Well, I'm rambling now. But there's just no enough you can say about Guido. He's a friend of all, werewolves, draks, reptoid and angelic heirarchies alike. Parfait anyone? It might just be a clue to life, the universe and everything.



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