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What Happens If?


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My friends,


We are still in Real-Time, as a day passes for you, so


does it pass for myself. You and I are still locked


together as the events of the World unfold all around




It has been said "Good things take time, Great things


happen all at once."


IT has also been told, as a curse, "May you Live in


Interesting Times."


No doubt there is no reason to believe. Whats more, no


reason to believe in me. Then again why should I believe


in you, my predecessors as it were. I am determined to


make a difference, it seems only small changes can be


made, but those changes can have a Large impact, the key


is time.


In your time, you no doubt feel it. You must feel the


world becoming unglued, frustrated, confused, things


going out of control. In 2005 we're in the middle of a


war and you all acted like nothing was the matter. Life


as normal. We, that is, You and I, must work together.


I believe the answer to the riddle of what can be said by


a time traveler, or someone with knowledge of future


events come to pass, has been solved by myself. I


believe I know exactly what can and cannot be told,


without altering the future to a degree that is, shall we


say, "Unacceptable".


The most important thing, which I must reveal now is,


that, above all, I must always sustain a degree of


disbelief. As long as some of you, as us humans do, will


always be IN disbelief, there are few but very definite


limits of what can be said.


So I ask you all, not that it is close to disregard or


further away from the pasture, as it confines you, the


degree of uncertainty surrounding your times. I ask you,


what happens if the Pope Dies?





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what happens if the Pope Dies?

I make a cake and celebrate.

I don't know, the same thing that happens when anyone else dies? The world's out one more mouth to feed, and the better off for it. What's so special about some senile old man in a tall hat?


I don't want to sound like some kind of H8R, but let's look at it from a historical perspective: if the pope dies, another blow is struck to what has proved itself to be an oppressive, power-mad, genocidal, hate-mongering, imperialistic organization. The Catholic Church, as an entity, has done nothing but harm to the world and to the benign tenets of ACTUAL Christianity since its formation. This is not an attack on any individual Catholic of course, but merely on the merciless tool of the Roman Empire which endures to this day. To be fair, John Paul II has been one of the better popes the world has had, but he's still an agent of one of the world's longest surviving terrorist organizations.


What they ought to do is appoint Gee-Dub the new pope. Hell, we've got Governer Schwarzenegger. And President Gee-Dub, for that matter. God, the world's a damn circus, lets kick up the irony a notch why don't we?!


But I'm not bitter. :devil:



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The Catholic Church, as an entity, has done nothing but harm to the world

No, I think the phrase "nothing but harm" is not only harsh but incorrect, and I can prove how.While I am no longer Cathlolic and DO have many disagreements with the church, they HAVE done many acts of good in the world. I and many others are the benefit of the HUGE Catholic focus on quality education. Notre Dame ain't exactly turning out schleps and evil dictators on the world, now is it? ;) I went to a Catholic high school in Cleveland, OH that completely and utterly prepared me for college, so that I could succeed. And that high school was run by the same brothers who run Notre Dame.

So that is but one example of where the Catholic Church has done something other than harm, and there are others. But again, I do not disagree with you that they have had problems, and continue to have problems in certain areas....like pedophile priests, and birth control, and free choice of sexual orientation.


All religions have shown their good side and their bad side. That's just the way of man. And as far as what if the pope dies, I'm with you Iqbalgomar...so freakin what? I never bought into the whole "infallibility of the pope" deal anyway. That dude puts on his pants one leg at a time like everyone else.





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In 2005 we're in the middle of a


war and you all acted like nothing was the matter.

Damnit, son...get back in character. You're not here so there ain't no "we."

And besides, I don't feel any of the insecurities that you seem to feel. Is it possible that your world of 2025-26 is so gawd awful that you have to resort to transferred aggression to feel better about it all?


Put your own house in order, Zesh. You've already told me how bad it is where you are. Why don't you share that particular horror with the group and tell them, as you told me, how you brought it upon yourself?



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If the pope dies, so what, they'll sit in the Cistine chapel for a day till they have a new old fool.


And please you've not changed this time line with anything you've done because you are from it. When you wake up in the mornings you cannot get away from that, in your dreams you can. So give it a rest.


Good Scientist



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Nothing much will happen anyway if the Pope dies. Unless they release the real information about Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene, and living until he was 73. Died on the border of china and india I understand. But of course the 'church' wishes to control the masses and will not release this information. Also, Jesus said you did not need a church for religion, he actually hated the idea of churches didn't he. So, unless the church is brave enough to release this info after the death of the pope this year, then I see nothing else of interest about his death.



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I predict,


When the Pope dies........they'll probably just get another one, like they've always done, shock horror.


The guy is already at deaths door, I dont think his death is really going to suprise the catholic community that much. They'll already have another lined up to take his place.


Kind regards,




P.S. the church has no control over people anymore. If anything it is the other way around. The church now panders to society in a desperate plee to save itself.



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Say as much as you wish about stuff happening and some of it will stick.


BTW who's Terri Schiavo? An old film star?


Problem with most people is that they seem to remember the things predicted that come true, but forget the stuff that did not. Try as i might, I still don't buy into Nostradamus and the Hitler prediction, he said Hister, not hitler, if he'd heidler I would have beleived as I beleive this is hitlers proper name, forgive the speeling on that last name tho please.



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Terri Schiavo died today, after going without food or water for 2 weeks after a huge court battle here in Florida. She suffered brain damage after a stroke 15 years ago.


I believe the Death of Terri and The Pope (when he dies which looks like it could be very close) are related. I believe Zeshua knows why I think this and I just wonder if anyone else has any further information they would like to share concerning this matter?


Anyone? Anything at all? Are these two individuals connected somehow?



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good point, i don't think us americans thought of that. in fact before you posted this i just realized that. very interesting to see, as you see, for us this thread was Posted on March 4th 2005. and at the bottom it said 03/04/05 we assumed March 4th 2005 like a date stamp. but perhaps it was a predicition, April 3rd 2005. regardless, i did not at ALL expect this downturn with the pope so suddenly, figured he had a few years left.



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Terry, the Pope...and Sister Lucia


Sister Lucia, seer of the 3rd Secret of Fatima died on February 13, 2005. When Sister Lucia passed, the Pope's health was failing and I felt this would be his last battle. People die in 3's...usually of the same magnitude. I think Terry fits in with these two people...However, I hope the Pope lives, because he has a great desire to. His presence in our world is very important in some way.


Princess Diana, Mother Teresa and Dodi Fayed all died in the same week.


Johnnie Cochran just died last week, but I do not think his death was part of the trilogy...I think his death will be with another two persons yet to pass over.



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